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Found 14 results

  1. looking to buy some private scripts! if theres any good scriptwriters around feel free to message me looking for a bot manager type of thing as well as some custom farming bots thanks guys!
  2. I am looking for the best money making script every produced. Money is no problem willing to pay as long as has good references. Need OSRS GP by the boat load!
  3. Hello beautiful people of the Tribot community! (tl;dr at the end) I am relatively new member of the community and have always wanted to increase the amount i participate and involve myself in the OSRS community. ANYWHO this topic is going to be my attempt to make REAL LIFE money from the use of an OSRS bot farm using RWT (obviously, right?). In essence this thread will contain; every purchase i make (I will convert to USD for simplicity), every mistake I make, every banned account and the lessons i will learn on the way. I might even include a rough estimate of the revenue i get depending on my mood. The point of this topic is for other people who plan on getting a few bucks from OSRS bot farming to have some sort of basis to start from, or otherwise for people to just have a look at and have a laugh at all my suffering! Hopefully I can be as detailed as possible (without being suspicious or stupid) so that you can all be entertained while being informed. JUST TO CLARIFY, this is my first ever attempt to make real life money from a bot, or use more than 2 scripts simultaneously, so i do assume a very steep learning curve to come from this experience, as with learning anything. GOALS Set from the first log (19/04/2016)- Create and hand-train accounts until suspicious enough to justify beginning to bot many hours a day on at least 5 accounts- Hopefully within a week Start working out which skills will ultimately give me the best NET profit in regards to risk and reward- Whenever the first goal is completed Make our first $10 day- Hopefully this will come within a fortnight of this project Make our first $30 day- About a month after the $10 day NONE of these goals are set in stone and the actual starting time (of when i will first make accounts) will be in about 2-3 days, after all my exams are finished (yes i have a life, unfortunately). My FINAL remark is that if you're interested in knowing my progress please leave a comment or send me a message! If you have any criticisms for the project or know any rookie mistakes and learning curves you all have made over the years please leave a comment-please only constructive criticism. I have been reading around the tutorial parts of the forums but there definitely will be stuff that i haven't seen. This is all for fun guys, i do have a legit job so im not too concerned about negative outcomes. ALRIGHTY IM EXCITED FOR THIS! Join me in this adventure folks! hopefully this will continue steadily! BAZINGA OUT! tl;dr I will start a step by step, entertainment based, progress blog (you may say) where i show all my efforts to create a botfarm from scratch. With ALL failures included. JOIN ME!
  4. Just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give me an update on whats been going down with TRiBot and OSRS over the past 2 months or so. Particularly the gold price dropping far more than what I thought it would, is this linked to anything particular event? Cheers.
  5. I'm looking for the communities thoughts on how many blue phats are still in-game. My guess is: 587 The blue partyhat is currently the most expensive item in Runescape 3 valued at around 4.5b If you have any strong points you wish to add to the topic then please do, also feel free to post any sort of educated calculations of estimates of the number. It would be great to get a rough figure of how many still remain. Cheers.
  6. Today I'm going to discuss how to gold-farm, in ways that even a technophobe could understand. No need for a fancy computer that's going to cost you £1500 to build and then cost you electricity on top of that; Use a dedicated server! One of the best I've found is : http://www.hetzner.de/en/ Although unmanaged, it is simple to set it up for botting! The guide that I personally used to setup my farm is : http://www.sythe.org/archives/834814-noob-friendly-complete-guide-set-up-vps-botting.html On top of the server you will want, you will also need socks5 proxies (and VIP+ on tribot). To create the accounts on the proxy, you will want google chrome, as I have found that it works flawlessly with proxies. To do this: press cntrl+h to open up history, go to settings and then advanced settings. Scroll down until you find the proxy settings option and open it up, inside there you will see an interface that has different options inside of it. Click the advanced button (may need to enable proxy first by clicking the tickbox) and a new screen will open! Progress! There will be a list of different types of proxies, with HTTP at the top, and SOCKS5 at the bottom, in the SOCKS5 section, type the ip of the proxies you were given by your chosen provider (I use http://www.proxy-blaze.com/), aswell as the port. Click ok, then ok again and you will be ready to continue! Simply go to http://www.runescape.com/ and in the right hand corner there is an option to 'create a new account'. Clicking this will take you to a page where you can type an email, password and age. You do NOT need to use a genuine email address, but make sure to remember/write down the email address(es) that you used. Tap in your password and your age (or make one up). I advise making 2 accounts per proxy, as this reduces the likelihood of receiving a mass ip-ban! If doing a f2p skill, skip to the next step! Unless you wish to make the accounts members regardless If you are planning on farming with a members' skill you will need bonds on rs3, to pick these up you can either buy gold, or use any gold that you may have lying around (at current time bonds cost 5.5m each)! To transfer the bonds to the new accounts you have just made, i advise using a client for the account with bonds, and using a seperate tab (with proxy still enabled) for the farmer. You will have to make up a name on farmer account, and then click settings, skip tutorial and follow the instructions! Once this is done, you can trade over the bonds, redeeming them on your farmer for 14 days membership; saves paying £5 an account! Open your server/vps and get tribot downloaded (can use the website with the providers I have chosen). To bot using the proxy on the server/vps, this is where your VIP+ comes in, click the proxy button on your tribot client (primary screen) and tap your proxy details into here. Make sure to use the same proxy that you created the accounts on, to bot the accounts, as this will reduce chances of investigation by jagex. Once the proxy details have been entered, log in as usual, but using the proxy drop-down box, select your proxy. From here it is pretty self explanatory (complete tutorial, start script etc). You only have one choice to make: self-management or automated management. Self management will require you to move the items/gold from your farmers to a mule (which you should not bot on), whereas automated will do this for you, without you having to move a muscle! For farms of 20+ accounts or more, automated is definitely recommended! There are a couple of management bots on the forums, but I shall not name them. Due to obvious reasons, I cannot disclose the script that I use, the scripter that made it, or any of my account details. Any other information that you require I would be more than happy to help! First guide, cut me some slack if things are dodgy please I understand that this guide is tailored to windows, but the skills are transferable, for example the ctrl+h may not work on Mac systems, but you can go to the settings from the drop down box in the right hand corner!
  7. sairashuora

    Buying 07gp

    Buying oldschool gp for 5 tribot credits.
  8. Guest

    Need 73 cents :(

    IF anyone could please lend me 73 cents it be very apreciated , paypal [email protected]
  9. Welcome to KingSpooky600's Gold Shop! I offer the most competitive rates around, as I am trying to build my reputation currently! TOS 1. I will not go first unless "I" determine you to be a trusted and reputable member of the community. 2. The only payment I currently accept is paypal. 3. All transaction will be recorded, and no refunds will be issued. 4. You will leave feedback Current Stock: 15m Current Rate:$2.95/M Contact me on Skype to make a purchase! "Spooky.RS"
  10. Okay, I have $8 to spend, I have a low level pure with 5 att 79 str, I can get 89 str to max out my combat, planning on doing it with a bot. NEED HELP - Should I get VIP Extended, and use Wasted Man Killer, OR should I get VIP Extended and use Wastedbro's Al-Kharid Warriors, OR should I get Relleka Crabs PRO. Need help, recommendations, good or bad of any/all scripts, which would be better and why. GIVE ME YOUR OPINION MONEY WISE, AS WELL. Mainly though, I'm wondering which can get me 88-89 str FASTER, BETTER, (Efficiency is key) BUT without a ban (what has better anti-bans). I know Wastedbro is one of the best bot-makers but from the reviews I've seen Relekka is OP. Thoughts? Really appreciated, need people to comment FAST. Thanks community, sorry for the caps!
  11. Quitting osrs and selling 40m osrs gp 2.50/m add me on skype or reply on this thread if interested! Skype- emily.griffin26 -Thank you!
  12. Buying some EoC GP. Leave message how much you have and your skype. Paying 0.27$-0.32$/mill Skype 'its.kmix'
  13. Hello there I need someone to help me to make a script. The script I want is, Auto Typer with 3 lines and make it do the 'dance' emote all the time while it's advertising. You know how to make this and want to help me? Add my Skype! - I will explain more on Skype what I want the script to do etc. Skype: Albinsmain, thanks ALL for help
  14. Hi! Im new to selling gold but totally trustworthy! I only have one vouch so if you are a mod or anything i would be happy to go secound! if not i would like to go first,add DamnDatSpec to skype if you are wanting gold!
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