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Found 5 results

  1. EvesyChocoGrinder - Grind your chocolate bars! Dear fellow Tribot users! I am very proud to present to you my first public script which will grind your chocolate bars with a knife (So F2P can use it aswell). It works flawlessly and has some basic anti-ban in it. You can start at any bank in RuneScape with your knife in your inventory or bank, and chocolate bars in your inventory or bank. Goodluck! Current features Grinds all your chocolate bars flawlessly. Works at any bank. Detects if you have a knife or bars in your bank. Features in the next update GUI to choose if you want to use a knife or pestle & mortar. ABCL 10 anti-ban. Current version: 1.0 Respository URL: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2574-evesychocogrinder/
  2. Introduction: GUI: Paint: Features: AntibanABCL10 GUIUser friendly GUI Many Bars Supported Bronze Iron Silver Steel Gold Mithril Adamantite Runite Cannonballs supported!Just start with ammo mould in inventory Many Locations Supported Al Kharid Port Phasmatys Neitiznot Falador Lumbridge Edgeville Ring of forging supportJust start with it equipped PaintClean Paint Stops when out of supplies Instructions: Set bar and location and start script. If making cannonballs, start with ammo mould in inventory. Post any bugs in this thread. DOWNLOAD https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1077 To Do: Ring of forging support (done) Changelog: Version 1.5 (6/03/2015) - Bug fixes - Now only uses the [1,2,3,4,5] keys to type how many bars to smeltVersion 1.42 (5/13/2015) - Bug fixesVersion 1.4 (4/14/2015) - Added location: EdgevilleVersion 1.3 (1/14/2015) - Added Ring of forging supportVersion 1.2 (1/11/2015) - Fixed issue with clicking furnace - Added ABCL10Version 1.11 (1/11/2015) - Fixed bar countingVersion 1.1 (1/10/2015) - Added silver barsVersion 1.00 (1/09/2015) - Initial release
  3. CannonballSmither Hey, Thanks for having a look at my script! Originally i wasn't going to release this script but the only way to improve at something is to have it critiqued, so here it is! Source is at the bottom, any critiques or comments on my code are greatly appreciated. Features - ABC2 7/10 - Everything except the Reaction Times - 4 Locations - Basic paint - Very basic GUI Locations - Edgeville - Al Kharid - Falador - Port Phasmatys Paint - Removable by clicking the paint itself Source https://github.com/jroy8/TribotScripting/tree/master/src/scripts/Smither - Comments on code are appreciated. Repository Link If you find any bugs, please report them over this thread of shoot me a pm! Update Log
  4. Closed. Due to a slew of recent unfortunate events, I have decided to end my involvement in the Tribot Black Market. All my monetary services will be terminated immediately.
  5. Request craft tiara's and smelt silver ore
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