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  1. Hello if you are reading this I have a great opportunity open for you. -If you are picked for the job. I am currently looking to hire a video editor. Requirements: They must have adobe after fx and the ability to make a 30-second intro. They must also have a recent video editing program. And able to show previous work. There really isn't a limit on how much I am willing to pay. And yes I am willing to pay first if they have the right amount of vouchs. The video will be sponsored on Sythe. And the creator will have the luxury of adding a created by to the end of the video. The deadline Wednesday 14th of March. If you didn't know already Sythe is throwing a community event this Saint Patricks day and all of you are invited. If you have any questions about how the video should look. Or what needs to be included let me know. 370+ Vouchs are on sythe on the username: Mentarley Or you can click this link: https://www.sythe.org/threads/mentarleys-vouches-300-vouchs-100-000-usd-traded-500-donor-rank/ Reply to this thread or on sythe instead of adding me on skype.
  2. When Does a Script Activate

    New To TriBot! Quick, possibly stupid, question for y'all. Say I bought the Auto Tithe Farm and Auto Wintertodt scrips; do those scripts activate the second I purchase them and add them to my client, or do they activate the first time I run them in the client? Thanks all!!! edit; only reason I ask is because I'm trying to purchase credits and it continues to say something in the lines of "Your card is not made for purchases like this." So was going to attempt to purchase the scripts I want ahead of time.. unless someone can help me out with my situation. Attempting to purchase 25 credits for $25 with my Prepaid Visa Debit Card.
  3. Buying 5 tokens 1.2m ea

    Buying 5 tokens 1,2m ea, will go first if trusted user.
  4. PM me here on forums. If you're trusted I'll go first.
  5. Buying Xenforo or IPB

    Did not know where to put this but i am buying xenforo or ipb for bitcoins. paying in bitcoins add me on skype @ tholek.white
  6. Buying Script, do you need Need VIP?

    Hi there Does anyone know if i buy a script, i will have to buy VIP to run it more than 2 hours every 3 days O.o?
  7. Rs3 Bot Clients?

    I'm not sure why but on tribot I can't open multiple rs3 clients. I'm really just trying to get a bot for rs3 of auto type and have multiple accounts logged in and spamming the messages. This doesnt seem hard but cant find any clients that scripts that do this. Nothing fancy just simply line messaging on multiple accounts. If any1 has any solution that would be nice. Also, if you have a good auto script I might pay. Thanks
  8. I was recently having a problem buying credits and no one was able to help me my credit card would not work my Paypal would not work despite being verified by the email sent. The only help I got was SOL and YOYO (sold out of luck, your on your own) responses. The real problem is that when you try to use a credit card it seems to refuse to go through unless you save the payment details and you need a working cell phone number to do so that was the only problem I had. However the Paypal thing seems to be that unless you put your bank account on your Paypal it will not work. I got my credits im hoping for some its just because like me you did not want to ,at first, save the payment details and use a cell phone number
  9. Buyinh Credits With Paypal Need Help

    I'm trying to buy about 70 credits with a prepaid mastercard but it wont work so i tried using my paypal account with it but it refuses to accept it because i haven't linked my bank account to paypal or at least it seems that way. it has already verified that its a a working paypal account via the email. Even if i try selecting the card it refuses to accept it when i try to continue just comes back to the purchases credits saying it needs a verified bank account which im not going to link to my paypal never have for any of my purchases at other websites or ebay. I just added this prepaid to paypal today so idk if it is because it needs to verify it with that $1 withdraw for 3-5 days or however long it is before it can be used or if its something on this end just need answers. if i cant buy without a verified bank account linked to paypal i just wont be buying credits. Serious Help needed thou with this one
  10. Pretty simple stuff.. why do they only take Bitcoin (pretty lame) and Stripe? huge loss in customer base seeing as how I have to pay with something actually connected to me like an actual credit card, rather than buy it like i buy everything else online, and pay for it with a prepaid visa? That's what so many other people do, and I'm looking to buy a lot.. Is there some way I can use a gift card to get a voucher, or what, not willing to enter my credit card info on a site like this.. Just me?
  11. Hello, I am trying to buy some proxies to bot with but i only have tribot respiratory credits. please help! tired of getting banned.
  12. Request: - A huge goldfarming script. Description: - Hey! My name is John, and i'm working on a huge New Goldfarming Project, i need an experienced and good script writer, you'll Write a huge scrip for me doing a series of acions. Payment will be done howervr ypu'd like and the amount will be discussed over email. Please take contact! Payment Amount: - will be discussed over email Time: - whenever it gets finished Additional: - Contact: [email protected]
  13. LF script writer for huge project [PAID]

    Request: - A huge goldfarming script. Description: - Hey! My name is John, and i'm working on a huge New Goldfarming Project, i need an experienced and good script writer, you'll Write a huge scrip for me doing a series of acions. Payment will be done howervr ypu'd like and the amount will be discussed over email. Please take contact! Payment Amount: - will be discussed over email Time: - whenever it gets finished Additional: - Contact: [email protected]
  14. Buying a fcape service.

    Hello ppls. Stats : 80 hp 91 ranged 44 prayer 1 def Come with your prices.
  15. Hello, I am planning on buying an account on player auctions, but I am looking for some advice. I have read that there are risks in buying an account and it being recovered which I understand. However, I have seen much less information on if I the account I purchase is likely to get banned. Apparently account trading is against the rules, but I have not seen anybody say that the rule was actually enforced, so if anybody had some insight on if it is likely to get banned that would be great. Also, Player Auctions recommends that I wait at least 12 hours after receiving the account information to login for an "ip cooldown," as they believe it may be suspicious if suddenly the account was used in a new location right after a change in email and password. My instinct is telling me to change the account information as soon as I get the account rather than leave it for 12 hours, but I don't have any experience with this. Is this a good idea? Thanks
  16. BUY IT NOW! Monthly (Unlimited accounts) $10 https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/347 RSGP: https://quickrsgp.com/buytribotcredits, (The system is fully automated.) I NO LONGER USE SKYPE. CONTACT ME ON DISCORD (Erick Ho#3027) You can also pm me on TRiBot, both will be treated with priority. ExShopper (previously known as ExBuyer), is a script that buys or sell items from most stores on Runescape. It has been rewritten to be more: efficient, noob-friendly, features, and open the script to a variety of things. It has been used by many members on TRiBot and have gotten over 5+ days of runtime in one go. It has the ability to accurately sell items (including karjama shop) and buy items. Please take the time to read the spoilers below for a more detailed description of what the script is capable of. Antiban [ABCL 10]
  17. [B] House Tabs

    Buying 10-200k House tabs (10k Minimum) Let me know by skype please (seejay9696) should be on another hour or two after this is posted.
  18. I need a private script made.

    Hi there, I need a private script writing. Features A reliable path system that is pretty accurate.Ability to trade between accounts and distribute resources (master/slave)Ability to trade NPC's.Ability to detect combat and react to itPremium quality antibanPotential additional features Gui (xp/hr, profit/hr, time etc.)Progressive trainerReplace banned accounts with new accounts (using a list of pre-made accounts)Mouse speed customisation barTask systemI'm looking for the script to be done fairly quickly, but i can work around the scripter. Looking for a reasonable price but have a decent amount to throw at it. If you think you can do this for me, feel free to message me on tribot, post on the thread, or add me on skype (rs_sedgy) and we can discuss the script in more specific details. Thanks!
  19. Buying Large Amounts of Items

    Buying bulk items of the following. Message me on here or reply. Looking for bulk supplier. Next to each item is a minimum amount to sell please don't ask for less thanks and have a nice day. Tabs (1k+) Cowhides (1.5k+) Flax/Bow string (10k+) Pure essence/Essence (10k+) Logs (5k+ ) Ores/Bars (5k+) Seeds (depends ask me) Raw fish (3k+) Gems (500+) Cannonballs (1k+) Runes- Bloods/Death/Chaos/Souls/Astrals/Law/Nature (1k+) Snape grass,Red spider eggs,Mort myre fungi,Zammy wines, (3k+) Planks (1k+)
  20. Description: Either merchers, fletchers, or weirdos collecting feathers, PM me on tribot and we can exchange RSN. Status: Out of stock [selling] 2,000,000 4gp each [selling] 6,000,000 3gp each [selling] 8,800,000 3gp each [selling] 6,400,000 3gp each [selling] 8,100,000 3gp each [selling] 11,400,000 3gp each [selling] 11,200,000 3gp each [selling] 13,750,000 3gp each [selling] 13,900,000 3gp each [selling] 11,700,000 3gp each [selling] 5,450,000 4gp each [selling] 9,750,000 3gp each [selling] 14,400,000 3gp each [selling] 20,550,000 3gp each[selling] 10,500,000 3gp each[selling] 3,500,000 3gp each[selling] 7,500,000 3gp each[selling] 9,600,000 3gp each[selling] 10,500,000 3gp each[selling] 9,900,900 3gp each[selling] 5,300,000 3gp each[selling] 14,000,000 3gp each[selling] 9,600,000 3gp each [selling] 4,550,000 3gp each [selling] 5,550,000 3gp each Total Sold: 233.9M feathers [Note] The feathers are mostly sold to regular RS Players that are buying in bulk.
  21. I'm looking for possibly two scripts. I am open to what I want made for me, as I'm not looking for anything too too specific. Something for combat is my priority, something that could possibly make cash as well but is not needed as a must. It must be do-able on an account with 1 defense, and if it does have some source of profit involved, at least be able to achieve 45k+ exp an hour, preferably to work with both range/mage and melee, but open on that. I'm also possibly looking for a good goldfarming script, I don't know of any good methods but something that is PRIVATE and not too public yet, or something that can maintain high gp/hr even if a lot of people are there, but I'd like it to not be too well known for botters as I don't want to get banned instantly. Would be nice if this were doable on lower level accounts, with maybe 10-20 hours tops invested on the accounts before botting TOPS, as I'd like to be able to run a few accounts, and not need it to be some crazy high level requirements to be able to even begin farming. HOWEVER, I do have a few accounts with 70-70-1 and better, and some with 80 range, so if it's a good 300k+ an hour and it's a great script idea, I will pay for that! For both of these scripts I would like a very good antiban implemented, at least as good as what they require here. If you can give me a fixed price for regular updates on request in the future, that would be good too. Banking, etc, is a must, and I would really need these to not be obvious. I can pay very very good for a very good private script, but I mean it has to be BEAUTIFUL, and flawless. I can pay in RSGP (OSRS), or USD/CAD in pretty much any payment method you desire. Please PM me with script ideas and prices, as I can't post an offer here as I don't know what each of you individually can do and how much your work is worth!
  22. Pm me or reply to this topic or try my Skype still need about 37kish Dragon bones paying 1700 each as 12/18/2014 and for next few days prices may very if they change of course I am buying 99 prayer and to buy at a decent price it seems I get a lot of small quantities so I am posting here. Minimum amount of Dragon bones to sell:(500) Dragon bones: 1700ea / Wyvern bones: 1650ea I am available 3:30 pm - 10:00 pm central time m-f. (can contact me later than 10 I am always up just may not be available) Anytime on weekends Skype: seejay9696 -
  23. Buying 10m Vials

    I would like to buy 10m vials for 15m total. Face to Face trade, regards, WealthForAll

    I think everyone would use this, If someone came out with this bot for 4.99 unlimited (no monthly bs please or instances) They would be pretty rich. Give bot XXXXX amount of coins. In lumbridge courtyard on rs3. Bot runs to g/e , talks to the grand exchange tutor, goes into G/e and buys a bond, uses it then logs out. PLEASEEEEEE!
  25. Buying big bulk botted items

    Buying mostly everything that is in bulk, all depends on how much cash i have at the moment. But usually i can give you an offer for any amount of any item. My skype: gp4btc