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  1. Blazing proxies promos

    Hi Tribot, About to purchase proxies from blazing proxies. Anyone have a promo code they'd like to share ^^? Thanks in advance
  2. IPv6 vs IPv4

    Hi Tribot, I am getting a proxy and I'm wondering if there is any advantage/disadvantage of having IPv6 or IPv4 proxys, or mixing them. ie: 4 v6, and 6 v4. Thanks!
  3. got banned with private proxy

    Bought 2 private proxy for 2 accounts which I have owned for over a year. botted rc with auto runecrafter elite earlier today and it both got banned. my other accounts which i have owned for only a couple of months with individual private proxies are still fine even though i botted way more longer hours. question is can i still use both the private proxies or should i get new ones? Many thanks in advance. sorry im still learning how these things work.
  4. connect time out

    I dont know what am i doing wrong but i cant seem to load tribot loader when i select the proxy it says "connect time out". it can only load if i dont select the proxy. this is my first time using proxy for tribot. please help me. many thanks in advance!
  5. As with most of the botters here on Tribot, I too have experienced accounts being locked straight off of, or even during, tutorial island. Today, I am going to explain and share with you all how I have not only minimized my accounts from getting locked to an absolute minimum to no locks at all, but also reduced ban rates and increased account life-spans (Even on freshly created, automatically generated & registered, level 3 accounts, fresh off tutorial island, botted 24/7, with minimal breaks). Q&A #1: Do I use a Proxy or VPN? Personally, I have used both. However, my success is more than often attributed to using VPN services. Proxies and VPNs come from many different distributors all over the internet and it is very easy to find distributors. I Highly suggest using VPN services if you can afford, however, a proxy can do the same exact job if you manage to find one that meets some of these specifications below. Now first, when regarding the minimization of account locks, there are three main things to look into when using one of these services: 1) (Critical) The address of the Proxy/VPN is not transparent (In other words, make sure the Proxy/VPN DOES NOT reveal your original IP Address) You can test this on websites like these: 1) http://whatismyip.network/proxy-check-tool-detect-how-isp-transparent/ 2) http://www.lagado.com/proxy-test 3) https://www.whatismyip.com/proxy-check/ 4) https://isc.sans.edu/forums/diary/How+to+identify+if+you+are+behind+a+Transparent+Proxy/14647/ (Site #2 Will Also show you what your HTTP headers look like on your current machine) -- A non-transparent IP Address will give you results like this. 2) (Critical) Make sure the address has either none, or very few, blacklists. The less, the better. This one is quite obvious. If an address is blacklisted on many different websites, it is more often than not being used for means other than "playing a video game at home". It would be wise for a host to search known databases to flag incoming IP address's as at-least, potentially malicious. Almost every time I have experienced account locks was when the address being used was identifiable through big-scale blacklist databases. You can test to see if your IP Address is blacklisted with tools from websites like these: 1) https://www.whatismyip.com/blacklist-check/ 2) https://whatismyipaddress.com/blacklist-check 3) http://www.ipvoid.com/ip-blacklist-check/ 4) https://www.dnsbl.info/ 3) (Somewhat Critical) The address of the Proxy/VPN DOES NOT contain a TOR exit node. This can be somewhat speculative, however, TOR exit nodes can create vast IP jumps. Meaning that the end-address (shown to the website you are connecting to) will change periodically, therefore flagging your account as stolen, resulting in a lock, even if the address is not transparent. Similarly, this flag can be tested with the websites above from Q&A #1 (More specifically, websites #2 & #3). If a tunnel Contains a TOR exit node and, it has been identified, it will tell you in the results of the proxy check. More information on TOR Relays/Exit Nodes can be found here: https://www.eff.org/torchallenge/what-is-tor.html Q&A #2: Account Creation: Automated or By Hand? Whether it is by hand, or through an automated service.... Whichever you choose to use, MAKE SURE, your HTTP headers, IP Address, and (Network Device) MAC Address, of the machine you are creating accounts on, all match the credentials of the machine where the account is being botted on. To check your HTTP Headers, you can use these websites to see what other websites see when you connect to them: 1) http://www.lagado.com/proxy-test 2) https://www.whatismyip.com/user-agent-info/ 3) https://www.whatismybrowser.com/detect/what-http-headers-is-my-browser-sending Q&A #3: Automated Account Creation: Why Am I Seeing Account Locks? When sending an HTTP request (POST or GET), in java, the headers are not configured with your browser, thus, they display obvious details telling the website that it is being reached out to by independent source code. The default user agent when sending an HTTP request in Java shows the current Java Version you have installed on your computer (I.E, Something like, User-Agent: Java 8_18). If you have access to the source code of your account creator, make sure that the HTTP request methods look something like this. 1) When using a proxy:, you will need to specify the proxy in java as well, which can be done like this: 2) When Using A VPN: All you need to do is add the header properties to your connection Q&A #4: Protocols: UDP or TCP? Through personal experience, I must say that I use TCP, all the way. Through sniffing local network traffic, I have noticed that most connections outgoing to our "source destination in question", are of TCP protocol, so I think it is ideal to match this and use a TCP connection and configuration from your Proxy/VPN provider. Q&A #5: How Should I Pick A VPN Service? You are going to want to look for some of the following attributes when looking for a VPN Service that is right for you. 1) No shared addresses, meaning that each user gets assigned their own static address that no one else can use. 2) OpenVPN support, this is used on Linux systems and allows you to configure your connections exactly how you want them. It is also highly advisable to use a Linux system due to its versatility, and its ability to access open sourced software, specifically ones which can aid in masking your original machines credentials. 3) No Log Policy, meaning that the provider keeps no logs of what a user is doing while using one of their connections. 4) High Security & Encryption Modules, meaning that the provider gives you a quality service by keeping your information encrypted and secure. 5) Multiple Location Services, meaning that you can choose from a wide variety of locations to connect to when using their VPN services. Q&A #6: Configuration: How Should I Configure my VPN? When purchasing a quality VPN, you have the ability to configure the connection specifications to your liking, especially on Linux Platforms. Some of the configurations I have seen to work the best are as follows.... 1) Connection Specifications: 1) Use A TCP Connection whenever possible 2) Set your MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) to: 1500 3) Randomize remote hosts/gateways to further manage load balancing measures when connecting to a host 4) Use an IPv6 Tunnel Link if available 2) Security Specifications: 1) Set Your AES-Cipher to: AES-256-CBC 2) Set your Cipher key to: 128 3) Set Your Authentication to: SHA-512 All in all, you are trying to make your connection when creating and botting on accounts look as "normal" as possible, and, this is what is behind the basis of this guide. I hope this can help you all in minimizing your accounts from getting locked as well as increasing the lifespan of your accounts. I will update this guide from time to time, fix any errors I notice, and include anything I feel is missing. Feel more than free to post your thoughts, comments and suggestions. Let me know if this has been beneficial to you. Best, -JoeDezzy1
  6. Proxies and so?

    Hello there,, I'm new to botting and I want to run like 15 bots. Do you maybe got any tips regarding to which bots I can/can't use and how to play them on different proxies? Since my main is on my standard IP and I don't want that one to get banned. I already saw this page, but I don't know how to use different proxies for the accounts. Thanks in advance, Bram
  7. Im kinda new to botting and i am currently botting on my laptop and playing regularly on my main on my computer, since i've heard of chainbans there's a risk my main gets banned. How does proxies work with VIP-E to stop this?
  8. Hello there fellow botters, I am new to proxy servers and to tribot overall so I have stumbled on a little problem. I have followed noob guides to prepare and while tribot loads up with the proxy info without any problems I can't seem to make it work on maxthon. More particularly I want to create an account on this proxy and the internet just doesn't work. I have downloaded the bot and put all the proxy information into the proxy slot in tribot and as the post suggest the thing loads up. But when I try to do the same thing on maxthon the internet on it doesn't work... There is also an error code: Error code 130 (net::ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED). Thanks in advance.
  9. Hey all, this is my first forum post so apologies if it's in the wrong section or whatever. I recently attempted to set up my first gold farm, purchased 3 private proxies from virmach, created the RS accounts using maxthon and the proxies, logged into the accounts using the aforementioned proxies and used a tutorial island script. However on return to the RS login screen I get the error "Account locked as we suspect it has been stolen". Did I do something wrong in the account creation, will this flag my proxy IP's? Thank you
  10. Cannot add Proxy?

    When I try to add a proxy in the tribot client it wont safe? Can someone help, so I can add a proxy and bot safe? Thanks!
  11. Best proxy to buy?

    I always buy Cormack proxies but I get banned so quit. I use LG maxthon, osbuddy. I got a new Cormack proxy instany was locked
  12. All virmach proxies flagged?

    Hey I'm almost sure all virmach proxies are flagged. I've botted for years and I notice the virmach proxies never lead anywhere good. I'm almost sure they are flagged and reused. Bought the proxy, made account got locked right away. Asked virmach too give me another proxy. Same thing account locked and one of my three starting accounts banned. I use every precaution I proxy osbuddy I use looking glass. I use maxthon proxy to make the accounts, I've tried numerous scripts. I manually do tutorial island, I take breaks. Virmach is complete shit, Could someone please PM me reliable proxies? thanks
  13. More Runescape Botting Guides at https://RSBotSpot.com Join our Runescape Botting Discord chat channel here Original/Updated Article here at RSBotSpot This guide contains affiliate links How to Unlock your Runescape Bot Account If you’ve tried your hand at goldfarming, you’ve probably experienced getting some of your accounts getting locked shorty after tutorial island. Locked Runescape Account After seeing this, many people assume the account is banned or useless, and continue creating more accounts. But that’s not the case! This guide will cover how to get your Runescape bot account unlocked (not unbanned) and continue botting. Account locks are a common occurrence for people who use proxies for Runescape botting. In my experience, this does not mean the proxy is flagged, and I’m able to bot successfully after recovery. Our Favorite Runescape Botting Proxy Providers We've tested and had great results with Runescape botting proxies from: Blazing Proxy (Use code RSBOTSPOT to save 5% recurring!)(CHEAPEST) Virmach (Use code SAVE20 to save 20% on your first order!) Proxy Fish (Use code OSBOT20 to save 20% on your first order!) Your Private Proxy How to Unlock your Runescape Botting Account 1. Log into the Locked Account Load up Runescape and attempt to log into the account. Then click the “Forgotten your password?” link, and follow the prompts. Forgot Password Link 2. Complete the Recovery Form Fill out the recovery form to the best of your ability. Runescape Account Recovery Form I highly recommend using the same IP you created the account on for this step. Check out our how to register your runescape account through a proxy guide for info on that. Tip: To find out your Internet Service Provider use a tool like whatsmyip. 3. Visit Account Recovery Link Visit the account recovery link in your email from Runescape, and set a new password. Runescape Account Recovery Unlock Email Recovery email is not instant. Typically comes well within 24 hours That’s it, you’re done! Your account is now unlocked and good to go, Happy Botting! Our Favorite Runescape Botting Proxy Providers We've tested and had great results with Runescape botting proxies from: Blazing Proxy (Use code RSBOTSPOT to save 5% recurring!)(CHEAPEST) Virmach (Use code SAVE20 to save 20% on your first order!) Proxy Fish (Use code OSBOT20 to save 20% on your first order!) Your Private Proxy Our Other Guides: All About Proxies for Runescape Botting How to Create and Register Runescape Bot Accounts Through a Proxy How to Use Proxies With TRiBot How to Expand your Goldfarm with a Botting VPS
  14. I have a issue and I'm getting upset. So I started using proxifer because widecap wasn't doing the job. Kept getting locked accounts. So I've literally made every application a proxy with proxifier. It does that on it's own or you can add specific programs. When I go on rs client or osbuddy I'm on my proxy. But when I try connecting the same proxy from tribot it cant connect. Is proxifier disabling tribot from connecting to it's proxy? Think I can just use looking glass with proxifer and not tribot's connected proxies? I used to could connect to tribot's proxies while using widecap. So what's the issue? Thanks
  15. Hello so I just started botting again I bought a proxy from virmach. I used widecap to proxy osbuddy and used tribots looking glass proxy option as well. I also created the account on a browser using the same proxy. My golden rule is never to bot on more then 4 accounts at once per IP. I made a total of 5 accounts, waited one day to make the last one, I was never logged into more then 4 accounts. Is my virmach proxy flagged? Think I will get chain banned now? I invested $50 into this, I'm so disappointed. I asked virmach to give me a new proxy but it seems the damage has already be done. I will be banned soon right? Botting on 3 accounts, was going to buy another proxy and bot on 4 more.
  16. Hello, I need help splitting Bot's through profixier or any software you know simillar to it, I already have a a lot of private proxy's with auth, it is fresh and working perfectly. Just need a little help, with splitting accounts, I don't use tribot feature proxy, not so noob at all* I am using Bitvise SSH Client for now and profixier aswell. If anyone knows any good software where you can split accounts in different proxies please share below in comments! I will appreciate very much! Best Regards, Toxic Hacker ^^
  17. So I purchased VIP 2 hours ago, have proxies from Blazing Proxies, and when I try to login on the TriBot client it takes approximately 30 seconds to try and login me in then comes up with an error saying my connection has timed out. I've tried 3 different proxies, and have tested them outside of the TriBot client to make sure it wasn't the proxies themselves. I'm not fully sure that Blazing Proxies has SOCKS5 support, but I read a forum on here that said they were highly recommended, and their servers said they came with HTTPS and SOCKS. Any help or trouble shooting guidance would be amazing. Thanks!
  18. New to botting- a few questions

    Bought VIP/a few premium scrips a couple days ago. I've been using my home IP address, which from what I've read is dangerous? As that IP can be flagged and my main that I don't not on can be affected (correct me if I'm wrong) How can I use a proxy? Is that generally a better option? How do you set one up? What is a 'dynamic signature'? Does that affect anything while botting? Would love to hear any general advice/tips for botting. I fully understand the danger of botting. Thanks fam
  19. Tribot is unable to connect to my proxy. The proxy is online and I also have the trial VIP which should permit me to use a proxy server. I have also tried retyping in my password after selecting the proxy. I also have double and triple checked that the proxy information is typed in correctly. I will be eternally grateful to anyone who is able to solve this problem.

    hey guys, ive just purchased a proxy and i was just wondering how exactly im meant to create my accounts using that proxy i put the proxy details into my google chrome and i cannot load anything it says the proxy is wrong i was just wondering how to set it up exactly i purchased virmach proxies thankyous in advance
  21. Where to buy Proxies?

    I need to buy a SOCKS5 Proxy. Where could I get one? I know Virmach has 5 USD/proxy, where can I buy cheaper, say 1-3$ per proxy?
  22. I've recently been banned on 7 accounts due to me running 10 on the same IP address and i need to know if it is possible to use socks 5 proxies on 10 accounts or more spread out on different IP's on the same computer?
  23. Proxies? HELP!

    Hello TriBotters! I'm brand-spankin' new to the world of botting and was hoping that someone could shed some light on proxies, the benefit of having/using them, how to use them, when not to use them, and any other useful information about them! So far, I've only used aMiner for about 10 hours on 2 different accounts that I don't really care about (1 new account, 1 old account). However, I have a main that I would like to attempt botting agility, rc, and mining on but I DO care A LOT about the account, I've been playing on it for over 15 years. Would proxies minimize the risk of a ban? I know there is always a chance a botted account will get banned so I'm just looking to gain as much knowledge as I can about different strategies/safety methods before I do commence botting on that account. Thank you all in advance for your tips/advice! Edit: If this post is in the wrong section, can a mod/admin please move it? Thanks!
  24. Hi I have encountered a strange problem. On my local IP and the proxy IP I am able to load the oldschool runescape homepage. However when I try and select a world using this url: http://oldschool.runescape.com/game?world=326 I only manage to connect and get to the login screen on my local IP While on the proxy IP I get a Security Exception: MalformedURLException: unkown protocol: socket http://prntscr.com/flt91h I am using a socks5 Proxy using port 1080 if that helps. It's a new Proxy and I haven't been banned using it... Yet. I can also using Looking glass (with the proxy) with osbuddy however it causes my computer to lag. I need a way of testing scripts I've wrote for a long period of time however I find osbuddy and looking glass too taxing on my computer.
  25. Hello, I have been doing some research recently and speculating on the ways Jagex trace devices and networks that players play on. Firstly, we know that your global IP address can be seen easily outside your local network. Secondly, your MAC address. I understand that it's not visible outside your router. I have seen a lot of people say that Jagex aren't able to see your MAC address but I am certain there are software and scripts that allow them to collect your devices information, including HWID and MAC address. I know this because, here, in the U.K gambling websites install a tracing tool whenever you make a new account that collects vasts amounts of data, anything there is to know about your device (device information, specifications, operating system version and even browsing history) and stores it on remote servers. This is to prevent people creating multiple accounts and abusing their promotional offers. The tool is called "iesnare" or "mpsnare" and it is completely legal for them to collect your information as it's stated in their terms and conditions. Now back to Jagex, as the Runescape client is a downloadable software, it is completely possible for them to collect various information about your device. In fact, their Privacy Policy states it clearly that they DO collect your device information as stated in this post here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/67175-can-runescape-see-my-system-information/ Now to my main questions: 1. I read many threads on this forum and people suggest using proxies for multiple account botting. So if I wanted to bot on 25 different accounts and had set 25 different proxies for every single one of them, that would result in me botting on 25 different clients with unique IP addresses. Nevertheless, people who do this don't get chain-banned frequently and I have no idea why as Jagex can clearly see that you are running those clients from the same device. 2. Lastly, if I were to setup 5 virtual machines and run 5 clients through 5 proxies on each VM, would that be seen by Jagex as 5 different devices running 5 clients each through proxies (so each client would have a different IP but they would still be able to see every 5 clients originating from the same device)? Any input and suggestions are really appreciated! Shibalicious