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Found 19 results

  1. I just started delving into Tribot scripting a few days ago and I'm struggling to find any documentation on initiating trades. I understand what to do once a trade has started but don't know how to actually initiate a trade with another player. Any insight? I've tried moving the mouse to the exact tile the mule is on, executing a right click, then click text "Trade with <mule name>." This works sometimes, but seems to be dependent on camera angles and location of the bot relative to the mule. There must be a better way.
  2. Hey I have 6 csgo keys to trade for repository credits, you can find me in the DMs.
  3. Hello. I have two major questions. How do I trade items from 20 bots to mule the fastest way? Is there any script for it? I do have 7 quest points on all accounts. If so how can I reduce chance of getting banned on my mule account? I have suicide bots which I would like to trade stuff from mule to them and after finishing botting I would like to trade items back to mule. I have 4 proxies for 20 bots and one proxy just for mule. Should I create the second mule and trade stuff from the first mule after botting? Thanks for replies
  4. Guest

    Confused on Bonds/F2p trade limit

    I want to buy two bonds for 2 of my botting accounts. I have around 6 new accounts that have all done some killing of chickens. I understand that I can accept traded items/gold on Fresh account A but I then cannot transfer it off the account to anyone because I do not have 18 hours in game or 7 Quest Points? So my plan is to buy 6mil with real money on Fresh account A and then give 3mil each to Fresh account B and Fresh account C, so they can buy bonds at the GE. Will I be able to trade the 3 mil from Fresh account A to Fresh account B and Fresh account C?
  5. Guest

    Name Question

    so before I begin, by making this thread I do not intend to break or go against any rules or terms and conditions set. to proceed for my question, can name sales take place on here ? the reason for asking is because some players I know bot name release sniping and I was just wondering if they sell names on here or is it forbidden? again I do not intend to break rules or encourage others to do so either. thank you for your help
  6. Hello All, just looking for a tutorial on how to trade items between accounts. I want to trade items from a bot to a main. If someone has a link to a guide that would be awesome. If not some advice would be much appreciated. thanks
  7. I created my first bots and have been bot mining tin ore. They have a lot tin now but I can't sell it, I can't trade it, and I can't drop it. What are my options before they get banned? Thanks
  8. Please let me know if this is not allowed and i will take this thread down. Yes,i actually know what i am talking about on bodybuilding INBOX FOR IG as proof that i actually can lift
  9. Hey guys! Long time League of Legends player here. So I recently started playing 2007scape with some buds and while I was bored mining tin and copper I decided to check these forums and see what the state of botting was (I was banned for macroing major on two accounts the last time I played) and I got the impression that some of you successful botters had a ridiculous amount of GP. So I thought, OSRS and League are some really popular games, I'm sure there's gotta be a lot of crossover right? Anyway I reasoned that, instead of slowly grind out this account to a point where I can actually make meh money, why not trade someone a boost to Silver / Gold / Plat / Diamond on League of Legends instead? I don't know if any of you have seen the prices that many Elo Boosting services charge, but they're pretty insane. I'd be willing to boost for much less for some OSRS GP. I've gotten to Diamond multiple season and boosted many accounts into Diamond 5 with ease. One thing to note is I do play on NA so other than NA the only regions I could boost on would be LAN, and getting anywhere above Plat on LAN might be a bit tricky. (notice the search bar) Anyways, what you think? Is this a dumb idea? Would anyone be interested? EDIT: A lot of people are talking about building my rep and what not so that they can trust me. I was thinking I could do a couple of trial games for some people and maybe then those people could vouch for me? Maybe not perfect but it's something.
  10. Hey guys. As some of you may know, you now only need to have clocked up 18 hours in-game time or attained 7 Quest Points to allow free trade on a fresh F2P 07 account. So I have decided to compile the shortest quests that will gain you 7 Quest Points on a new account. This is ideal for anyone attempting suicide botting or just can't be bothered waiting 18 hours to buy/sell items. If you find this guide useful please let me know by liking this post. You will be doing the quests: Romeo & Juliet, Dorics Quest and Imp Catcher. Okay so firstly you are going to want to purchase a small list of items from the GE on a main/separate account, these items are: 1x White Bead 1x Yellow Bead 1x Red Bead 1x Black Bead 6x Clay (NOT soft clay) 4x Copper Ore 2x Iron Ore 1x Cadava Berries Give all these items to your noob account in Lumbridge after Tutorial Island and follow these steps: Imp Catcher: Run West from Lumbridge to Draynor Village and then walk south to the Wizards Tower. http://gyazo.com/2190ccda0bb5f7b736fc92e70d941e59 Go up the stairs of the tower until you find Wizard Mizgog and then speak to him about the quest, he will tell you to go kill imps for the 4 beads etc... But you already have these beads to just speak to him again after and you will have completed the quest. Doric's Quest: Now run North to Falador, be around the North Falador entrance, http://gyazo.com/613bc12f36a36cce9ee6c4a95f6501f5 Walk/Run North West to you reach Dorics House http://gyazo.com/08ee5dae44eb938c1523b0e41a3f8d0a Speak to Doric about quest etc... he will tell you to go mine clay, copper & iron. Just give him all the stuff and quest is complete. Romeo & Juliet: Now just run East to Varrock and find Romeo in the town centre, speak to him about the quest and complete it, just remember to bring Cadava Berries with you. I will link the guide to completing the quest here: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Romeo_%26_Juliet Its a very easy and short quest. Once that's completed then congratulations you no have no trade restrictions whatsoever on this account. Once again I would really appreciate it if you liked this post if you found this useful. Feel free to ask any questions or point out any typos I have made. Thanks again.
  11. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to trade or sell scripts you have bought?
  12. Phat Shock's buying All OSRS Gold! - We offer the Best gold prices - Current Buy rates: $1.00/M - All Payments made via Btc/Paypal upon customer preference. -If you wanna buy gold, message me or comment! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phat Shock's Promise: - Safe trades; We stake and actually play the game, selling to us is just like trading your friend over a loan or a gift. Don't sell to bulk gold dealers that eventually result in a ban of your accounts across your PC and ip address. - We trade with you super quickly, you won't be waiting on us to log in and find you. When we do trade, you will be trading a real account with stats, and authentic playing, not some low level account that trades billions as fast as it can cause it will be banned within a day or two.
  13. Buying starting at $3.3 per mill! Better offer than all the bulk competitors! Skype-toxicmonkey17
  14. Dreaming's Staff Verified Middleman Service The highest quality verified middleman service for a low price (Until I get my MM rank) Type of trades I do: Dollars <> RSGP Oldschool Gold <> RS3 gold Dollars <> Memberships/Bonds Runescape Gold <> Membership Upgrades For custom trades, contact me on Skype/ PM My skype: LivingTheDreamRS Order form: Type of trade: Your Skype: Other traders Skype: Other traders TRiBot username: Do you agree to ToS: Terms of Serivce: * After purchase you must leave vouch and feedback * I am not responsible for any offences to any type of account * I am not responsible for what happens after trade is done * I am not responisble for any chargebacks Service Verified by: Sekirei - Moderator
  15. II Gold Trade Market - Currently Cheapest Rates! II ----========================================================---- We can use a VERIFIED SPONSORED middle man to prevent scamming!! ----========================================================---- Current Rates: 1:9-11 (My 07:Your RS3) Current Rates: 6-8:1 (My RS3:Your 07) ----======================================---- Current Stock: 10M 07 Current Stock: 256M Eoc ----=============================---- Skype: justlikefumbles ClanChat: Cashpiles ----============================================================---- Trade with me and get a FREE 07 party hat of your choice! (While supplies last) ----============================================================---- Party Hat Stock: Purple: 0 White: 0 Yellow: 0 Blue: 1 Red: 0 Green: 0 ----=================================---- Terms of Service I will not go first You will leave feedback after You agree to meet in the locations I specify Trade value must be at minimum 1M RS3:100k 07 ----=================================---- Proof: 10M 40M 100M ----=================================---- I will NEVER refuse a PM - Let me know if you require one during the swap! ----=================================---- Order Form How many bonds are you looking to buy?: Do you agree to the ToS?: Have you been in contact with me? If so, in which way? (Skype/PM):
  16. Guest


    I have 2 Rs membership cards. Selling for 2m osrs gp ea. add me on skype - zach.baker5
  17. I'm interested in trading a $50 amazon giftcard in for rsgp, message me to discuss if interested *Will go first if you're trusted Skype - jabazyz
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