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Found 3 results

  1. Tri Al-Kharid Warrior Fighter V2 The perfect way to train up medium level accounts and make a lot of money looting herbs! Features: Kills level 18 Al-Kharid warriors in Al-Kharid Earns a lot of xp! Makes you a lot of money looting herbs in p2p ( up to 150k+ an hour! ) Start the script from anywhere Supports all food and can been used without food Supports all weapons and special attacks Re-equips ammo and can withdraw more from the bank Supports nearly all potions Customisable banking Customisable looting ABC2 antiban with a 10/10 rating Telekinetic grab support Can bury bones Load & save GUI settings Profit calculations and xp tracking To activate the script from the repository click the button below: Note: I also have a premium script available that can do all of this plus it has the following extra features: VIP is not required! Complete all in one combat system that can fight every single monster in Runescape. Extended banking features Built in AIO magic script that can train magic with every spell available from alching, curses, to teleports, to lunar spells. It does it all! Dwarf multicannon support Herb cleaning and dropping Full prayer support Progressive training including changing attack styles, upgrading gear and switching training spots when you level up! Bones to peaches support Improved potion features Rock crab support Safe spotting optional Full worldhopping system that can worldhop when many different conditions are met And much more! If you're interested in this script check out the tribot thread below: Thanks for reading.
  2. I will be doing my best to keep this beautiful script alive as Loop would have wanted. Credits to Loop for scripting this, I am simply keeping it updated for everyone to use. Click here for Loop's original thread. Features: Proggys Requests: How to setup: Recommendations: Known bugs: Updates EXTERNAL DOWNLOAD LINKS: 11/21/13 Version 1.3.9 - Outdated Version 1.3.8 *Outdated*
  3. SCRIPT NO LONGER BEING UPDATED BY ME. I RELEASED SOURCE CODE SO THAT OTHERS CAN KEEP IT UP TO DATE IF THEY FEEL LIKE IT. http://codeviewer.org/view/code:35d9 More info on page 22. Features: Proggys Requests: How to setup: Recommendations: To do: Known bugs: Updates EXTERNAL DOWNLOAD LINKS: Mirror 1 - Version 1.3.7 (.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://filebeam.com/d5a7ec468ce1569c1c49716e6c4e50a4 Mirror 2 - Version 1.3.7 (.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://uppit.com/zypp2dbzf3a4/Loops_warrior_killer_1.3.7.rar Mirror 1 - Version 1.3.6 (.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://filebeam.com/545183906ac78a050d8fc0c3c16be2d1 Mirror 2 - Version 1.3.6 (.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://uppit.com/q6dxm7ha9v2y/Loops_Warrior_Killer_1.3.6.rar Mirror 1 - Version 1.3.5 (.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://filebeam.com/0d6e18e7839252c84a28cd3f6ce5cdcb Mirror 2 - Version 1.3.5 (.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://uppit.com/3fpfmux92czc/Loops_warrior_killer_1.3.5.rar Mirror 1 - Version 1.3.4(.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://filebeam.com/7729f3aa40a7231142c7289379a08537 Mirror 2 - Version 1.3.4(.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://uppit.com/5gjxk7yt2rnr/Loops_warrior_killer.rar Mirror 1 - Version 1.3.3(.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://uppit.com/6xaanx0lz4zy/Loops_warrior_killer_v1.3.3.rar Mirror 1 - Version 1.3.3(.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://filebeam.com/c1cb755ff2e93fabdd14e742090fde0d Mirror 1 - Version 1.3(.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://uppit.com/ih8p0sdsr2cv/LoopsWarriorKiller.rar Mirror 2 - Version 1.3(.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://filebeam.com/c71a81a8f0b839e9a3a1ab1d50fd9622 Mirror 1 - Version 1.2(.class) *OUTDATED* - http://uppit.com/97b70nkosh94/LoopsWarriorKiller.class Mirror 2 - Version 1.2(.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://filebeam.com/422c824dab9ed2ca31486dfca3362937 Mirror 1 - Version 1.1(.class) *OUTDATED* - http://up.ht/17DgSPO Mirror 2 - Version 1.1(.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://filebeam.com/cf1f4a441b5dff2c56b850f75f28e4f5 Credits to: [email protected] Forums - For the new paint in v1.2 If you're interested in some of his services, you can talk to him through skype by adding "iHax.gfx" or by PM'ing him on these forums.
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