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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys. Trying to accept an incoming trade but whenever I try to get the chatBox interface it's always null? It's definitely visible on the screen? My code is simply (where CHAT_PARENT is 137): When I use the following code to see if the interface is there, its not shown: Any ideas?
  2. Hey. Just trying to right click make all on the gold bracelet interface. Most recent thing i've trid is getting the RSInterfaceChild braceInterface = Interfaces.get(446,47); then calling it as braceInterface.click("Make-All"); I've tried a few other things from the forum that I can't thing of atm, so any help would be appreciated.
  3. I read the interface api and went through previous posts but still retarded lol. Anyway how do i right click on the interface and than click "make all pairs". I got my parent and child which are 154 and 93. Im trying to make leather gloves http://imgur.com/a/dyhKk
  4. Hello I've just signed up today and I've been doing very well creating my own custom script to fish and cook at the same time. However now that i'm at a point where i need to select the "cook all" chatbox option i'm stumped on how to do this. I've looked at the 'Interface' and 'ChooseOption' sections of the API to no avail (i'm pretty sure i have to use Interface tho). My current feeble attempt is as follows-> RSInterface child = Interfaces.get(137,1); child.click(); .Okay so a couple of things, in the client nowhere in the debugging menu do i see anything to do with interfaces and their indexes, the only thing i found was at 'org.tribot.api2007.Constants.IDs.Interfaces' with chatbox having a value of 137 (are these the indexes?). i'm also unsure about the whole Master->Child->component stuff (ex: are components the select options themselves? then the master would be the chatbox interface and child would be the option container holder?). If anyone could help and show me a short example of how to select a chatbox interface then select "cook all" , i'm sure i would finally get a hold on this and be able to further apply this knowledge Thanks in advance!
  5. Guest

    Assume's Logic Pro

    I couldn't contact @Assume (he wouldn't reply to anything on skype or on forums) so I guess I'll have to ask you guys. I need help selecting interfaces on logic pro. Example 1: Let's say i'm trying to make a fletching bot. I tell it to use a knife on a log and I am asked "What would you like to make?" and there are three options! So I have to select a shortbow, longbow, or stock and THEN select how many I want. Example 2: lets say I wanted to make a herblore script that made potions for me. When I click on a guam and then a vial of water, I get an interface which requires me to right click and select how many.
  6. Hi all, I'm trying to finish a simple buyer that buys coal from shop. But it is unable to close when stock becomes 0, http://pastebin.com/iF9twcp9 can anyone tell me what's wrong? Btw I'm using tehrhio shopping api from here https://tribot.org/forums/topic/31729-shopping-api/.
  7. Hey, so I'm having a bit of trouble with an interface, here is my code: private boolean doCaveInterface(){ RSInterfaceChild interfaceChild = Interfaces.get(212, 3); if(interfaceChild != null){ interfaceChild.click("Continue"); RSInterfaceChild interfaceChild2 = Interfaces.get(228, 1); if(interfaceChild2 != null){ interfaceChild2.click("Continue"); return true; } } return false; }The problem is that, it will complete up to the line: interfaceChild.click("Continue");but it will not do the second part of the code to click continue on the next interface. To get it working temporarily I've just made two methods and called the second method after the first one, like this: private boolean doCaveInterface1(){ RSInterfaceChild interfaceChild = Interfaces.get(212, 3); if(interfaceChild != null){ interfaceChild.click("Continue"); return true; } return false; } private boolean doCaveInterface2(){ RSInterfaceChild interfaceChild = Interfaces.get(228, 1); if(interfaceChild != null){ interfaceChild.click("Continue"); return true; } return false; }I would prefer to have just one method to complete both interfaces, instead of two, so hopefully someone can help me out! Thanks in advance, Jason.
  8. V3 changelog - Added search option (shows path in bot debug) - Added toggle to image debugging - Faster due to less debugging V6 changelog - Does now debug the information in the "Client Debug" tab - Search does now return ALL the found items instead of stopping after finding one match - Updated default size of the GUI so that you won't need to scroll most of the times. You can still resize it to your likings obviously Screenshots of version #6 Explorer Searching http://puu.sh/4kq8M.png Pre-compiled version can be downloaded below. You can find the source on Github, link can be found in my signature. You can also get it on the repository: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php?search=interface&sort=default&category=all&price=any JJsInterfaceExplorerV6.zip
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