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Found 3 results

  1. So I've looked around in the forums some and understand the gist of needing the JDK and Java version/Tribot client to match the bit (32bit or 64bit) of the client its hooking onto when using looking glass. A few questions I have are whether OSBuddy is necessary for this to work if using 64-bit and how would one correctly hook either multiple tabs or multiple Tribot clients to their respective Osbuddy clients? Not that I've tried yet but would the Tribot client(s) get confused with seeing multiple instances that it could potentially hook onto or all hook into the same OSBuddy client? I doubt it works that way but I'm not clear on how it does in this instance. I thought for some reason the tabs option within Tribot was for opening a client that LG could hook onto, sort of like a AIO kinda deal, Whats the benefit to multiple tabs if its generally recommended to use several clients anyways? Also, are there any noticeable benefits or in contrast issues to using the 32-bit Java/JDK with Tribot like less system usage or anything? For Example, do most scripts work better with 32 or 64 or does the kit even effect the a scripts ability to function??
  2. Hello, I am running Windows Server 2012 and recently found out that I had installed a 32 bit java whilst my OS is 64bit. After uninstalling 32bit java and updating to 64bit java I am unable to start the bot. I get the following error: Even though it says it will now start, nothing comes up. I have also installed the 64bit development kit and it will not work. I have tried all the 3 java versions available in the Tribot loader. These consist of JDK 64bit, and 2x JRE 64bit. Edit: I have deleted the .tribot folder and downloaded a fresh Tribot loader as well. Didn't help. Please help a fellow botter out!
  3. Hi, I have changed my OS and java to 64bit and I have noticed that my clients are using more RAM, leading to whitescreens and "Max Heap Size Reached" I set my heap size to 256, but still my clients are using around 350mb ram each. Is this normal? How can I prevent this? I am running java 8 update 31, (update 40 won't run Tribot) and I am using the JDK. Should I switch to the JRE? Why do the clients use ~350mb whilst I allocate 256 per client? (in client starter) Thanks for helping a fellow botter
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