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Found 122 results

  1. A little help please :3

    Hi, I'm rather new to botting and having a little trouble getting started. I have had two accounts banned in two days , the first account was where i made a bunch of mistakes but i'm wondering what i'm doing wrong on the second. I have a proxy which I use a proxifier to force everything through. I have only used premium scripts (2nd time around) and used a different proxy. I've levelled the account up to a higher combat lvl and set a quest scripter off to get some quests on the account. I started the botting after working hours of the bot team and had breaks. Please advise xD.
  2. Im kinda new to botting and i am currently botting on my laptop and playing regularly on my main on my computer, since i've heard of chainbans there's a risk my main gets banned. How does proxies work with VIP-E to stop this?
  3. hi, i saw i only had 3 hours remaining of my daxhunter premium script for osrs remaining 2 days ago, and i did not want my script to turn off in the middle of the night when the time lapsed. so i cancelled my dax premium hunter membership and reactivated it 2 days ago paying the 9.99 expecting another 30 days of the script. but then 2 days later it still ran out! i just paid 9.99 thinking i was renewing this script and i only got to use it for a day before it ran out, can someone fix this or look into my account and you can see i did pay for it and i do not have access. appreciate the help guys if a moderator or admin or somebody can look into this. thank you.
  4. Howdy All Currently attempting to bot for the first time and using a premium hunter script, striving for that 99 and right now sitting on 84 =-) I feel i am careful when i come to botting my character, i mainly watch my botting screen because i play my other two accounts as normal|<< nerdy i know. so i am able to reply to all who speak to me within moments, along with having break handler set up and every now and again mouse clicking around the screen to change my mouse data patterns around. I ask this because of course 99 Hunter is great money, id much more envy the fashionscape of the 99 hunter cape and would onward play the character manually and level combat for a edge 13 pray g maul pker, noob life i know but sue me. Will i get to live out this little account dream set up or is it most likely in the end most botted accounts lose the battle against jagex =p If anyone has any info inside on the matter would be awesome if you discussed below. Happy botting <3 hahah
  5. Hey Everyone! I have been trying out many different methods for gold farming on OSRS with various degrees of success. I have some successful long term / higher level "safe" bots, and I have begun to experiment with "Suicide botting". Just curious to know, with regards to gold farming, which option the community thinks is better / has had the best experience with? - High volume of suicide bots / low gp per hour tasks / low investment - High volume suicide bots / med - high gp per hour tasks / p2p with high initial gp investment to get started or high skill req - Long term focused bots following safe botting practices / med - high gp per hour targets / varying req / private or custom scripts - Long term focused bots following safe botting practices / low - high gp per hour targets / varying req / public scripts - EDIT: Combination of the above methods for a balanced overall gold farming system Let me know your thoughts! - No specifics related to your private botting tasks / methods required
  6. Trading From Bots To Mules - Flagged?

    Hello! I have a flagged bot ( fresh off a 2 day ban ) that I wish to offload to a mule to protect much of my gp and items before I start botting again. Does anyone know if trading between a flagged bot account / accounts to a common mule account will also flag the mule account? - If the mule account has never been botted on, does the mule account face any risk of ban due to association? ** Edit: Each account is running on its own IP address / proxy and has no outside association. Thanks! -- Tristan
  7. Botting After 2 Day Ban?

    UPDATE: If anyone is curious .. I decided to maximize my value on the account and botted for a full day with breaks about 2 days after this post. I picked up a permanent ban the next day. -- Hello! Has anyone had experience with botting after a temporary 48 hour ban? Just curious if you went straight back to botting? - If so, did you end up getting a permanent ban? Did you give your account time to cool down? - If so, how long, and have you had success botting on the account since? Did you change up your methods? - ex, Play the account manually for a while before botting again? , Change the number of hours your bot? If you are interested, I seemed to have picked up my ban after buying 10M gold for my lvl 59 account, then buying a membership and botting runecrafting for exp , along with leather tanning for profit.
  9. New to botting- a few questions

    Bought VIP/a few premium scrips a couple days ago. I've been using my home IP address, which from what I've read is dangerous? As that IP can be flagged and my main that I don't not on can be affected (correct me if I'm wrong) How can I use a proxy? Is that generally a better option? How do you set one up? What is a 'dynamic signature'? Does that affect anything while botting? Would love to hear any general advice/tips for botting. I fully understand the danger of botting. Thanks fam
  10. Botting RC

    Quick question, I see a lot of level 40ish accounts with 94+ Runecrafting, is the ban rate on RC very low at the moment? Thanks in advance, Michael
  11. Hey guys, new to this names josh nice to meet yous, ive brought a few bots used em very nice scripts i enjoyed but i got banned still, bound to come eventually i guess when youre bad at botting, i was just looking at getting a little bit of advice, i wanna start up a gold farm if i could thatd be mad but id be happy with just a few simple mining accounts or fishing or something to just make some bucks to have fun on the game with im not a rich person at all quite poor in all honesty but i can pay for vip and i can pay for proxies if i need to ! i was just wondering from a good botters perspective on how i could prevent myself from getting new accounts banned cause i got no highish lvl accounts so i needa start up from scratch on every account, i would also love to learn how to start doing my own scripts but thats in due time, i was praying someone would give me a bit of information to help a nub out and make his day, cheers guys SHORTENED: WHAT DO YOU USE TO BOT, PROXIES? HOW MANY ACCOUNTS AT A TIME, HOW DO YOU NOT GET THEM BANNED, HOW DO YOU BOT WITHOUT GETTING BANNED IN 2 DAYS! IS IT THE FACT IM A LAZY MOFO AND DONT QUEST??????????
  12. VPS/Proxy Help

    Hello everyone, I'm reaching out to the community for help, i've just started the osrs botting adventure and as expected we're running into some issues. i currently have the VPS Gamers runescape vps(The highest one available) with 8 proxies(Highest Available through that site). At the moment im not entirely sure how to use the proxies, but here's the problem: Every account i make, after 1 login, it gets locked. Even those made on the VPS. If we can solve the account locking problem then i can see this working fine. Does anyone have any suggestions? All help is greatly appreciated.
  13. Hey, I recently just bought the VIP extended so I could use the looking glass feature, but it says I have to run the game in the browser and whenever I open up runescape in the browser it wants to open up the jagex launcher, I've tried using chrome, firefox, edge and internet explorer and the issue still happens even after installing the latest java and enabling it as a plugin on all browsers except chrome. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

    Hello everyone! I'll start by introducing myself and the goal of this thread. I'm Danny, I've played RuneScape from 2005-2017 on and off. I was mainly active playing from 2005-2009, after certain updates I lost interest in the game and started playing a few weeks a year for the nostalgia. Now I feel like getting into botting, just for fun, to see how far I can go. I will let you ladies and gentlemen decide what you'd love me to do; F2P/P2P botting, break handler time amounts, which skills and which wealth goals or raw material goals. I'll try and keep this thread updated as often as possible. Let me know which scripts you'd like me to use, might use premium scripts, if requested, too. Goals: Set by myself: Create an account 40 Attack 40 Defence 70 Strength 55 Smithing 60 Magic 70 Mining 75 Woodcutting 75 Fishing 80 Cooking Have a nice day! - DANNY-
  15. Vip reoccurance

    Hello, so i noticed i got +30 days of vip, when i had 8 left, now i have 38. Does the payment reoccur? I haven't linked my credit card or anything, and i had 0 credits. Is this some kind of event, a gift, or what?
  16. Tribot

    Hello, I have a problem where when i open TriBot for the first time after turning on the computer, it always does not load fully, and says that TriBot loaded but some errors may occur. The second time I load tribot its all fine. What might be the problem?

    Hey! Im new and right now i need answers to some questions before starting to bot Hope i can get help here 1. Is my computer good enough to run multiple bots(and how many if yes) GPU: Asus 1080 strix 8gb CPU: I7 7700 Kaby Lake ' Motherboard: Asus Z170-P RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB (8GBx2) DDR4 2133MHz Will i be able to run multiple bots without frying my computer? 2. Is it worth it to bot??? 3. What program shall i use to bot? 4. Where and how can i sell my gold and how do i transfer it to my main without getting banned my blizzard? 5. What lvl will i need to lvl my new account up to before starting to farm gold on it??? (with bot) Ty!
  18. I've deleted the video as it'll do more bad than good for myself and others. Anyone who makes a living from RS or any game for that matter who doesn't Hack or Scam is both inspiring and enterprising in my opinion. Thanks for the feedback both good/sarcastic and bad non the less
  19. Dear Tribot users, Due to popular demand for shared proxies on this topic I've decided to keep the package I'm providing and continue selling proxies. The set price for each proxy will be $1,50 per month or the equivelant in RSGP. payment methods accepted: PP, BTC, RS. Please view the spoiler for the original post. Proxies are delivered upon request, availability depends on request.
  20. help with tips to botting

    hey, I know most people may overlook this thread and sigh when reading what I am about to ask. my question is : I used to bot around 7 years ago and alot has changed since then. I need to know where to start in terms of botting again. should I use a vpn ? should I use proxy? looking glass.. is it less bannable than not using it? there is a lot of question I need to ask really and apologise to those who can help me if they have the time. sorry again but I would really appreciate the guidance. my aim is to come up with a system to bot and make extra income on top of my monthly wages. so the less ban chance the better. thanks
  21. In this thread I'll be reporting my progress in building servers used for goldfarming. The goal of this thread is to keep a log for myself and others, in this thread you can feel free to post what system you are running yourself and let us know how many clients it is capable of running. It would also be helpful to mention the price you paid for your system, you don't have to own a server or desktop that was specifically built for botting to participate and share your experiences, if you are looking for advice regarding upgrades to improve your botting experience you should also feel free to do so. A helpful tool to analyze your systems components is Speccy, you can find it by either simply typing "Speccy" into google or following the link I'll provide here: https://www.piriform.com/speccy (Note: you don't need the pro version.) In this thread there will also be free VPS environments available from time to time, so check in from time to time and when you see that space is available, send me a PM and I'll reserve a spot for you. Moving on, these servers are built specifically for botting OSRS, meaning the focus around these servers is mainly the processor. Servers are kept at the workplace during a period of testing and are later migrated to data-centers inside Amsterdam, where they remain until they either are replaced or get sold. Now that we have introductions sorted, lets move on to the current operational servers. SuperMicro 1U X58 Single Socket Server ($165,-) Motherboard: SuperMicro X8STi-F Case: SuperMicro SuperChassis 811TQ-280B Processor: Intel Core i7-950 (Total Cores: 8) ($45,-) Memory: 6x2Gb 1333Mhz Hynix ECC ($20,-) Storage: 2x500Gb Samsung Sata HDD (RAID 1) Status: Environments Available (HP ProLiant DL380 G7 Dual Socket Server Motherboard: OEM* Case: OEM* Processor: 2x Xeon X5670 (Total Cores: 24) Memory: 18x2Gb 1333Mhz Samsung ECC Storage: 4x146Gb HP SAS (RAID 0) Status: Under Construction Dell PowerEdge C6100 Octa Socket Server (4 Nodes) Motherboard: OEM* Case: OEM* Processor: 8x Xeon X5670 (Total Cores: 96) Memory: Upwards of 128Gb Storage: Upwards of 4TB Status: Planned Remarks: OEM* implies its model is specific to the original manufacturer, it is a non-modular component. Home Server/Personal System (Total €865,-) Motherboard: MSi X79A-GD45 Case: Sharkoon M25-V Processor: E5-2695 v2 (Engineering Sample) Memory: 32Gb, Crucial Ballistix Sport 1600Mhz (8x4Gb) Storage: 1TB, 2x Samsung Evo 850 500GB SSD (RAID 0)
  22. How many hours should I bot daily?

    Hi everyone, I recently started using Tribot again. Currently, I bot for 1 hour and take a 15-30 break and resume botting again. How many hours should I bot daily to avoid being banned? Some people say 6 hours, but I'm curious to hear what you all think. Thank you in advance.
  23. Firewall question

    I'm currently using a script for combat but when i use it a firewall prompt pops up asking if i want to let api.rsbuddy.com connect and then seconds later another prompt with an ip with the same question. if i deny either request the script stops. i just want to know if i should be worried about this or if i'm vulnerable to hackers