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Found 111 results

  1. Fluffee's TRiBot Credit Shop Purchase credits securely from a TRiBot Administrator, and get back to botting quickly! Current Price: 2.4m OSRS/Credit or $1.15 BTC, ETH, XRP or LTC/Credit Lower prices available depending on quantity, discounts start at 50 credits! Contact Methods Discord: Fluffee#9509 PM on the Forums
  2. i recently purchased 10 credits last night, and it brought me to an error page. Didnt think anything of it, until this morning. Checked my account and i did, in fact, get charged for said credits but my account is still ringing in at 2 credits... please help me.
  3. tht

    Question about credits.

    How long usually takes credits to apear in balance :)
  4. Got temp ban when using trial of VIP, not gonna risk perm ban, selling my 14 leftover credits. prefer osrs gp but paypal is fine too.
  5. need 6.5 credits (or 7 if half is not a option) paying osrs gp
  6. pay method - osrs gp
  7. New To TriBot! Quick, possibly stupid, question for y'all. Say I bought the Auto Tithe Farm and Auto Wintertodt scrips; do those scripts activate the second I purchase them and add them to my client, or do they activate the first time I run them in the client? Thanks all!!! edit; only reason I ask is because I'm trying to purchase credits and it continues to say something in the lines of "Your card is not made for purchases like this." So was going to attempt to purchase the scripts I want ahead of time.. unless someone can help me out with my situation. Attempting to purchase 25 credits for $25 with my Prepaid Visa Debit Card.
  8. Edit: Currently CLOSED Selling tribot credits for a 1 to 1 ratio, 1 million OSRS GP for 1 credit. Either post here or send me a direct message, I am usually available.
  9. bought the 5$ min limit to use the trial period, 4 credits for sale in form of osrs GP, 1 credit=1.25m
  10. On Sunday I wanted to give this site a try so I went on to make an attempt to purchase 6.00 credits and ended up buying 600 credits ($600 USD). I can’t be spending that amount of money on a trial run. If anyone can help me get in touch with the proper channels I would very much appreciate it. I’ve messaged the support email address and messaged the Facebook page but haven’t heard anything back. Thank you for your time.
  11. Need help i purchased credits from my bank account but didn't get any credits, heres prof, need refund or explanation or credits, need mod asap!
  12. would need the credits for 2 day trial vip, wanna see few scripts, if want to start some farming. I was wondering some one saying selling via paypal but they don't sell but say? would be appreciated if this going fast and now. 26hour not slept. want to bot run over night to see results.
  13. Urgently buying 13 credits for 22M !! PM ME or post
  14. Hey id like to buy 20 credits , i can pay in RSMILS.PAYSAFECARD.IDEAL. let me know howmuch u want for 20 credits :')
  15. Buying 8 credis from someone with reputation
  16. Hey I have 6 csgo keys to trade for repository credits, you can find me in the DMs.
  17. Looking to buy 15 cheap credits, if u got 5 credits out there, let me buy them pls;) Thanks,
  18. I usually have no problem buying credits even when i forget to turn off my vpn(i turn it off refresh the page and the credits come through usually). Now i even when i'm not on my vpn I get this message "We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent." I've seen it before but me refreshing the page would make the credits come through.
  19. Can someone sell me 18 credits? I will pay with Paypal.
  20. taking offers, I think I can only send 5 though.. (is what it says on the transfer thing)
  21. Hi buying 13 tribot credits for osrsgp
  22. i am the biggest noob on the entire forums. no i dont want your kys. KMS.
  23. figers

    Vip reoccurance

    Hello, so i noticed i got +30 days of vip, when i had 8 left, now i have 38. Does the payment reoccur? I haven't linked my credit card or anything, and i had 0 credits. Is this some kind of event, a gift, or what?
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