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  1. Who are you? Hello, My names Mr.Boost I am a csgo booster from Europe. I have been playing cs for a long, long time with former experience playing in high tier teams competing against the best teams around the world! What services do you offer? *I am offering very cheap boosting in all ranks. *Unranked to Legendary Eagle Master (10 promo rank wins).*Profile rank 3.*I am happy to Duo/Lobby too although this will be more expensive. How much do you charge? Since I am new to the forums and need to build up a reputation I will be working for extremely low prices for the first few customers with deals on bigger purchases! This will my main source of income so you can expect nothing less than a professional, reliable and a secure service. Silver Ranks: £2.50 per rank. Gold Ranks: £3.50 per rank.MG Ranks: £5.50 per rank.DistinguishedMG to Legendary Eagle: £8.00.Legendary Eagle to Legendary Eagle Master: £12.00.Legendary Eagle Master to SupremeMFC: £17.00.SupremeMFC to Global Elite: £25.00.Unranked to Legendary Eagle Master (10 promo rank wins): £18.00.PROFILE RANK 3: £17.00.Other: Feel free to add me to Skype where we can discuss custom work/prices. Do you have a Gallery? Yes, here is some screenshots of recent boosting jobs that I have done with customer feedback. Here is a screenshot of me ranking up my personal account from Supreme Master First Class to Global Elite. Here is a screenshot of me duoq boosting 'Mann*****' from Legendary Eagle Master to Global Elite. This game he ranks up to Global Elite. Customer feedback: A screenshot boosting customer 'rob*****' from unranked to Legendary Eagle Master (10 promo rank wins). Customer feedback: A screenshot boosting customer 'rob*****' account again but this time from Legendary Eagle Master to Supreme Master First Class. Customer feedback: A screenshot of me duoq boosting customer 'SiL*****' account from SupremeMFC to Global Elite. This game he ranks up to Global Elite. I am also boosting customers 'rob*****' account further to Global Elite. Customer feedback: Some feedback from Sythe users How can I contact you? Email: [email protected] Skype: mrboostservicesWebsite: Under construction Social medias: Under construction Other FAQ Why are you boosting? It is hard to compete against teams that are paid to play the game 7 days a week when you have a full time job and no time to play. Offering my services means I can play the game I love on a daily basis while helping you guys out by getting you the ranks you deserve, as well as getting a little practice in! I have ranked multiple accounts to Global Elite. What is your Delivery time?The queue time depends on things such as number of customers although I am more than happy to to play 12-18 hours a day so if you are looking for a quick rank up look no further! Every order will be started within 24 hours of being placed. Be aware that if you do not want me to play on your account, delivery time will usually take longer due to your own performance but I will do everything I can to make you a better player during the time we play together. How can I trust you with my account/inventory?I will not be using any kind of 3rd party software. I have never cheated in my 10 years+ of playing counter strike. My skill comes from years of experience. When I log into your Steam account it will be from a new device and location, meaning I will have a 7 day market cooldown where I can not access Steam trade or the market. This will give you all the protection you need. What payment methods do you accept?I am currently only accepting payments for my services via PayPal, CSGO skins with a 40%+ and CSGO keys. Your current team?My recent team disbanded due lack of financial support so I am available 24/7! What is your Terms of Service?* If you have any issues contact me immediately.* All skins and cases dropped while I play on your account are yours.* If you would like to play on your account during my service you can only play casual games, offline and community servers but you must contact me first so we can create a schedule.* Do not login to your account while I am boosting.* Payment is always before service.* All payments are final.* We exchange feedback after completion of service.* By hiring me, you accept my terms.* Failure to comply with the terms will result in immediate termination of my services and no refund will be issued. Please note paying with Paypal* Paypal payments must be sent as gift with attached ToS note(will send on Skype).* You must have a verified Paypal account.* If there are additional fees you must cover them.* Your Paypal account must be older than July 2015. Contact info Email: [email protected]: mrboostservices
  2. Welcome! I have returned to Runescape after a long break since Summer. As a result, I will be creating a fresh portfolio. Basically the first 3 people to reply to this post will receive 1 FREE signature! If an item you want is not available on my store, please feel free to add me on skype and we can work something out!