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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to {Rav}NardahCleaner! {Rav}NardahCleaner will clean the selected herb from the GUI at Zahur. Cleaning a herb will cost 200gp, but you can do it at lvl 1 Herblore! You can start the script almost anywhere. It will use Walk or RugTravel (Select your favorite way in the GUI) to travel to Nardah. Requirements: - Herbs of choise - 5 gp for a Shantay Pass (Or have one already banked.) - 400gp if you choose RugTravel. Script will stop if you are out of the selected herb. Current features: - All herbs - Walking, start it almost anywhere! - Rug travel - Simple GUI - Simple Paint Herb list: GUAM_LEAF = 199 MARRENTILL = 201 ROGUES_PURSE = 1533 TARROMIN = 203 HARRALANDER = 205 RANARR = 207 TOADFLAX = 3049 IRIT_LEAF = 209, AVANTOE = 211 KWUARM = 213 SNAPDRAGON = 3051 CADANTINE = 215, LANTADYME = 2485 DWARF_WEED = 217 TORSTOL = 219 (GUI) (Paint) Current found bugs: - None. Current version: 1.00 First release. 1.01 Changed ScriptManifest 1.02 Cleaned some parts of my code. Please let me know if you found any bugs and some progress report would be really nice By using or opening my scripts you are agreeing to be bound by my Terms and Conditions. Which can be found here: http://pastebin.com/a9PjXr9a Source code: Main class: http://pastebin.com/eN1wpPfi Methode class: http://pastebin.com/iVW4LNqb Walking class: http://pastebin.com/zym7bChu Var class: http://pastebin.com/dN18upUx Repository Link
  2. Silk Stealer 6000! Looking for that script that will get you to level 53 thieving for DT? Look no further! What does it do? This script will effortlessly steal from Silk Stall in Ardougne & then bank it all for you! ​ Ardougne Knights getting pesky? Not a problem, this script will make sure they stay out of your way by getting luring them away.​​​ Want to know your progress? PaintOnScreen will let you know the following: Your current level, levels gained, XP gained, XP till your next level, as well as how much XP you're getting per hour! Where do I start it? I recommend starting at Ardounge's Market, but with the use of WebWalking, you can technically start this script from anywhere! What levels do I need? Level 20 thieving? Then we'll steal silk to your heart's content! (As long as you heart's content with 53 thieving). Not level 20 yet? No Problem! This script will Home Tele to Lumbridge & pickpocket men until you are Level 20! What's the XP/Profit like? You will on average earn about 9k XP an hour. Due to the silk respawn time this is pretty standard for everyone. Meaning you can achieve 53 thieving in less than 18 hours using this script from level 1! Profit is around: 28 silk every 5 mins (1,680gp when sold back to Merchant) or 336 silk an hour (20,160gp when sold back to Merchant). You would have to steal 5.5k silk to achieve 53 thieving from 20, which adds up to 330k when sold back to Merchant! Wow! Does it do anything else!? You bet'cha! Tons of silk banked from using this script? We can help! As long as you are level 53 thieving, this script will sell your silk back to Merchant for 60gp ea! Script will also print progress reports into the debug window of it's current status as well as how many silks you have either stolen ;] or sold! *WARNING: If you've stolen from the Silk Merchant within 30 minutes - 1hr of trying to sell silk to him, he will recognize you & have guards attack you! The script will then have to run away and log out. So please play for at least an hour before attempting to sell silk.* Debug Reports: Post feedback if you'd like. Enjoy! Get This Script!
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