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Found 16 results

  1. Fluffee's TRiBot Account Adder v1.00 (Coded in AutoHotKey) I was getting sick of adding accounts manually, so I coded this in AutoHotKey. It reads account usernames, passwords, bank pins and rewards from a text file. As well as reading the world you want the account to use from a separate file (so you can loop the f2p worlds). To run the program, create a text file for your account formatted as follows: AccountUsername:Password:BankPin:Reward (e.g. Zezima:hacked:0000:Agility) You can leave out the Bank Pin and reward by just not including them, however rewards will not work without a bank pin. To format the worlds list, make a list as follows: 383 393 394 etc. I'm aware this will probably be buggy as I coded it in like 20 minutes at 1AM, but hopefully it works for some! To start the bot: Load up Fluffee's TRiBot Account Adder.exe, or .ahk whichever, insert the full path to your files (i.e. C:\Users\John\Desktop\Accounts.txt) Hit Start to save the paths Then Open TRiBot, go to the Account Manager, hit Add then hit F1 on your keyboard (F1 is the hotkey) Message me with any problems you have, it does work! Well it should anyways! NOTE: If you do not have AutoHotKey installed, download the .exe Hope it helps Virus Scan of both files: .exe https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/2267c37e5e2c19ab08f4bc545e3d6b8eed663d0894f2f9ecf61562f325695c54/analysis/1433995283/ .ahk https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/6fccaa5fe5f1a7eb70396c4b65e7de1e20fd144af90fccf686fe2587be550476/analysis/1433995293/ AHK - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8etMDADCUvKdFBnQnFjaXFnc1E EXE - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8etMDADCUvKdVozUE9JVjFCbzg Code - http://pastebin.com/H2U4cRC5
  2. can somebody tell me if you need a proxy to bot safely on two different accounts at the same time with vip / premium or does tribot do that for you (botting noob)
  3. Hello, I make custom accounts here and I don't use bots which make it more natural and safe. I use a remote connection to your computer where you can watch your account being created live it is safe because you can end connection at anytime and your control everything. I use PayPal for secure payments. What I charge? Real Player Levels 1-50 per skills $5 (Great for botters that wanna start at level 50) $5 for 50 levels Levels 50-70 ( reply for prices at [email protected] ) Levels 70+ ( reply for prices at [email protected] ) *Harder skills that are time consuming will have a higher price. Botting Account Levels 1-50 per skills $2 (bot created) $2 for 50 levels Levels 50-70 ( reply for prices at [email protected] ) Levels 70+ ( reply for prices at [email protected] ) When do I pay? Payments are required to receive account after completion and must be send as gift to prevent charge back frauds. Benefits: $5 Real person leveling no bots in Skills from 1-50. (Safe from ban) I use PayPal as payment method. You can contact me @[email protected] I use team viewer for remote hosting you can watch everything I do.(Building Trust) Great price for Manual Labor (No Bots) Discreet and professional
  4. As I'm still relatively new to this, I'm having some issues when it comes to suicide botting. Any new accounts I make, whether botted tutorial island or done by hand, gets locked within a few minutes after I get to Lumbridge. Even with private proxies and vpn, all my accounts are getting locked. I read through all the other posts about similar issues but none had been resolved. Does anyone have any experience with this? Greatly appreciated.
  5. You supply the accounts I supply the levels. Proxy that will last for a month = 4m All accounts are calculated to be a level 3 skiller straight from tut island. LumberJack pack Dwarf pack Fisherman pack Runecrafting pack (populair) Combat Bronze, Iron ***TOS & FAQ*** [x] I will never go first (that means payment) unless you are a high rep person on THIS forum. [x] I also do questing (price is negotiable). Skype: Cluckn-Bell
  6. VapeGod's account leveling and questing service! Account prices: Cannon ball maker - 35 smithing, dwarf cannon completed - 2m Green Dragon Killer - 60 attack, 60 strength, 50 defence, lost city completed - 10m Tutorial island service (you provide the account) - 500k Air orb runner - 66 magic, 20 defence - 4.5m Wine grabber - 33 magic - 1.5m Nature runner - 44 rune crafting, 30 agility - 6m Abyss runner - 41 attack, 30 strength, 40 defence, 30 agility, 44 runecrafting, 41 mining - 15m MTD host - all quest stats, all quests completed, all done by hand - 8m Note: These are just ideas, if you have any other requests for power leveling or want a quote message me! For a quote on quests, message me! Things to note! I will not go first unless you are trusted in the community or I personally know you In the event of a ban during a service, depending on the account type I will try once more, if not you will receive a partial refund depending on how much work was done I will not make the accounts for you, you must create them You cannot log into the account during the service without getting my approval first, if you do the order is cancelled If I give you a time estimate, it is purely an estimate and not an exact time All supplies will be provided by me and are included in the price. I will do accounts by hand upon request, although the price will be higher I will not use any items in your bank without permission You cannot change the password during a service If you give me access to your bank, I will not take anything from you. Having a less valuable bank is better for both of us for safety reasons I will do all of this work on my own and will not have anyone else helping me I will use a proxy of yours if you would like There are discounts for bulk orders!
  7. Hello, I need accounts leveled to 60/60/50 plus lost city completed (so those skills as well) or 70/60/50 without lost city depending on price difference, we can negotiate through skype or pm. Thanks!
  8. I'd like to poll the community to figure out the optimal client to use (ie. OSBuddy, Firefox, etc..) for multiple Looking Glass instances so as to minimize CPU and RAM usage. So far I'm using OSBuddy but it eats up CPU/RAM like candy, so please share your experiences below. Thanks!
  9. Hello! I need two accounts with 70 range. Willing to pay, message me with quotes or any questions!
  10. If you had experience with this scrips (good,or bad) tell me please. i am about to purchase this script for 10 accounts. - *Anti-pk measures - *Dynamic clicking and walking - *Randomized paths - *Shortcut support - *ABCL 10 - *Any orb type supported - *Amulet of glory support - *House glory support - *Glory recharging support - *Energy/Stamina potion support - *Tablet and runes support the user count is 43, pretty low so i am wondering if the scipt is safe.
  11. Kroze's PowerLeveling Service & Quest Shop (BF&Nat Starters) NOTE: My Vouches Are From Topbot, but i cannot advertise another site, so add me on skype for further details on me Starter BF Accounts With Necessary Stats : Tutorial Island, Dorics Quest, The Knights Sword, 29 Smithing,600 exp away from 30, F2P Priced at 800k OSRS GP Each Account But if You're a Constant Buyer Then the Price Will Be Firm at 600k OSRS GP Each Account Accounts that have Membership and 30 Smithing Ready Will Cost A bit more, but Orders and Prices Will Have to Be Locked in FIRST depending on how many you want or need per week/weekend, These Accounts Are 100% BF READY 44 Runecrafting Accounts : Tutorial Island, 44 Runescrafting , F2P The Price For these Accounts Differ Because they Arent Abyss Crafters, These are Price at 4m OSRS GP Each Account But if You're a Constant Buyer Then the Price Will Be Firm at 2.5m-3m OSRS GP Depending on The Order Density Questing : As of Now , i have two workers that are my Trusted IRL friends that are just looking for gp on the side, We take Full Responsibility, if anything happens to the account that your order is placed under, But we Recommend to transfer your items just to get the process done faster with no headache KEEP NOTE: WE DO NOT POWER LEVEL QUEST ORDERS MUST HAVE REQUIREMENTS AND ITEMS TO START AND FINISH QUEST OR ATLEAST A SMALL CASH STACK FOR THE QUEST ITEMS Quests Differ In Prices, But To Gain Reputation We Will be taking Orders Cheaper then Usual Questers. Thank You For Your Time Skype Or PM Me Skype: Scqrcrow
  12. Hey, what is the best and safest way to create an bot account. without using my home ip. how do i create an account if i got a ready proxy for my tribot? *and with account i mean runescape account"*
  13. Hay, i am about to setup my own bots to goldfarm on Oldschool RuneScape. And i want to know how to setup a perfect Mule Account. Do i need a extra proxy for the mule, and how to transfer safe, should i keep him lvl 3 no skiller or should the account act like a real legit account. i want to know anything. Thank you
  14. Hi. I was just wondering if anyone knows whether or not Jagex will ban your main account when they catch you botting on a bot account running through the same IP? Thanks
  15. Hey guys, here i have on offer some great accounts, i have accounts with all sorts of living, from simply accounts with 80+fishing to accounts that are lvl'ed up 50+combat , others magic and so on, if you have any questions please message me, or post in this topic as i would like people to know i am a good seller. If you would like a specific account made up for you we are will to do this at a price to suit your needs, jsut give me a hola thanks. account prices vary from account to account, so if you have any questions about the fee feel free to post away as well
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