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  1. Wyvern Bot in 2k18

    hey everybody, i been away for almost a year now and i am back to osrs i have couple of questions if you dont mind helping me is there is any good wyvern script this days i have max combat main that i would like to use to make some money while afking > other than wyvern scripts anyone have good ideas aka scripts for me to buy to make some decent money
  2. Pest control bot not working

    The pest control script is not working properly and Tri scripter is not replying to my messages. What you suggest me to do?
  3. Flax spinning

    All of the current ones are broken / not working at all. Anyone that can do one that works?
  4. A little help please :3

    Hi, I'm rather new to botting and having a little trouble getting started. I have had two accounts banned in two days , the first account was where i made a bunch of mistakes but i'm wondering what i'm doing wrong on the second. I have a proxy which I use a proxifier to force everything through. I have only used premium scripts (2nd time around) and used a different proxy. I've levelled the account up to a higher combat lvl and set a quest scripter off to get some quests on the account. I started the botting after working hours of the bot team and had breaks. Please advise xD.
  5. Bug in master chopper aio

    i bought a lifetime in master chopper aio for 20 credits. And when i went to run the script all it did was click on the minimap randomly i tried to do all the settings but they it still dint help i tried draynor and lummby tree spots. when i tried draynor it just when to draynor manor and when i tried to bot normal logs in varrock it dint cut tree's at all please fix this bug! the script is called master chopper aio
  6. Howdy All Currently attempting to bot for the first time and using a premium hunter script, striving for that 99 and right now sitting on 84 =-) I feel i am careful when i come to botting my character, i mainly watch my botting screen because i play my other two accounts as normal|<< nerdy i know. so i am able to reply to all who speak to me within moments, along with having break handler set up and every now and again mouse clicking around the screen to change my mouse data patterns around. I ask this because of course 99 Hunter is great money, id much more envy the fashionscape of the 99 hunter cape and would onward play the character manually and level combat for a edge 13 pray g maul pker, noob life i know but sue me. Will i get to live out this little account dream set up or is it most likely in the end most botted accounts lose the battle against jagex =p If anyone has any info inside on the matter would be awesome if you discussed below. Happy botting <3 hahah
  7. Hey Everyone! I have been trying out many different methods for gold farming on OSRS with various degrees of success. I have some successful long term / higher level "safe" bots, and I have begun to experiment with "Suicide botting". Just curious to know, with regards to gold farming, which option the community thinks is better / has had the best experience with? - High volume of suicide bots / low gp per hour tasks / low investment - High volume suicide bots / med - high gp per hour tasks / p2p with high initial gp investment to get started or high skill req - Long term focused bots following safe botting practices / med - high gp per hour targets / varying req / private or custom scripts - Long term focused bots following safe botting practices / low - high gp per hour targets / varying req / public scripts - EDIT: Combination of the above methods for a balanced overall gold farming system Let me know your thoughts! - No specifics related to your private botting tasks / methods required
  8. Trading From Bots To Mules - Flagged?

    Hello! I have a flagged bot ( fresh off a 2 day ban ) that I wish to offload to a mule to protect much of my gp and items before I start botting again. Does anyone know if trading between a flagged bot account / accounts to a common mule account will also flag the mule account? - If the mule account has never been botted on, does the mule account face any risk of ban due to association? ** Edit: Each account is running on its own IP address / proxy and has no outside association. Thanks! -- Tristan
  9. Hello, I need help splitting Bot's through profixier or any software you know simillar to it, I already have a a lot of private proxy's with auth, it is fresh and working perfectly. Just need a little help, with splitting accounts, I don't use tribot feature proxy, not so noob at all* I am using Bitvise SSH Client for now and profixier aswell. If anyone knows any good software where you can split accounts in different proxies please share below in comments! I will appreciate very much! Best Regards, Toxic Hacker ^^
  10. when botting

    when botting and getting free good loot.
  11. Looking Glass

    Hello everyone, I'm new to botting and I have been reading some topics about botting. In almost every post I see people talking about 'lg' or 'Looking Glass'. Can someone explain to me what Looking Glass is, what the benefits are and where I can get it? Thanks in advance, Struggles_NL
  12. i have the dax hunter bot and have been using it for a few weeks. almost every account gets around 85-90 hunter then gets banned. still making cash but tedious to continuously make a new account, i currently have a account at 20m hunt exp though so cant complain, my question is how noticeable is the difference in human mouse data? is the ban rate with that and mirror client significantly lower? would love to hear from some users or mods thank you again for all your help
  13. Hello, everyone. Recently I've been interested in how Jagex's pattern detection works. I ran a simple easily detected script which opens the GE, buys 1 lobster at 100 GP, waits 30 seconds, then cancels the offer and closes the GE on a loop with tribot's AI antiban turned off. After a few minutes of runtime some abnormal things started happening. Most commonly my input to the game was blocked, meaning I could move my mouse around, but the game server never accepted my input, and as a result my account's actions had no effect on the game world. I've been able to semi-reliably recreate this scenario multiple times on different accounts and IP addresses. It's worth noting that players and NPCs continue their normal action while my account's been frozen, which also indicates no connection errors. The input blockage happens fairly often to the point that it's very unlikely it has anything to do with my network connection or Jagex servers. I believe this is Jagex's first line of defense against bots (or at least one of them). Real players will typically try to perform various actions in-game like arranging inventory, clicking on random tiles or objects, world hopping, and even restarting the client. Bots may repeatedly click the same action (big red flag) or do nothing (moderate red flag) I have no doubt that botters/scripters with more experience than me have noticed this, but this is not a thread about Jagex input blocking, it's about preventing it from happening through pattern breaking. Pattern breaking is centered around the imperfections and variability of the human mind and judgment. Regular player activity does form patterns to some degree, but typically it isn't as pronounced as those of bots. There are two categories of pattern breaking: Large scale More useful for public scripts or large farms Focuses on creating differences between accounts through account preference Different methods of performing tasks Different subsets of antibans per account Each account may be only able to use 7 out of 12 generic antibans available for the script This increases the longevity of the script by allowing less opportunities for Jagex to group accounts via similar actions Different frequencies of antibans per account Account A may perform one antiban more frequently than account B Changes in sleep and delay times per account Accounts all have different run times This is mainly for farm detection, not for public scripts Different accounts running the script in different worlds/locations if possible Unique break patterns per account Different muling cycles Small scale Focuses on preventing accounts from producing patterns through their actions Changes the order of sub-actions within a larger action when order does not matter More useful when incorporated as part of a complex script process Avoid hardcoding script processes as first A, then B, finally C Instead use fluid condition checks to see what action should be performed Then use account preference and probability to determine which of several actions it prefers over the others Action[] actions = getActions(situation); // This should perform action condition checks and return only relevant actions boolean performed = false; for (action : actions) { if (accountPrefers(action) && accountProbability(action)) { performed = performAction(action); if (performed) { break; } } } if (!performed) { performAction(action[General.random(0, action.length)]; } While this may seem excessive, this is how players decide what to do next in a sequence of events Antiban is a large part of pattern breaking Performing actions you don't usually do is an effective way to break patterns Misclicking can be seen as a form of antiban as it's infrequent but deviates from your normal activity Avoid randomization Randomizing everything from antibans to sub-actions within a larger action schedule may seem like an appealing idea While it's likely to work to some degree, it will make accounts on the large scale appear too similar to each other We're trying to get our accounts to operate in the grey area between a well defined pattern and no pattern at all If all accounts operate in this grey area their patterns will be loosely defined but dissimilar from each other The idea of pattern breaking shows promise, however it has many requirements. One of which is account preference which is something Tribot has some support for, but this support is limited. For example a scripter has no way of applying Tribot preference to custom made functions. The solution is to make your own preference system where the account's username and a seed value is used to derive a value from 0 to 100. Below is my own way of doing so: /** * Performs a probability check on the input value. Input a percentage (0 - 100). */ public boolean chance(double chance) { return General.random(0, 100) <= chance; } /** * Scales a value based on its original range so that its position in that range is in the same position in the new range. */ public double normalizeValue(double value, double oldMin, double oldMax, double newMin, double newMax) { double percentage = (value - oldMin) / (oldMax - oldMin); return newMin + percentage * (newMax - newMin); } /** * Generates a username based preference value for the given seed (0 - 100). */ public double preference(double seed) { try { String hash = Double.toString(Player.getRSPlayer().getName().hashCode() * Math.sqrt(seed)).replaceAll("[^\\d.]", "").replaceAll("\\.", ""); String int1 = Character.toString(hash.charAt(hash.length() - 1)); String int2 = Character.toString(hash.charAt(hash.length() - 2)); String int3 = Character.toString(hash.charAt(hash.length() - 3)); return normalizeValue(Double.parseDouble(int1 + int2 + "." + int3), 0, 99, 0, 100); } catch (NullPointerException e) {return 50.0;} } /** * Generates a username based preference value for the given seed, but normalized to match the provided range. */ public double preference(double seed, double min, double max) { return normalizeValue(preference(seed), 0, 100, min, max); } /** * Performs a probability check on a preference value normalized to match the given range. */ public boolean preferenceChance(double seed, double min, double max) { return chance(preference(seed, min, max)); } Hopefully I've included all the necessary functions for the above to work. If you for example wanted to test an account's preference for performing Action A over Action B, you could take the hashcode of each actions, remove all non-integer characters from each, input them into the functions above, and receive a preference for each. I recommend using custom ranges like preference(100, 15, 85), where 100 is the seed, 15 is the min chance, and 85 is the max chance. That way the preference range will always be within 15% and 85% and you won't ALWAYS or NEVER perform that action above other actions. It should also be mentioned that you shouldn't be using these preferences to determine which actions to do, only to determine which actions should be performed above other actions. All actions should be performed as long as they're part of your script. This post ended up being much longer than I originally wanted but it's good to get your thoughts out in writing so I'm glad I spent the time. Going forward I would appreciate a healthy discussion, please add to the thread with your comments rather than just taking up space with pointless nay saying.
  14. I think members from this comunity and the admins need to make a topic.. a good one topic to say.. how many days the bot survive or if the bot still survive and how many days / mouth. I dont need to know what your botting or what scripts do you use. I just want to know how many days resist your best account and result money from this (and if make the same method every day) For example my experience.. i have a friend who have a account who survive like 2-3 mouth .. every day 10-14 hours on the same method My best account survive like 1-2 mouth i think with the same method. I want replays with how many days survive your best account.. and if every day the account make same method.. and tips to survive more Sorry for bad english guys. PS: i think is a good topic to find a new tips to your account survive longer. PS2: i think we need a admin who create a good topic with this question + pool and explain better.
  15. I've tried out about every single Flax spinner, but they all have problem with getting to the spinner, or to th bank, they all click on the mini-map in the black space and just get stuck. They don't even fix themselves. Can anyone here make a flax spinner that actually works? I am surprised that a bot forum such as this, that has been around soo long, doesn't even have a decent flax spinner.
  16. Help Blast Furnance Script

    Hello, I wrote a script for gaining strenght experience in the Blast Furnance minigame through pumping. You have 28 spades in your inventory, and you click on the coke container till your spades are full, then you click on the stove 28 times, then your are ready to go to the pump for 5min. The problem I have is, that when you have a few spades empty and the rest are full, the bot fills the empty spades then suddelny stops the script. Could someone look into my script to help me. Its my first script and I'm not the best at java, so sorry for the awful code. Edit: I found out that when I shovel the coke container and stop the script, sometimes with an inventory full of full spades or sometimes empty mixed with full one, when I start the script it ends immediately. package scripts; import org.tribot.api2007.Inventory; import org.tribot.api2007.Objects; import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSItem; import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSObject; import org.tribot.script.Script; import org.tribot.script.ScriptManifest; import org.tribot.script.interfaces.Painting; import java.awt.*; @ScriptManifest(authors = {"Joe"}, category = "Mini games", name = "BlastFurnanceVol1") public class BlastFurnance extends Script implements Painting { public static void main(String[] args) { } Timer time = new Timer(3000); private final int cokePlaceID = 9088; private final int stovePlaceID = 9085; private final int spadeFullID = 6448; private final int spadeEmptyID = 952; private final int pumpPlaceID = 9090; private int randomClickNum = (int) (Math.random() * 50) + 20; private boolean onStart() { println("BlastFurnanceVol1 has startet!"); return true; } public RSObject findCoke(int distance, int id) { RSObject cokePlaces[] = Objects.find(distance, id); for (RSObject cokePlace : cokePlaces) { if (cokePlace != null) { return cokePlace; } } return null; } public RSObject findStove(int distance, int id) { RSObject stovePlaces[] = Objects.find(distance, id); for (RSObject stovePlace : stovePlaces) { if (stovePlace != null) { return stovePlace; } } return null; } public RSItem findSpade(int id) { RSItem spadeStates[] = Inventory.find(id); for (RSItem spadeState : spadeStates) { if (spadeState != null) { return spadeState; } } return null; } public RSObject findPump(int distance, int id) { RSObject pumpPlaces[] = Objects.find(distance, id); for (RSObject pumpPlace : pumpPlaces) { if (pumpPlace != null) { return pumpPlace; } } return null; } private int loop() { RSObject cokePlace = findCoke(15, cokePlaceID); RSObject stovePlace = findStove(15, stovePlaceID); RSObject pumpPlace = findPump(15, pumpPlaceID); if (cokePlace.isOnScreen() && findSpade(spadeEmptyID) != null) { while (findSpade(spadeEmptyID) != null) { cokePlace.click("Coke"); sleep(randomClickNum); } } else if (stovePlace.isOnScreen()) { while (findSpade(spadeFullID) != null) { stovePlace.click("Stove"); sleep(randomClickNum); } if (pumpPlace.isOnScreen()) { pumpPlace.click("Pump"); } sleep(275000, 290000); } return 50; } @Override public void run() { if (onStart()) { while (true) { sleep(loop()); } } } @Override public void onPaint(Graphics g) { g.setColor(Color.GREEN); g.drawString("Script running", 380, 250); } }
  17. [ P ] Private Script Request

    Script should be able to pump in the Blast Furnance minigame for strenght experience. I have about 20m or dollars to spend. If you demand more money for the script, and you have proper reasons, I would be ready to pay more. Time would be as long as you need the script to be finished. I also used some Blast Furnance scripts but they seem to be outdated and not working.
  18. Tell Me What I am doing wrong

    Hey guys when i can't tell if its me or tribot its usually me i am running extutorial with no account and it used to sign in automatically and complete the tutorial it no longer does this i also want to incorporate this into a script queue but it i cannot as i would have to type the name of each account in before running it tell me whats what ! - Brian
  19. Glass Looking

    Can somebody please help me set up the looking glass client..
  20. Crawler bots? Anyone knows?

    Hey veterans and experts, I was wondering if anyone here knows how come there always are so many bots at the crawlers in the p2p area? I´ve seen them for years - I know they don´t pick the harralander herbs, and they go bank and all that. Usually always the same equipment, addy armour, stre amu and rune scimmy etc. But I´m wondering since there are so many of them, and since so many have problems botting because they get banned - how come its so hard for jagex/runescape to ban these bots and does anyone here use them is it good money for you? I dont intend on doing it - i only know thats what got me into botting because i got so pissed off after reporting 300+ accounts and nothing happened, it seemed useless. Can´t beat em? Join em. So here we are. I know its been a problem for years - from when i searched about it - so the scripts must be working well right? So does anyone uses it or knows why its so popular, i just dont get why its not banned - they behave in such a botlike manner and if i did that i´d get banned instantly, it makes no sense to me why they escape the bans. is it just because they have a good mix of skills before they do it or what is it? Its really impressive to be honest when so many others fail at other stuff when they bot.
  21. looking to buy some private scripts! if theres any good scriptwriters around feel free to message me looking for a bot manager type of thing as well as some custom farming bots thanks guys!
  22. ExNightmareZone HELP!

    I just bought ExNightmareZone the number one script hoping to do magic training to 94. I saw the words supports super magic potions so I thought I was good to go. Turns out, It will not even let me select my own personal runes, (eg. Air, Fire, Blood) unless the number is 28( max amount) which I find rather strange that there is no option for magic training or direct setup for the runes, so I tried forcing it by leaving the runes in my inventory, it immediately would walk to the bank and deposit all and withdraw back out 28.... please help. Any help is appreciated, please no hate comments.
  23. Bots for Bitcoin mining

    Hello, How to get started with Bots for Bitcoin or other crypto currency mining?
  24. Hi there, is it possible to make a bot which will track down the trending news in a particular area? Thank you.
  25. Client Bugging out

    Hello, I thought i had fixed the problem but the problem persist. I can spam click and the script will show up but then it will crash after a few minutes. I have deleted OSRS and RS3 clients, Deleted my .tribot folder and installed it again. I am not sure as to what to do now.. i havent been able to bot properly for the past 3-4 days. PLEASE HELP!!!