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Found 3 results

  1. C#2Bot Advanced Woodcutter Introduction: Fellow tribot members, today i would like to share with you my recent improvements and plans to my initial woodcutting script, i am planning to provide the community with an all in one with script that basically does everything for you from a fresh account, it progressively trains your account from level 1 woodcutting to level 60 where you can start your farm using the script standard locations, or your own private location. Whats new? When in progressive leveling training mode, for each tree every time you run the script, a new random location with be generated for your account to train, this will allow ever user to have different possible combinations of normal, oak and will training locations. Will be using javafx gui, a lot of preset locations to use as well as customer location, supports banking, saving and loading settings, will be focusing deeply on antiban features and best utilization of ABC2. Will be working on a more interactive paint, will also create dynamic signature and high scores. Open source? Yes, this script will open sourced, and you can follow its development on my github through this link.
  2. Hello my name is Rampage/Sickasulu and im here to offer you my service. Im from the Netherlands and I love to make/train accounts for people who dont like it and are willing to pay some money(paypal/07 gp). I have alot of experience with Runescape and know how to play and love the game. I will train/quest on your account legit.( without botting or breaking any other gamebreakingrules.) The way it works is that you can contact me on my skype name: "Rampage - sickasulu". After contact has been made, we will make a contract about what you want (the requirements, date when the jobs gotta be done.) When there is an agreement on terms, we will discuss the price. An notification! Before i start with an job, i will always ask for an advanced payment (this is most of the time half of the final price), just in case of scammers. The rest of the paymend will be charged when the job is done! Leaving a vouche on my forum thread would be sweet and i really appreciate that! Here is the vouche link! http://www.sythe.org/showthread.php?p=15504755 Feel free to check out reviews of people i helped in the past! I hope you will enjoy my service and contact me on skype if your interested! Greetings, Rampage/Sickasulu
  3. 1-99 WoodCutter - Perfect for Goldfarming - Description: 1-99 WoodCutter is a script that attempts to make account training easy, while also offering viable money making methods. This script will be able to run from the beginning of tutorial island, to 99 WC without stopping. It will always be able to run, because it always finds something to do! No axes at all, it can pickpocket men and buy a bronze! Cutting Oaks with a bronze axe? This script will sell the logs to the shop in order to buy a steel axe! What happens after it trains the account, say to 60 WC? This script can go directly from training to cutting yews for your botfarm! Imagine being able to start a script on tutorial island, go to sleep, then come back to the account making profit! This script is a pure time saver. If you plan on running more than 3 accounts, you will definitely notice how much easier it is to start your farm with this script. Features: Starts from tutorial island (or anywhere), and does WC tasks based on stats and GP. Buys axes from the axe shop when you need them! Sells logs in certain locations to save time and gain GP for axes. Does tutorial island with a flawless, private, and human-like solver Cuts logs in your favorite goldfarming places with banking support Fast WCing methods with perfect ent detection. Perfect anti-combat and anti-stuck ABCL 10 antiban, implemented flawlessly along with custom methods for even more human-like behavior Synergizes incredibly with The Bot Farm Manager, allowing for 100% automated botfarms Screenshots: Price Planning: $5 / 4 instances - Per month $15 / Unlimited Instances - Per month $30 / Unlimited Instances - Lifetime Auth F.A.Q.: Q. What's the difference between this and an AIO Chopper? A. This script is meant to train your new accounts without you ever having to stop the script, or set up the settings, or give the account items, or even do tutorial island! Once it trains them, it will move on to your good WC spots and earn GP. Q. Why is this so beneficial? A. Training accounts, even with scripts, isn't always easy. You need to buy items, stop and start scripts ever 20 minutes, etc. Doing this on 1 account isn't bad, but when you're trying to goldfarm, it's extremely tedious. This script completely eliminates that headache because it's the ONLY script you need to run to make GP!!
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