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Found 5 results

  1. Fluffee's Tutorial Island v3 TRiBot's best Tutorial Island Script • Completes Tutorial Island • Supports loading of bulk accounts • Script Argument/Queue/Client Starter support • JavaFX Material Design user interface • Tons of customization options • Random account profiling • Full ABC2 support • Post tutorial island tasks • Account Creation • Task based, chose the options for every account • Resizable mode support Get it here! GUI Instructions Script Arguments Script arguments must be entered as follows (with the following keys): file:saved_settings_file_name.json; The only argument required now is the name of the settings file to load. If the file specified does not exist, an error will be printed in the debug, and the script will show the GUI instead. Source
  2. - Completes Romeo&Juliet quest - Start at any point in the quest - No GUI so can be used with client starter/script queue - Uses WebWalker so you can start from anywhere it supports - Let me know if there is any bugs/improvements Change log: Get it here
  3. Fluffee's Rune Mysteries Update (February 28th, 2016): Updated Door Handling, shouldn't fail there anymore - Completes the Rune Mysteries Quest - Supports Client Starter/Script Queue - Can be started from any point in the quest (Items must be in inventory, homeport usable) - Open Source Click to add script Source
  4. Hello, I was wondering if we could get a script queue, break handler, and client starter tutorial that would only be available to VIP-E. Why, because I realize it would take a lot of work to do that, but I really wish we had some official guidance on how to use these features. They sound great, and trust me when I say I've played around with them, but I still have not been able to get consistent results. I think a video would be nice that just sort of walks us through the set up for these features or a tutorial with a lot of screenshots of each step. Whichever works better, but I really think this would help out a lot of people. Thanks.
  5. When setting a script queue, is it possible to set the specific gui for each script? example: script 1-Auto Fletcher 'cut longbows', script 2-Auto Fletcher 'string longbows' It seems like I can only add the scripts in the queue, but not customize the settings for each one. Maybe I'm not understanding or seeing where to do that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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