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Found 2 results

  1. NEW FEATURE Track your bots remotely in real-time, monitor chat, inventory, equipment, break & runtime, hitpoints, position and much more! All for free, check out the 'Script settings' tab in the GUI. Need help? Add me on Discord (fastest response): Laniax#2980 Or PM me the forums
  2. Spiker Blackjacker Purchase Plans What's Blackjacking? Estimated XP Rates 45-54 = 40k+ 55-64 = 60k+ 65+ = 80k+ (up to 260k) Features Built-in antiban + ABCL 10 Knocks out and pickpockets bandits, bearded bandits, and menaphite thugs efficiently Lures mobs in and out of buildings when necessary Closes curtains to keep mobs in and out of buildings Eats when necessary Unnotes food fast using Banknote Exchange Merchant Buys jugs of wine from Ali The barman if not using noted food Switches to better mobs when needed Uses double double hit technique for max xp Up to 260k thieving xp/hr Up to 120k gp/hr Requirements 45+ Thieving 30+ hp (small chance of dying if lower) The Feud (quest) A blackjack equipped Noted food in first inventory slot and 5k+ starting gp (or coins for jugs of wine) Recommended Fill rest of inventory with unnoted food (or jugs of wine) on start Start in dye shop with one bandit or bearded bandit if thieving < 65 on start Start in tent southwest of camel shop with one menaphite thug if thieving >= 65 on start Progress Reports Without breaks With 1-3 hour breaks Please post your progress reports, bugs, and suggestions.
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