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Found 10 results

  1. BUY IT NOW! Monthly (Unlimited accounts) $10 https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/347 RSGP: https://quickrsgp.com/buytribotcredits, (The system is fully automated.) I NO LONGER USE SKYPE. CONTACT ME ON DISCORD (Erick Ho#3027) You can also pm me on TRiBot, both will be treated with priority. ExShopper (previously known as ExBuyer), is a script that buys or sell items from most stores on Runescape. It has been rewritten to be more: efficient, noob-friendly, features, and open the script to a variety of things. It has been used by many members on TRiBot and have gotten over 5+ days of runtime in one go. It has the ability to accurately sell items (including karjama shop) and buy items. Please take the time to read the spoilers below for a more detailed description of what the script is capable of. Antiban [ABCL 10]
  2. Click the spoiler for more progress reports! Posting a BUG REPORT Please read this and submit the report here. You can buy Credits with RSGP instantly here!
  3. - Add AceChopper by clicking here. Progress reports
  4. I get nothing as output even though my bank is open. @Override public void run() { while(true) { sleep(200); RSItem itemarray[] = Banking.getAll(); for(RSItem index : itemarray) { General.println(index.name + " ID: " + index.getID() + " Stack: " + index.getStack()); } }
  5. What is the correct way for checking if item exists in the bank? This fails around 1 out of 500 times. I'm stomped on why it fails, bank screen is open and item is visible within the screen, when this condition returns true. if (Banking.isBankScreenOpen() && Banking.find("name").length == 0) { // Stop script, etc } Thanks. Edit: Full code of my Banking task if it is due to something else I'm missing. package scripts.api.tasks; import org.tribot.api2007.Banking; import org.tribot.api2007.Inventory; import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSArea; import scripts.api.BuildConfig; import scripts.api.ScriptController; import scripts.api.helpers.Timing07; import scripts.api.util.Log; import scripts.api.antiban.Reaction07; import scripts.api.frameworks.task.Task; import scripts.api.helpers.Inventory07; import scripts.api.helpers.Player07; import scripts.api.tasks.models.BankItem; import java.util.List; public class Bank implements Task { private static final String TAG = Bank.class.getName(); private int priority; private List<BankItem> items; private RSArea bankArea; private String[] names; public Bank(int priority, List<BankItem> items, RSArea bankArea) { this.priority = priority; this.items = items; this.bankArea = bankArea; this.names = items.stream().map(BankItem::getName).toArray(String[]::new); } @Override public int priority() { return priority; } @Override public boolean validate() { return Player07.isInArea(bankArea) && !Inventory07.contains( items.stream() .filter(BankItem::isRequired) .map(BankItem::getName) .toArray(String[]::new) ); } @Override public void execute() { Log.v(TAG, "execute: Starting task"); if (!Banking.isBankScreenOpen()) { openBank(); } if (Banking.isBankScreenOpen()) { deposit(); withdraw(); } } private void openBank() { Log.d(TAG, "openBank: Opening bank"); if (!Player07.isAnimating() && Banking.openBankBooth()) { Timing07.waitCondition(Banking::isBankScreenOpen, Reaction07.getInstance().getNextClickTime()); } } private void deposit() { Log.d(TAG, "deposit: Depositing items"); if (!Inventory07.containsOnly(names)) { Log.w(TAG, "deposit: Miscellaneous items found in inventory!"); Banking.depositAllExcept(names); } } private void withdraw() { Log.d(TAG, "withdraw: Withdrawing items"); if (!Inventory07.contains(names)) { items.forEach(bankItem -> { if(!Inventory.isFull() && bankItem.isRequired()) { if (bankItem.getRequiredCount() == 0 || Inventory.getCount(bankItem.getName()) < bankItem.getRequiredCount()) { if(BuildConfig.DEBUG) { Log.d(TAG, "withdraw: Withdrawing item: " + bankItem.getName()); } if (Banking.withdraw(bankItem.getRequiredCount(), bankItem.getName())) { Timing07.waitCondition( () -> Inventory.getCount(bankItem.getName()) >= bankItem.getMinCount(), Reaction07.getInstance().getNextClickOptionTime() ); } else if (Banking.isBankScreenOpen() && Banking.find(bankItem.getName()).length == 0) { Log.c(TAG, "withdraw: Missing an item in a Bank: " + bankItem.getName()); ScriptController.getInstance().setRunning(false); } } } }); } } }
  6. SPX Cow Killer Repository Link Features JavaFX GUI Ability to submit bug reports through the GUI. Interactive paint Show GUI (Change settings during runtime) Hide paint Take screenshot Print StackTrace General stats Combat stats 6 different locations All food types Range/Mage friendly Burying bones Cow Hide banking Custom cursor Locations East Lumbridge North Lumbridge River Lum Crafting Guild Falador Ardougne GUI Progress Reports Change Log
  7. SPX AIO Planker Repository Link Features JavaFX GUI Ability to submit bug reports through the GUI. Interactive paint Show GUI (Change settings during runtime) Hide paint Take screenshot Print StackTrace General stats Combat stats All plank types. Amount of coins to carry. Custom cursor GUI Progress Reports Change Log
  8. Hey, I am new to the TRiBot community and have just finished my course at College doing Software Development. To continue on and keep my mind fresh I am going to create an Experiment training script. This is just for my practice, but if it turns out decent I may as well release it for your enjoyment too The script is going to take me a while and all updates will be posted here, the script is going to include: - Banking - Bones to Peaches Support - Eating - Potion Support (Prayer, Range, Attack, Strength, Defence) - Bone Burying Support - Picks Up Ammo if Ranging - Special Weapon Support (Special Attacks) - Anti-Ban Measures to be Implemented Later On If you guys have any other features you'd like to add in, that I could attempt please feel free to post below or message me, like I said before this is all for practice, it may take some time and as it's my first script I shall not be posting an ETA until it is near completion.
  9. Im looking for a script that supports fishing sharks, and successfully banking them, preferably in catherby. Im looking for the most successfully, error free, premium or not
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