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Found 45 results

  1. Looking to get rid of all my remaining credits I have laying around. 1.2M per credit. Skype: Flax.tb discord: flax#3980 Contact me on skype/discord if interested.
  2. It may be impossible for some users to purchase credits via the repository due to the limited payment methods or you've being blacklisted (fairly or unfairly), therefore I am offering a cheap alternative at near cost price for you to purchase credits via RSGP! Effortlessly purchase credits from a verified re-seller (Also a long standing TRiBot Premium scripter and Support member!) Current price: 1.15M per credit (minimum purchase of 5) Contact me Via PM or Skype (druid.tb) for a quick response!
  3. Looking to buy 15 cheap credits:)

    Looking to buy 15 cheap credits, if u got 5 credits out there, let me buy them pls;) Thanks,
  4. Dear Tribot users, Due to popular demand for shared proxies on this topic I've decided to keep the package I'm providing and continue selling proxies. The set price for each proxy will be $1,50 per month or the equivelant in RSGP. payment methods accepted: PP, BTC, RS. Please view the spoiler for the original post. Proxies are delivered upon request, availability depends on request.
  5. Hello, i am Selling WINDOWS VPS/RDP at really cheap prices. 4GB Ram , 100GB HDD = 12$/Month --------------------------------- 7GB Ram , 500GB HDD =16$/Month ------------------------------- 15GB Ram , 1TB HDD =20$/Month ---------------------------------- 18GB Ram , 1.5TB HDD =25$/Month ---------------------------------- 68GB Ram , 2TB HDD =35$/Month ---------------------------------- Any issue in vps will be resolved for you totally free. these are high speed fast working vps and working with anything you want. PAyment via bitcoins Thanks.
  6. Wanting a good deal

    I'm looking for someone who's willing to do decent rs3 gold and willing to pay weekly for gold if the deals right
  7. Thank you for all of our clients who have been patiently waiting for the release of our automated proxy system. I am pleased to announce our rerelease of VirtualBuddy, and with Black Friday just around the corner I want to thank all of the Tribot members for helping us strive to be the #1 Solution for VPS/Proxies. For the last few months we have been working very hard to provide you with nothing but excellence. We are proud to announce our fully Automated Proxy system, complete with control panel access, whitelist system, and tons more features. Our Proxy Packages are currently location within USA, prices starting at a low $3.25. Each package comes with a minimum of 2 proxies (1 HTTP & 1 SOCKS5) these two combined will help you create, spread, and reduce the chances of being banned by Jagex. ALL Packages will come with both HTTP & SOCKS5 Proxies for no extra charge. Why wait? Choose our enterprise grade Proxy Service today. BLACK FRIDAY CODE: GETTHATGOLD30 www.virtualbuddy.org CODE VALID NOV 24th - NOV 30th Best Regards, Pwningcows
  8. Click the website link above to visit our site! Payment methods we support. Average Payment after delivery time: 2 Minutes We will trade you from a non level 3 to ensure your account's safety. No more trading in Lumbridge, either! Easy to follow instructions for a smooth trade 1) Visit our website. 2) Purchase the gold you want via our processing system. 3) Contact live chat with your order ID. 4) Meet up with us and claim your gold!
  9. Click the website link above to visit our site! Payment methods we support. Average Payment after delivery time: 2 Minutes We will trade you from a non level 3 to ensure your account's safety. No more trading in Lumbridge, either! Easy to follow instructions for a smooth trade 1) Visit our website. 2) Let us know how much you're looking to sell 3) Meet up with us!
  10. Welcome to my Gold Swapping thread I will only go first if I deem you trusted We can use trusted MM/OMM of your choice We can split your order into more smaller trades CURRENT SWAP RATE your 07 for my Rs3 ••••• my 07 for your Rs3 1:6.1 •••••••• 1:6.7 I'm currently out of RS3! Please click here to add me on skype my skype id- live:blackblasses ALWAYS ask for confirmation pm, I will never refuse one! My RS3 Selling Thread - here
  11. Welcome to my RS3 gp selling thread I will only go first if I deem you trusted We can use trusted MM/OMM of your choice We can split your order into more smaller trades Current Price: 0.19$/m Current stock: OUT Payment options: BTC, 07 at 1:6.1 rate I will accept PP only from highly trusted members Please click here to add me on skype my skype id- live:blackblasses ALWAYS ask for confirmation pm, I will never refuse one! My Gold Swapping Thread - here
  12. Contacting us Our website www.powerRune.com To contact us hassle free, please visit and click on the live chat to be served immediately. ______________________________________________________ Our Skype Murmedon1 We currently have several agents to offer you 24/7 Service. Contact our skype by adding the skype below. If the skype isn't online, try our live chat
  13. As the title says I'am doing plenty of different services. I have some time to spare and I also need some money - great combination. I will be using middleman for customer care. The prices will be pretty acceptable for anyone and I won't high ball and will be different for everyone because stats play good role here - will negotiate with every customer. Services : Fighter Torso / Void Knight Armour / Defender / Powerleveling / Questing If you want to order anything from above feel free to post below,private message me or contact my skype : drummersear. Finished Services :
  14. - Same TOS applies for this service. - Price's are deals currently - Order quick before new price's come up!
  15. Services Ranged 28-99 Str/Att/Def 1-99 Magic 55-99 NMZ point farming (imbues) Any other skills can be discussed. RatesMy rate will be around 3-6GP/EXP for 70+and 10-12GP/EXP for -70 All prices will be discussed in Skype/PM (in-detail if requested) Requirements I train all stats with NMZ (except magic) therefor, you will need certain quest requirements: You need to be able to use Demon or MTD hosting. You need access to a Dwarven rock cake (10 minute quest) You need 40+ defense Basic gear Methods I use a variety of methods ranging from cheap to expensive, You can pm me with a skill you need training and I will provide suggestions on how I would go along training these. TOS (Terms of Service) 1. Once the order has been given, you are NOT allowed to change the email OR password until the order is completed. 2. You may NOT log into the account before sending me a PM (I might be on it.) 3. I am not HELD responsible for any bans/mutes/hacks during or after the order is complete or when the order is cancelled and refunded. 4. If I do not confirm an order via my post or PM you're probably getting scammed. 5. I have the right to decline/cancel any orders if I cannot complete in time. If this happens in the middle of an order a refund will be negotiated (more than reasonable). 6. You must provide at least a 2-day time frame. 7. You will pay first. 8. Always ask for a PM, if the PM is not confirmed, I am NOT held responsible if you get scammed by an impostor. 9. If you decide to cancel an order while the order is being worked on, You will most likely not receive a refund. 10. Everything will be done by hand using the OSBuddy client. (auto screenshot on level enabled AND full screen so NO LG!) 11. If you made an order and didn't read the requirements, I will not refund. 12. Depending on the length of the service I might take most of the NMZ points I earned (I will leave you with more then enough for imbues!) Order form Leveling needed? Have you pmed me on Skype? (c0ngs.be) Do you agree to the TOS? Any Additional notes? Do you have 40+ defense? Add me on skype! Name = c0ngs.be Vouches 80K exp/H average since creation!
  16. Questing: All Novice quests are FREE. I can complete any Novice quest for free. If you want to do more than 1 daily quest then you need to conctact me and I will tell you a price. Leveling: I can help you with any and every skill there is. Price depends on what skill and what level. Contact me for more info. Bossing: I can do the followin PvM-related services. All prices depend on what stats and desired request. So contact me for more info. Fire Cape Melee/Ranged/Magic Kiln Cape Royal Crossbow Brandishing If you have any other requests that are not mentioned then you need to contact me for a price. Payment options: I currently only accept Paypal and RS3 GP. Terms of Service: 1. I have the right to decline any order for any reason 2. If for any reason the request is not fullfilled I will do a full refund, if the request is only partially done I will give a partial refund. 3.PAYMENTS ARE MADE BEFORE THE SERVICE STARTS! /with regards Bolkar (to contact me instantly send an email here: [email protected])

    *ONLY NEED MAGIC OR RANGED NOT BOTH* VOUCHES/PROOF OF COMPLETION: https://gyazo.com/a97ff8bbc652b9a02a95b20af03e9cf9 https://gyazo.com/a97ff8bbc652b9a02a95b20af03e9cf9 THANKS GUYS!
  18. Welcome to Mr Extremez's Gold Selling Shop! Click on the icon below to add me on Skype to avoid impostors: Current Pricing Current Rate: $0.21-$0.23/M BTC Rate: Around $0.22/M (Depending on amount you are buying) Payment Methods Currently only accepting Bitcoin, Verified Paypal, PayPal My Cash, Skrill, Western Union, and RS07/RS3 GP (ask for info) Terms of Service 1. You will go first or we will use a middleman (your fee). 2. You will follow any and all sending procedures I tell you. 3. I am allowed to change these terms any time I want to. 4. No refunds are allowed. Order Form Which type of gold do you want: How much gold do you want: Do you agree to my Terms of Service: Have you added me on Skype: By filling out and posting the form above, and buying gold off of me, you agree that you have fully read and fully understand my Terms of Service. Where I am Trusted - 1,100+ Vouches on Sythe - 150+ Vouches on Rune-server - 70+ Feedback on Powerbot - 40+ Feedback on OSBot - 10+ Vouches on Runelocus Contact Me Add me on Skype: live:extremezgp ALWAYS ASK ME FOR A PM I WILL NOT DENY ONE!!!!
  19. Hello Welcome to my account "leveling" service topic. As mentioned in the name of this topic, I'm botting accounts for you. You supply me with account. Goldfarming/starter/staking accounts, you name it, I do it! I grantee you the following:Proxies are usedVPS is used do bot wheneverNo delaysIn some cases, quests are done.I'm responsible for any offences 3 hours after giving finished product* *Accounts botted from scratch usually get banned during leveling process, but not afterwards. This obviously depends on botting locations/methods etc. I do not complete the service before receiving at least 50% of the pay beforehand, unless you seem trusted to me (More recent vouches will do the trick). Example package: 60/60/60/ account, with ~10 days membership left - 7/MUsually Completed in 3 days. Price: Depends on how long botting takes to achieve your desired levels. Example above could give you ideas. Quests can be ordered as well. Contact me: sales.johannesAdd me directly clicking on this Skype button:
  20. Currently the cheapest Elo-Boost in EUROPE/RUSSIA/TURKEY. ALSO I OFFER MY COACHING SERVICES AT A PRICE OF 15€/HOUR. If you have any other question or need further information, feel free to add me on my skype or contact me to my e-mail: [email protected]