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Found 2 results

  1. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3179 Very intuitive, simply start with steam staff and supplies in your inventory/bank. I've run this script for 50+ hours, it's flawless as far as I know. It has redundancy after redundancy to protect your account. It's free for now so people can help me prove it works well. Post your progress pics! I only did the four seed types because they're the most profitable and the grand exchange only has 8 slots... I use 4 slots for buying seeds and 4 slots for selling saplings. Requirements - Steam staff, Lunar Diplomacy, 68 magic, and the farming level of the seeds you want to do. Currently Supports- Mahogany, Maple, Papaya, and Willow. Planned future support on a premium script for GE selling/buying and Magic trees. Theoretically, you can start it anywhere with the supplies in your bank... Recommended to start it with steam staff equipped and everything in your inventory, or everything in your bank, at the GE bank, with the bank screen open. Supports AFKing after a decent amount of time passes, random short pauses at realistic time points, and failure checks on every single loop to prevent infinitely doing something. It randomizes the order that it does the seeds Designed for mains. I use it on my main and I don't intend on ever getting banned. That being said, all botting has inherit risks. Never bot on an account you can't afford to lose. Post any suggestions, any problems, and most importantly: successful progress pics! Progress pics:
  2. @scriptManifest(author="KushyLOUD", category="THIEVING", bossness="OVER9000!!!!!") MASTER FARMER V2.1 @author: KushyLOUD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog/Updates: NEWS: - 08/19/13 - v2.1 Released - Fixed IDs OLDER: - 08/01/13 - v2.0 RELEASED. Much smoother logic circuit, less room for error. Requires two custom classes (DL below as well) - RSZone & RSBank. I made them to save time coding and improve flow. - 07/29/13 - v1.2 uploaded (Fixed food issues resulting from banking bug) - 07/29/13 - v1.1 uploaded (New: PAINT) - 07/29/13 - v1.0 uploaded. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WORKED FOR 24+ HOURS after compiling! xp per hour counter is wrong lol. updating soon. should say 5582. Do the math... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ****(COMING SOON - alternate actions to take while low HP (i.e. fishing/cooking for more food if you have the skills and tools, right in Draynor!), more humanlike action, camera rotation, boredom factor, and more!)**** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE BOT TO TRAIN THIEVING VIA THE MASTER FARMER IN DRAYNOR! -=-=-=-=-==--=-=- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***NOTE: I don't recommend wearing any gear or anything you'd hate to lose! The bot has a method to kill itself after banking everything in your INVENTORY. Equipment may get lost if not stored in bank. I'll fix this in 2.1 ... DESCRIPTION: The script continuously Pickpockets the Master Farmer in Draynor Village. If the player gets low on health, the bot eats the food you prefer to use, based on your choice at the menu. If you don't have it in your pack, it checks the bank. (CURRENTLY ONLY FISH OF ALL KINDS, more coming soon). If you have no "preferred" food in your bank or inventory, the bot will continue pickpocketing until it gets low health, which is when it banks everything and starts falcon punching every market guard in sight. Once dead, your Hero will begin deathwalking back to Draynor. Yes, deathwalking, I said that RIGHT! Anyway, this script ran successfully for me for 24 hours before i even added the GUI, and even after that runs flawlessly! ------- (STAY POSTED: v2.1 coming soon) - SEXY PAINTJOB - MAD SEEDS AND XP - RANDOMS - DEATHWALK - SELECTIVE EATMODE - GUI - 24+ HOURS OF BOTTING STRAIGHT. NO LAG, NO BAN, NO BUGS. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- DOWNLOADS BELOW SCREENSHOTS ------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+= Download v2.1 - [released 08/19/13] =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+= ----------------->>> Kush_MasterFarmer_v2_1.zip <<<------------------ DOWNLOAD THE ZIP AND PUT IT IN YOUR SCRIPTS FOLDER. IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS: INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: 0) Download the zip, extract it somewhere, and copy the files to the clipboard for quick pasting. 1) Locate your .tribot folder. Usually in (C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming) 1.a) If you don't see the Appdata folder, it's because it is a hidden folder! Two solutions: [1] Goto (C:\Users\<username>) and goto the Tools tab (hit Alt if not visible). In the Tools tab, click Folder Options. From there, click the View tab. Then you'll see a big list of options. Look for the two standout Radio buttons. Click the one that says "Show hidden files, folders, and drives". Click Apply, hit OK. Then you'll see the AppData folder. Navigate to .tribot. [2] Say f*** it and use Windows Search for ".tribot". 2) Enter the Bin folder. 3) Enter the scripts folder. If there is not a folder named "scripts" in the Bin folder, create it. 4) Paste the extracted files (all 6 .class files) into the scripts folder (AND DELETE OLD ONES IF STILL EXISTING). 5) RUN TRIBOT, run the script. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- old DL files: - v2.0 - - v1.2: - v1.1: - v1.0: old SourceCode... - v1.2: - v1.1: - v1.0: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- no longer open source. sorry. Open-Source. Have fun. pce - KushyLOUD
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