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Found 8 results

  1. Automating Account Creation Hello fellow botters! In this guide I will show you the steps you need to take to automate the creation of Runescape accounts. At the end of this tutorial you should be able to easily create an unlimited amount of runescape accounts at just the click of a button! You could even schedule it as a task and have a PC dedicated to creating new accounts! In this guide I assume you understand how to: add/run scripts, use script commands, configure proxy settings, and launch Tribot from the windows command prompt. If not I suggest you check out some of the links provided in the details table below. Let's get to it! Details Start point This blog post Official difficulty Novice Description Creating new bot accounts can be a mess! It's the Duke of Lumbridge's birthday and he wants some RSGP. He needs a lot of bot accounts and doesn't have much time. Official length Medium Requirements Fluffee's Tutorial Island Script Valid 2captcha key Basic understanding of batch file scripting (can be obtained during quest) I recommend using a proxy in order to hide your home IP. Items required A PC running Windows Helpful Links Getting Started with TRiBot Running TRiBot through the command line Getting Started The first thing you'll need to do is activate Fluffee's Tutorial Island script to your TRiBot account. You will also need to visit this LINK, create a 2captcha account, add some funds, and take note of your 2captcha key. You will need this key for later. This key will allow the Fluffee's script to access the 2captcha API, which is needed for it to automatically create a Runescape account. Note: 2captcha is not free, however I have found it to be very cheap. After creating 10 accounts with the script it only cost me around 0.04 USD. In other words, it should only cost you a fraction of a penny to create a single Runescape account! Setting up Fluffee's Tutorial Island Open up TRiBot and start a new client. Once the client is loaded click "Start Script" and run Fluffee's Tutorial Island script from the script starting menu. Make sure to enter your 2captcha key while setting up the script. I recommend reading the documentation on the scripts thread for information on how to set it up. Set up the script to your preference. I recommend setting up a proxy within the proxy settings of the script in order to hide your public IP. Fluffee's Tutorial Island thread. Copy of Fluffee's Tutorial Island FAQ: Preparing a batch script With the script setup and profile saved we're ready to automate the launch process. To do this we will be creating a batch script that will load TRiBot and run Fluffee's Tutorial Island script with our saved profile. Open up notepad and copy the code below. You will need to change a few values in order to match the configuration on your system. All values that are capitalized should be changed to your information. Once you have completed editing your batch script, be sure to save it your desktop with a .bat extension. @echo off cd C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\dependancies\ java -jar TRiBot-10.24.1.jar --username "YOUR_TRIBOT_USERNAME" --password "YOUR_TRIBOT_PASSWORD" --charusername "[email protected]" --charpassword "botting_password" --charworld "434" --script "Fluffees Tutorial Island" --scriptargs "settingsFile:YOUR_SCRIPT_SETTINGS_FILE.json;" --proxyhost "YOUR_PROXY_IP" --proxyport "YOUR_PROXY_PORT" --proxyusername "YOUR_PROXY_USERNAME" --proxypassword "YOUR_PROXY_PASSWORD" --disablefwall --mem 386 All systems go! If you've set everything up correctly, you should be able to simply run the batch file and have accounts being made automatically! For further automation you could even schedule this as a task in windows task scheduler and have accounts made whenever you like. The script will save the accounts usernames / passwords in a file located in: C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\FluffeeScripts\TutorialIsland\ Rewards 1 Quest Point 300 Botting experience Ability to create an infinite amount of runescape accounts!
  2. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3180 I've only tested it on a few accounts... Hoping people can post some progress pics. Utilizes DaxWalker and supports teleporting if you have the mage level. Start with all items in your bank OR with the quest items in your inventory (skip quests by not having those items): Cook's assistant: Egg, Bucket of milk, Pot of flour Imp Catcher: Red bead, Yellow bead, White bead, Black bead Doric's Quest: 6 Clay, 4 Copper ore, 2 Iron ore Goblin Diplomacy: Blue dye, Orange dye, 3 Goblin mail (or the pre-colored goblin mails) PROGRESS PICS: Start to end, 12 minutes:
  3. Fluffee's Ultimate Guide to Botting: Part One - Account Creation and Management Hello all, in my many months of forum activity, I've noticed an that a lot of the time, when people begin to venture down the road of botting, they quickly run into a variety of issues and end up having the same questions and concerns as many other newcomers. Having been through this myself, I've designed this tutorial series as a way of providing direction for newcomers in the hopes that they will be able to start botting quickly, and easily; avoiding the pitfalls that first plagued me. To begin my series, I'd like to touch on the first hurdle every new botter has to overcome, and that is creating and managing the multitude of accounts they'll probably end up making. A quick note: I am in no way the most knowledgable person on this subject, and I do not know every thing there is to know about botting and the like. However, I do know a couple of things, and I'm happy to share those! --Account Creation-- When creating RuneScape accounts on mass, the first stepping stone that many have to overcome is getting past Jagex's email requirements. There are various methods, and I'll be covering all of the ones I'm aware of. Method 1: Fake Emails This method revolves around the idea that JaGeX in all their wisdom does not check the validity of the email address you enter. To calrify, when you enter an email address into the OldSchool signup form, it does not query to see if the email is valid, it merely checks to make sure it has the proper formatting, and isn't registered at a blocked domain. This works in our favour as you do not actually have to create any emails, just have some creativity and write down anything at all into the box, just format it properly. An example of this would be an email like: fluffeestribottutorial(@)fluffeesrunescapebots.net As you can see, this email address does not exist, however if you attempt to enter it into the OldSchool signup form, it will accept it without an issue thus circumventing the email signup. Pros of Method 1 - Quick Signup - No emails to create Cons of Method 1 - Obviously fake addresses (typically) - Cannot verify accounts Method 2: Disposable Emails This method revolves around using disposable email sites as a way to circumvent JaGeX's email check. Much like the fake email method, this method is quite nice due to how easy it is to create a multitude of email addresses while doing virtually no work yourself; which is ideal if you're doing a suicide method. I'm aware some of you may have attempted to use disposable emails before, and you may have noticed that JaGeX has grown wise to these tricks, and popular disposable services such as mailinator.com are actually blocked, and if you attempt you use those the signup form will ask you to submit a valid email address. Lucky for you guys, I've taken the time to find three temporary providers that work with RuneScape, and I'm working on more. Those providers are: http://www.grr.la https://temp-mail.org/en/ http://www.throwawaymail.com/ The beauty of these providers is that you can "create" emails without signing up, but they're still valid emails that can be used to verify your accounts. Pros of Method 2 - Quick Signup - No emails to create - Can verify accounts Cons of Method 2 - Obviously fake addresses (typically) Method 3: Email Aliases This method revolves around creating real email addresses, on a regular email provider (such as Outlook), and using their alias system to create emails without filling out the signup form. This enables you to create realistic looking emails quite quickly, while still being able to verify all of your accounts email addresses (which is a must for RS3). To utilize this method with Outlook, you will have to begin by creating a standard email address via this link. https://signup.live.com/?uaid=57316af3b6934dcda4e1e46f733d3728&lic=1 After that's done, make sure you're signed into your new account, and head over to this link https://account.microsoft.com/profile#/ From there, click on "Manage you sign-in email or phone number" (underlined in red) After you get past the security check (which always occurs for me) you'll see a screen like this, go ahead and click "Add email" From there, you can now enter in your new email address you would like to create in the box, without going through the signup process. After you've keyed in your new email, and hit Add Alias, you'll see it pop up in the list on the page you were on previously. Aliases can be used as real email addresses, and all of the emails will head to that one main inbox, but you can only create 10 aliases per account (the one you created when you completed the actual signup process). Aliases are my preferred method to make RuneScape emails, due to the validity of these addresses, and the ease of creation. Pros of Method 3 - Quick Signup - 10 emails per one signup - Can verify accounts - Realistic Emails - Easy to manage Cons of Method 3 - You actually have to create one email Method 4: Gmail Tricks As Method 3 focused on creating emails with Outlook, I'd be foolish to look past the gmail tricks that are avaliable to create tonnes of emails easily with gmail. There's two tricks for this, and I'll cover both. The first trick is commonly known as "The Dot Trick". Essentially with Gmail, the email address test(@)gmail.com and tes.t(@)gmail.com function as the same address. Therefore, you can create one Gmail address, create all the possible dot combinations (i.e. t.est, te.st, tes.t, t.e.st, t.es.t, t.e.s.t), and then use all those dot combinations as a separate email address for RuneScape. There's a tool for this found here http://www.exploitn.com/gmail/ (Thanks @Todd) The second trick is "The Plus Trick". With Gmail, the email address test(@)gmail.com and test+1(@)gmail.com are also the same. Therefore, you can create on Gmail address, then continually add numbers to it to create many, many emails (I'm unsure of the limit) and then use all of those emails as separate emails for RuneScape. Pros of Method 4 - Quick Signup - Can verify accounts - Easy to manage Cons of Method 4 - You actually have to create one email - Emails look bot like -- Account Management -- Now that you've created all your botting accounts, you probably have a very messy notepad file with all your usernames and passwords. While a notepad file is okay, there's a much, much better way to manage your accounts and I'll be covering that as well. - Requirements - - Some time - A google account, or a spreadsheet program - I'll be using Goolgle Docs, and I highly recommend you do as well (it's free!) Alrighty, now that you have all that stuff setup, go ahead and navigate over to this link here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_AEqIJwqWHno1j9nfA1YOnw_OcRoGVnk3tzaEnBe1Bg/edit?usp=sharing Then, assuming your using Google Docs, Go to File > Make a Copy , then name your copy and hit OK, your new spreadsheet copy will open in a new tab. If you're confused follow this gif. Alrighty, now you're looking at a copy of my account management spreadhseet. The columns should be self explanatory and while you don't have to use this spreadsheet it creates an easy way to manage a lot of accounts at one time. The spreadsheet makes all information incredibly easy to read, while making it easy to remove or add new accounts from the sheet. The second sheet, in this massive spreadsheet is for your mule accounts, once again the columns have an explanation included to help you. The third sheet is meant for you to record your account stats, so you can see how close you are to achieving your desired stats depending on your method. In this case, I've set up the sheets for potential stats for Nature Runecrafting Bots. The final sheet is for managing your proxies. That way you can easily check your proxy info should you need to reenter it. If you plan on managing a big farm spreadsheets are almost a must (ask anyone who manages data), they'll help you keep everything organized while making it easy to maintain. Also, if you use Google Docs, you can access the spreadsheet from anywhere with an internet connection. -- Adding Accounts -- To add accounts quickly see my other tutorial on my TRiBot Account Adder. Run the autohotkey script on Windows, and then move your accounts.dat file to your various VPS servers, as AutoHotKey won;t run on anything besides Windows. TRiBot Account Adder here https://tribot.org/forums/topic/50213-tutorial-release-fluffees-tribot-account-adder/ To easily add files to a VPS use a SCP program like WinSCP (https://winscp.net/eng/index.php) I hope you guys enjoyed my tutorial, and as this is just part one in the series, I've got more planned on how to make managing your farm a dream! Thanks
  4. Guest

    OSRS account creation with proxy

    Hi there, its my first post on the forum as I normally get all my answers by searching but after a few days I cant seem to get a solution to my problem, ive seen some people have the same problem as me but none have had a reply. Here goes: I would like to use socks5 proxies to bot on with tribot, the tribot feature works fine and all to run the proxy but where it gets touchy is for the character creation. I need to have the same IP used to create the account that the one ill use on tribot. Here is what I tried: -Running RS3 in tribot with the proxy and creating the account in tribot directly. The account got locked after about 5 seconds (I did try this about 5 times with different private proxies) -Running maxthon browser to create my RS account with the socks5 proxy feature enabled. I had the same results as the previous method, after a bit of internet surfing I found out that it was probably because the IP was hidden in the browser but not while using java (which RS uses). So I had the idea to hide the IP from specific programs or even all programs instead of only the browser. -Running proxycap, the software is made to use some kinds of proxies such as socks5 proxies and to hide your original IP for specific programs. Ive set it to all programs to be sure it would affect java, sadly this did not work too. The accounts end up being locked not for botting reasons but for security mesures as they are used on different IPs. My question is: How do you guys create your rs accounts and then bot on tribot using a socks5 proxy.
  5. Hello. Are there any scripts that still works or fixed account creation after account creation site update? Thanks.
  6. I've been out of the game for a while so don't know of things on a timeline, but it seems Jagex have introduced a pretty good proxy/VPN detection in place for account creation? The page isn't even able to load on any of the VPNs or proxies I currently own... How do farmers currently create accounts easily? Can appreciate privacy, my inbox is open
  7. Okay, so I've got almost everything ready to begin botting. I've got my VPS and my SOCKS5 Proxies. I plan to run three accounts. I do not want to create them on my VPS as they would all three have the same creation IP. I was gifted 10 Premade Accounts by VirtualBuddy. I have logged one account in to one Proxy. It has been associated with the Proxy IP and so this account will use this Proxy. As for my remaining two proxies, which is the best way of creating an account? I do not want to flag my VPS's IP. But running an account made on a separate IP and using it with my Proxy sounds like a red flag, too. I have heard other users being banned quickly with premade accounts. The premade I have used on apparently a California IP Address, but my Proxy is in Miami, FL. Does this increase the chance of ban? Advice? Thanks EDIT: Will verifying my e-mail leak any IP Address Jagex could use to flag/chainban my accounts?
  8. Hey Guys, I am a beginner within the whole botting/gold-farming scene and I need a little help I would greatly appreciate it if you could answer a few noobish questions. Firstly I started yesterday and I’ve acquired a considerable amount of gp, I would like to reinvest into scaling up; the accounts I was using were aged accounts from 100 days ago when I originally planned to start (these accounts did tutorial island by hand) Now I have ran out of accounts I am currently in a predicament I am not sure if to create lots of email addresses, create the accounts then bot tutorial island with the script (ExTutorial) and then I plan to use a questing script on completion I plan to log straight out and age the accounts. My question is would botting the tutorial island later affect my ban rates once I plan to reuse them and would ageing an account for 3 days be enough? My plan is create and run 3 accounts on one stock proxy on P2P with a money making method that makes roughly 300k/hr. I know there are lots of variables that could cause banning so I am aware of the basics such as taking breaks, account name, characters clothing etc.…My idea is to bot 6-10 hours in total a day with 10-15 minute breaks every 1 hour. Botting will start after 6:00pm UK Time) or would botting 6:00am – 9:00am then again at 7:00pm for a few hours be better? My thought process of using one stock proxy for 3 accounts was due to the prices of them and to reduce overall cost and with bonds costing 2.7m/each I want to be in a profitable state. Thank You! to all responders any additional information would be good too!
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