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Found 3 results

  1. Buying bulk items of the following. Message me on here or reply. Looking for bulk supplier. Next to each item is a minimum amount to sell please don't ask for less thanks and have a nice day. Tabs (1k+) Cowhides (1.5k+) Flax/Bow string (10k+) Pure essence/Essence (10k+) Logs (5k+ ) Ores/Bars (5k+) Seeds (depends ask me) Raw fish (3k+) Gems (500+) Cannonballs (1k+) Runes- Bloods/Death/Chaos/Souls/Astrals/Law/Nature (1k+) Snape grass,Red spider eggs,Mort myre fungi,Zammy wines, (3k+) Planks (1k+)
  2. I am buying bulk Mithril Ore. I am buying for 160 ea unless you have over 10k than I will buy 180 ea! Thank you! PM me in game at: 'SR-I-ZHARTH' If I'm not online, feel free to post here or PM me through the forums!
  3. Hey guys, I'm going to try and develop a runite miner! This will take some time as I'm still learning to script but as I go along I will make the script more & more flawless & more & more robust. Currently: Developing Heroes Guild location. Banking Tele to Burthope Tele to Edge Walk To Guild Recharge Glory Mine Rocks World Hopper Ore Timer Antiban Paint/GUI First location I'll be developing/supporting is the Heroes Guild. It will use Glory > Tele To Edge for banking & return using Games > Tele To Burthope, so technically all you will need is a shit load of games. When Glory runs out it will refill it before continuing mining. Maybe I'll add banking at Rogue's Den as an option but I'm pretty sure that would take longer, would eliminate need for Glory & Game though.. So we'll see. Currently: fixing walking path to Fountain + recharging method. To do(in order): World Hopper, Ore Timer, Mining Method, Antiban. Next Location: Mining Guild When I finish first location I'll release it for testing.
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