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Found 10 results

  1. Fluffee's Guide to Generating Random Breaks What you'll need: A spreadsheet program (OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, Libre Office)Google Sheets is recommended (drive.google.com) A bit of time (5 Minutes) And the desire to create random breaks for TRiBot Step 1: Create your Break Times Creating your random break times is done through the familiar website random.org. Head over to random.org, and select "Lists and More" then chose "Clock Times". To save you the trouble, here's a direct link to the clock times page (here). You should arrive at the page that looks like this. Now, don't be alarmed, I'll walk you through it. In the first field, the generate field enter in the number of breaks you would like to take. In the second field which reads "09:00" in the picture above, enter in 00:00 In the third field enter how many hours you are botting in military time, with a maximum of 24. (3 hours is 03:00, 15 hours is 15:00) Leave the intervals at 5 minutes, this merely states what number the breaks will end in. But since TRiBot has the randomness feature, the ending minute doesn't make a big difference! Hit Get Times, and wait for your new page to load For the purposes of this tutorial, I went with 5 breaks over the course of 2 hours. Here's the result Now, copy those break times, and head over to your spreadsheet. Link (here) If using google drive, go to File and click Make a Copy to use the sheet. For everyone else, click download. Paste your break times into the first column, like so, and the second column will automatically adjust The first column is the time stamps you generated, and the second column is how long the bot will play for before taking the first break. The second column automatically changes colour based upon the length of time, merely to make it easier to read. The little section titled durations and breaks are my own personal rules for breaks and are there purely so I don't forget them. They are are up to you, feel free to chose your own! Next click on the box labelled duration (top row second column), a little arrow appears, this is how you will organize your breaks. The way this works is, you will generate break times within a range depending on the amount of play time. That way, you don't play for five minutes and take 45 minute breaks, and then play for four hours with a 30 second break. I like to organize mine with the table shown on the right, so I'm going to only leave the boxes from 0 to 20 checked, as you can see here. (I excluded 0 and the blanks to hide rows with nothing in them, just trust me on this one) Click okay, and watch the magic. Your rows hide, and only show the one's you've selected! Now, count the number of breaks you have left ( I have two) Keep that number in mind, and head back to random.org. But this time go to Numbers and then Integers (link here) In the first box, type the number of breaks you have (for me, I have 2) In the second box (which reads 1 in the picture), type the minimum break length in seconds In the third box (which reads 100 in the picture), type the maximum break length in seconds In the fourth box (which reads 5 in the picture), type 1 and hit "Get Numbers" After clicking the button, you should arrive at a page which looks like this Copy that list of numbers and paste them back into your spreadsheet, in the column labelled "Raw Value", and voila the seconds convert to break times usable by TriBot and are located in the column "Break Times" Paste those numbers into the TriBot Break Handler and you've got yourself some random break times. Sometime in the future I'll make an AutoHotKey script inputting the breaks, but for now enjoy copying and pasting I hope this helped someone. If not, at least I know how hard a tutorial is to make!
  2. Z4Die

    Break Handler

    Hello, i would like to ask you guys how does break handler works. So let's begin. If i made for example 3 rows with data, in all of those i place "Occurence" - "Once". When all rows ends will break handler begin from the start? Or it just ends? Thanks for answer!
  3. Hello, have anyone else also noticed that after a break when bot was supposed to re-log in, it does nothing.. Before I started using Looking Glass function, I've never had that kind of a issue. But now I cannot bot over my first break as it just simply stucks at it. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Can someone link me or explain to me how to set up break handler, and what the options mean. thank you in advance.
  5. So, I notice my break handler is not working, at all. Now, Ill start by saying I get very paranoid when botting. I never bot then sleep if I care about the acct, Ive been succsesfully botting atleast 2 accounts without ban the past month. This has gained me a mil in starting cash and hopefully will be able to bot basic combat stats on both accounts, (40 atk/str/range on one and 40/atk/def/30str/30 range on the other which is to be turned into a main). Ive made decent progress on one, getting 40 str and 20 atk with 25 range all in a couple hours of botting and babysitting the bots. Doing things like cooking/smoking/playing other games while my bots run but never botting for more than 4 hours max, and checking on them on the hour. So, I say all this to say I know for SURE the break handler is NOT initiating breaks. I have several breaks saved in the handler, and have even tried really short run times (30 minutes for example) just to test if the break handler will stop the script and it never has. I suicide botted an acct last night with it set up to run for 8 hours with an hour break and came to find it had actually ran for about 13.5 hours before the logins began failing from it being banned. After having typed all of this, it kind of occured to me there may already be a post stickied somewhere regarding this. But if there is its not in the bot help and to be quite honest I find the search function rather inneffective on this sight as it returns lots of non-sense no matter what I type into the seach bar. So, if theres already a post answering this question please kindly link me to it or if not what can I do to make the break handler work? Do I need to clear any caches? I have deleted and re-installed the client multiple times for various reasons and notice it has saved all of my breaks as well as accounts. So it makes me wonder if I must recreate new breaks after re-installing the client, or if its a cache issue meaning I need to clear my client cache in order to make the break handler function.
  6. Hello, I was wondering if we could get a script queue, break handler, and client starter tutorial that would only be available to VIP-E. Why, because I realize it would take a lot of work to do that, but I really wish we had some official guidance on how to use these features. They sound great, and trust me when I say I've played around with them, but I still have not been able to get consistent results. I think a video would be nice that just sort of walks us through the set up for these features or a tutorial with a lot of screenshots of each step. Whichever works better, but I really think this would help out a lot of people. Thanks.
  7. bdoginn

    Break Handler

    How Do I Set it Up, and what is the safest / most effective break times for tanning leather? As you can probably tell i'm clueless, please help. xD
  8. So I have reached out to @Assume on a few accounts trying to resolve this, it appears that his bot is not working in sync with the Break Handler and is non responsive or running off to random areas after returning from a break. I am able to recreate this event every time I test this script using a break, I do not have any other problems with any other script. This provides me with a gimp in my botting during the week while I have classes and work consecutively back to back and disallows me to use this bot during the day.I am willing to Teamview with a respected member to see if its anything on my end creating this problem, however I do believe it a script bug. I would like to get to the bottom of this please, Thank You.
  9. Months ago when I began using the break handler, I've noticed that one can use x amounts of breaks/durations in EACH different break setting that he/she saves. I've began using numerous and such diverse breaks and times throughout each different setting. Is it possible to add a setting to 'terminate' or command the script to stop and logout from the session in the duration/occurance column, thus making the duration -1 and then identifying the occurrence as a command to logout? Sorry if it's worded weirdly- too much- I tend to do that.. Lol. Thanks for reading and taking into consideration -Drew.
  10. I feel this is necessary because i cant use the break handler due to me having a bank pin. Doesnt seem right to not have a bank pin handler..
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