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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I would really appreciate some advice since it's lookin kinda hopeless. I'm getting consistent bans on p2p accounts with nFletcher, within 24-48 hours, even though I am botting with randomized breaks, doing some manual selling/restocking every 1-2 hours. I did not bot during the night, maybe 3 sessions for 3-4 hours per day TOPS. I even did some slayer in between every 1-2 hours on my semi-main and it just got banned for 2 days regardless (ty god no perma, obviously not gonna bot on a valuable account ever again, that was dumdum) Am I doing something wrong or what? This seems completely unprofitable and unsustainable. I am not into this as much as to create a bot farm, but I wanted to do a total of 10ish m/day on 1-2 accounts and this seems impossible. Any advice? Thank you so much in advance
  2. Hello everyone,i was just thinking about methods jagex is using to ban bots. I am wondering whether it is possible to get ban when you are botting in ideal conditions - like lets say hypotetically you have fresh new IP never logged in to runescape, you have fresh new computer, you will log into runescape with Looking Glass Bot and use private script with ABC2 methods implemented 100% and debugged to be without mistakes and you watch for the bot all day and respond to everyone. Can jagex still detect you are botting? If so, how? I mean when it looks like 100% you're not a bot, your reaction times are human like, click points are human like... what's the difference between human playing then and bot, how they can differentiate them apart?
  3. Firstly, let me introduce myself without wasting too much of your time. I'm from the US, my preferred botting is Woodcutting, I have four computers capable of running 28-30 bots simultaneously, depending on how many browser tabs I have open, YT, etc.. I'm sure there's been some of the more trial-and-error minded individuals who learn the hard way, and those who simply understand the mechanics of it who have come to find their own way of properly creating and running accounts.. accounts that would be viewed as 'suicide accounts' to one individual that would actually be long-term bots by another because they simply don't get banned that often because they're able to avoid chain bans. All of what was previously stated has been tested within some margin of error. What are your opinions on sharing crucial information for the bot community? I'm sure Jagex has their own people who regularly check and see what's the latest and greatest in the botting world. Is is bad for business to share all the ins and outs of one's own hypotheses? Would it be better off left unsaid so Jagex doesn't tweak their BotWatch to detect certain things now that they know we know? I'm interested in engaging in conversation via Message, Skype, TS, Discord, whatever on sharing information of what you've found and what I've found. ~I've searched pretty far and wide to figure out if this info is already posted both on this forum and others and it appears some of the things that I'd like to share are not only difficult to find, but seems they simply don't exist. When I see people asking why they got chain-banned asking if their IP is flagged for botting, it's almost frustrating not just because I was in that position, but also because I know how to solve that. hmm... Anyway, I'd like to start an active discussion on basic botting i.e. best way to prevent cross-contamination of mules, bots, and mains throughout your systems and ISPs i.e. phone tethering, etc.. Not going to bother discussing the basics of VPNs, creating accounts on TOR, ABC2, or x-fering, but more along the lines of how to stay safe and how to transfer the gp successfully even from an account that's flagged for bot farming. Oh shit, that took long to post lol. (edited for color fix lol)
  4. I Have been botting for quite a bit, and every time i have 2 mules that has been a lvl 3 or lvl 13-20 But never higher than that i have traded with my mules through drop trading and normal trade (sometimes with and sometimes without items) most of the times the trades were quite big, 200-400m but always get sold every week. ( The 2 Mules both have Separate IPs) There was a time when i got 15-20 bots banned every week on my home IP which was connected to my MAIN and my Mule but these still stand safe till this day. ( The Mule's method of trading was only through normal trades at the G.E even when transferring to a RWT Account ) But recently i've taken a hit every week, which is leaving me confused why suddenly most of my methods just stopped working. All IP's Were never botted on, i have taken in the consideration that MAYBE these IP's were botted on by other people and the company simply gave a Used IP but there has been quite a bit of proxies used (also from different companies) so lets speculate this around Fresh Proxies. Things i did : Transferred less than 100m between 2 accounts on 1 IP, Never botted. ( Macro Major ) Transferred less than 100m on 1 IP to another IP through drop trading, Receiver banned Never botted of Course ( Macro Major ) Transferred 200m between 2 Accounts on Different IP's through drop trading, Never botted ( Macro Major ) Transferred 80m Between 2 different IP's through normal trade with items Never botted ( Macro Major ) TWO things to Note, I DO use Tribot Client ON my Mules and always have.Except for very first accounts which was Botted and Muled on my Home IP from a while ago which is till this day not banned. My close friend only trades between 2 accounts and refreshes them within a certain amount of time but they are always on 1 IP, he doesn't get his banned but his INCREASE in wealth every week is quite small, compared to 200-300m every week. Any Advice would be very appreciated. QUICK EDIT : These are also ONLY banned AFTER the weekend.
  5. "We almost always apply a permanent ban when we find someone who's cheating, but on rare occasions, depending on a number of circumstances, we'll instead opt to issue a temporary ban with trade & game restrictions to act as a very firm warning, as well as removing anything gained through cheating. These are extremely rare cases though, and the main message is: cheating won't go unpunished! We continue to make improvements to our hijacking detection systems, which allow us to lock accounts which we can confirm were hijacked at the time macro use was detected, which prevents a ban being applied." Mod Infinity RuneScape Operations Manager Customer Service Team Source: http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/forums.ws?14,15,849,65714980
  6. All accounts banned, doing some tests before I re-open a more progressive thread. All of my member accounts got banned one at a time, and were all on the same IP. So my conclusion for this thread is, members are less likely to get mass-banned. lol
  7. So I've decided to download tribot after 5 of my accounts were banned on various other botting sites. Jamflex seems to have something that caught many players botting lately and alot of people seem to have stopped doing it. Is tribot safe enough? Share your experience.
  8. So I'm starting to pile up gold here pretty quickly, and I've heard people talk about rwt bans. I've never been banned for rwt but I've only worked with relatively small gold sales at a time (<30m). I have an account I'd like to use as a main to try to cover up its mule activity, I do quests on it sometimes and manually train a variety of skills in my downtime. Do you think this will have any effect on rwt bans, or is it a waste of time? Has anyone ever been banned for RWT that has some idea of how it happened? Currently my mule collects from several accounts daily, but I the trades are always less than 1m xfer each and I try to transfer more supplies to the bots in the same trade to cut down the gross transfer amount. I could xfer less to my mule and have my bots buy their own supplies but intuitively I believe trading items for gp instead of just gp for no reason is less suspicious.
  9. Guest

    How does the bans work?

    So i just bought a script and i was wondering how do the bans work? if i get caught for the first time botting on my account do i get perma banned instantly or is there still a warning first? thanks in advance!
  10. Guest

    Mass bans

    Hey guys, I'm new to Tribot. Been using it for a few days now. I purchased VIP and the most popular AIO WC bot on the website to help kickstart my venture forward, and I've went ahead and set up very generous break schedules and so forth... I'm not using a VPN but I am doing my best to seperate the worlds with which the bots are running, also they are f2p. What reason could it be that they are ALL getting hammered? Thanks guys.
  11. Hey guys, Been awhile I stopped botting for a bit due to the increased amount of bans because of runescapes update. I'm just wondering how is the botting scene looking now? Is it better? Or are we still getting instabanned? Let me know. Also any scripts that have low ban rates?
  12. I recently got back into 07 Gold Farming. So 2 days ago I setup 4 accounts at chins, the accounts were all going well and I was making about 15m/day. Then I woke up this morning to find them all Perm Banned. How can I avoid getting all of my accounts perm banned? I have changed my IP ect... and they get banned every time. I have found that If I am only running one bot the account wont get banned. But as soon as I start running 2+ on the same IP/Comp the accounts seem to get banned very quickly. Are there any methods/ways to avoid this? I was considering either proxy'ing the client's to different IP's or running the clients in virtual box's on different VPN's. So what I was wondering is: Would this work? Is there an easier way to do it?
  13. Hi and welcome to 91 Runecrafting goal thread! Basically I've gotten 10 accounts banned using Masters/slaves and my other farms aren't going great so I just decided to get 91 RC going 24/7! Once I get 75, I'll get some stats for Abyss and do natures till 91. For now I'm doing other runes. 75 RC, should take me roughly 7 days. Currently only getting 4k xp an hour :/ Can't say what runes I'm doing cause I'm making 150k an hour Will update daily. Day 1: Stopping RC to get 60 def, Mining and agility for abyss. - Hopefully done in 2-3 days :/ Banned after 2 hours of agility
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