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Found 1 result

  1. I've seen a lot of topics about "BULL SHIT" in my opinion, Myself I have a bit of botting experience behind me but not near as much, as a lot of the players on this forum THESE PLAYERS BARELY LIKE TO SHARE ANY KNOWLEDGE THEY HAVE ( SAD CUNTS ). I have came back from a 1 or 2 year lay off from runescape ( came back purely for money gains ) to the ban hammer harder than ever. I started botting in the nexus days such easy times... anywho . . . THE TIME OF DAY YOU BOT MATTERS doesn't it make sense that lower ban rate times would be when jagex staff clock off work pretty sure niggers aint on a night shift roster. Get Vip Extended and use proxys for every account you bot on this will reduce your bans 10 fold. Using same ip on every account your botting on will get you banned in the long run. EVERY F2P BOT GETS BANNED DAILY from 9am Cambridge time to 9.20 am Cambridge time THIS IS A FUCKING FACT thank me later. BOTTING F2P 24-7 ( any skill ) is possible for 3 - 4 days from Friday-Saturday afternoon in Australia till Monday-Tuesday 4pm - 5pm with out bans FACT thank me later. ( this has been done botting all 10 - 16 accounts on same ip in exact same areas doing same skill ) MULES there not as ban susceptible as everyone thinks ...... I change my mule every few weeks and use my mules as my botting skillers no mules banned so far only running 8 - 12 hours a day im talking cutting yews seers mining coal in guild , flecthing arrow shafts what more proof do you want. Getting banned is all on YOUR OWN HEAD Its you who choses the script you use DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH don't use fucked scripts don't use non ABCL 10 don't use same script for more than 2 or 3 , 12 hour shifts in a row. . . . just use your fucking common sense and you wont be banned DO NOT FUCKING BLAME THE SCRIPTER EITHER. ill Add more shit later for ever who can be bothered reading this rant ^^
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