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Found 8 results

  1. NEW FEATURE Track your bots remotely in real-time, monitor chat, inventory, equipment, break & runtime, hitpoints, position and much more! All for free, check out the 'Script settings' tab in the GUI. Need help? Add me on Discord (fastest response): Laniax#2980 Or PM me the forums
  2. Welcome to my most recent public release: Netami's Alcher! This script includes the following: Advanced timing between actions GE restocking (more below) Informative but simple paint Ends script on out of items/runes GE Restocking information: This script obtains it's prices when needed from RSBuddy Exchange. If placed at the Grand Exchange, the script will attempt to buy more natures runes/alching items with the cash that is in it's inventory. If it cannot buy the items within several minutes OR does not have enough cash left for >= 10 alchs, the script will end. If your player is not placed at the Grand Exchange, the script will end when out of runes or items. Please note that as of release the script has had limited testing. Please use at own risk/babysit. All feedback is welcome, but features are not likely to be extended.
  3. I'm looking for a Scripter who is willing to tackle a small script for me. All I want to do is an alternative alching script. I would like it to charge an inventory of Bracelet of Ethereums using 1 token per Bracelet. The script will need to go back into the bank to take out 1 Ethereum token individually. Once the inventory is full of charged Bracelets, it alchs the bracelets and restarts. I would pay 8 dollars every 14 days for a script like that. An example of this process could be found here: As shown, this is still profitable to this day.
  4. Hello im wondering of everyones experience with Garys hood autoclicker or others. I have gotten 50-83 magic using garys and have had no issue with a ban. Back in 2012 i alched to 99 mage using garys and never got a ban, im not sure about how effective it is in todays age of rs. What is other peoples experience with using autoclickers compared to using alching bot (please provide the bot you used to achieve the level).
  5. Have many of you guys had good success with autoclicking? i really cant be bothered sitting there for 10hours alching to get my mage up. Have you guys been banned from it? I've read a lot about people seeming to get away with it. Should i use a bad autoclicker or a more human like one? any ideas? what do you guys use? and where GE? A random deserted place?
  6. Guys how to bot alch? i tried to use 3 magic/alching scripts (brmagic)(simple alch) (texan's high alchemy) nothing worked? i enter the item id in this case Yew longbows (856) and it opens magic inventory and doesnt click on high alchemy to alch it it just stays in the magic tab.
  7. Like this script? Like this post! This script is located on the TRiBot Repository. You can view the script there by clicking below. View Repository Version: v1.077 Last Updated: 1/18/2014 Progress Reports [Setup Instructions] (-) Will work @ any bank! Start in the bank you want to use! (-) Start with required runes in your inventory or use staff to substitute the need for secondary runes. Features (-) Banks at any bank booth in Runescape. (-) Superheats all bars bronze-rune. (-) Alches any item or items based on user input. To alch multiple items separate IDs with a comma. (-) Casts any non-combat spell on any item or items based on user input. To cast on multiple items separate IDs with comma. *Special Info: You are not required to check banking or the superheating spell when superheating bars. Simply switch to the superheating tab and select your bar type and press start. If you do wish to superheat multiple bars using the custom feature (this would only work with bars that require one ore) enter the ore IDs in the appropriate textfield, and fill out the general tab as listed. Update Log v1.077 - 01/18/2014 (-) Cast limit option added to GUI. Leave -1 for no limit, otherwise put in a positive value as the limit and when that limit is reached script will terminate.v1.076 - (-) Fixed superheating issues. (-) Edited paint to display more user information. (-) Added option on GUI to disable random solvers. (-) Small speed improvements. (-) Fixed lagg issue upon script start having to do with null pointer exception.v1.075 - (-) Beta of BrMagicPro released. Updates include more user flexibility, cleaner code and use of resources. Please see the features list for a full list of the new features.v1.074 - (-) Should now cancel off "Cast" if you get a random event and the uptext is valid.v1.073 - (-) Adjusted superheating, and the method functionality. Should prevent it from opening the bolts menu. (-) Adjusted superheating speed. See my short progress report below. I'm getting 94k magic experience per hour and roughly 1800 iron bars made per hour. (-) Adjusted high alchemy clicking. I'll have to test speeds at a later date.v1.072 - (-) Updated to account for TRiBot API changes.v1.071 - (-) Fixed superheating speeds. (-) Fixed mis-clicking other spells.v1.070 - (-) Updated superheating sleep times. Maybe will fix your issues. (-) Script is now hosted on repository.v1.069 - (-) Re-wrote alchemy & superheating methods. (-) Cleaned up code slightly, not as much as I should! (-) Edited adamant bars process, I think I did it how you guys asked. Unsure though as I couldn't test. (-) More accurate clicking of the spells. (-) You can now use this script at any bank booth in game, just start the script at whatever bank you wish to use.v1.060 - (-) Small fixesv1.050 - (-) Added Rune bar support. (-) Will now withdraw 100 nature runes if you fall below 250 in your inventory. No need to keep all your nats in inventory. (-) Start location is logged when you start the script. If you end up more than 2 tiles away it'll return to your start location. (-) Updated banking slightly to wait for a change in item count before exiting bank.v1.040 - (-) Fixed Mithril & Adamant Bar support. (-) Changed banking so it waits until ores are inventory before closing bank to prevent rebanking.v1.020 - (-) Fixed banking issues. (-) Will now do withdraw all & then withdraw the second ore if bar requires secondary. Faster exp per hour, also a failsafe is added if it messes up. It will deposit all, and then withdraw the set amounts needed. (-) Added support for mithril & adamant bars. (-) Fixed numerous other reported problems.v1.010 - (-) Superheating added for Bronze, Iron, Steel, & Gold Bars (-) Tweaked alching to make it faster with the new que update. (-) Need feedback on superheating. Was unable to test extensively at all since I don't have any ores.v1.000 - (-) Initial Release
  8. ondondly


    Hello, I've just bought a vip on here for a month. I Downloaded the bot from ZAlch and went alching while walking between villages. After this I took a shower, and when I came back in 20 mins of botting, my account was banned.. WTF? How could this happen so quick? - Tips appriciated, please do not response if you want to go off topic.
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