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Found 3 results

  1. Creating this thread to provide an easy way for me to link new users to my tutorials, as well as have them all in my Signature, without making it obnoxious. -- Fluffee's Ultimate Guide to Botting Series -- -- General Tutorials -- -- AutoHotKey Releases --
  2. Hi there, First post here, hope I posted to the correct place. If not, my apologies. I noticed after the update where they introduced the "Make All" option, a lot of scripts for crafting skills (fletching, smithing, etc.) are broken. For example, it won't select the X and type "27" or whatnot when running a fletching script, it will just hit and craft whatever is in the 2 slot. It also won't select "Make All". Is there a workaround for this? Is this something that an update to Tribot will fix or is that something botmakers will have to fix? Thanks in advance!
  3. iFarms Runescape 2007 gold buying service! Buying all gold amounts through paypal/Wu/Bitcoin, NO SCAMMERS WILL BE REPORTED AND HAVE A THREAD MADE JUST FOR YOU. Gold Prices: 2.6/m or 2.9/m for bulk gold (buying) Selling Gold Rs 07 gold only prices 3.5/m or 3.0/m for bulk gold! MY OFFICIAL SKYPE: ifarm.gold add us on sythe or skype and let us no how much you want to sell/buy ALL TRADES WILL BE VIDEO TAPED Also, If you would like to sell gold we can show you gold in game how ever much you want to sell! iFarms Rs 07 Gp shop!!! Currently buying all 07 GP 2.65/m Selling of 07 gold will be comming soon for 3.1/m Who are we? ifarms is a newly developed team of 4 major runescape gold farmers. We currently have moved over to Sythe due to the lack of gold sales to the major Runescape goldfarming websites. How can you contact us? You can drop us a inbox on sythe or you can add us on skype! Official Skype Username: ifarm.gold Message us for info about runescape 07 accounts also! Ps. We also sell youtube subscribes in bulk, and also video likes. ALL TRADES ARE SUBJECTED TO VIDEO RECORDING AND SCAMMERS WILL BE EXPLOITED ON SYTHE AND REPORTED TO A FRAUD AGENCY. Thank you for your time.
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