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Found 17 results

  1. Skype: live:bd9c2f85a33e85a8 | add me on Skype Discord: DovisGold#3723 Discord ID Unique: 569672499537903616
  2. Add my discord for communication (worthy#2076) Paypal is for select users, only if you have a decent amount of risk in the runescape community (such as many private / premium scripts, donations, etc.); I will ask you some questions and evaluate your risk. You can also build trust by trading with me in small increments (using the same PayPal email). So even if you don't have a lot of risk in the community, we can gradually build up payments over time for example: 50m today to start, 100m next week, 300m the next week, etc. Interac E-Transfer is for Canadians only! This method is always accepted TRiBot Credits - always accepted. NEW LOW PRICE OF: $0.96/M (25 - 49m) $0.93/M (50m+) $0.90/M (100m+) PLENTY IN STOCK Regards, Worthy
  3. It appears BTC via the website is currently down? Not sure https://tribot.org/forums/topic/68343-tribot-purchase-credits-via-bitcoin-currently-down/ Anyway, currently looking to purchase 8 credits via OSRS Gold or Bitcoin. Post your price and payment method here! I'm ready to trade immediately. Thank you!
  4. No longer associated with this website.
  5. I am currently accepting ONLY Bitcoin unless you have more feedback than me. If you are an obviously trusted gold buyer on TRiBot, I will sell to you for $1.10/m with verified PayPal. I will not be going first unless you have more feedback than me. Price is firm. Current Stock: 200m Current Price: $1.15/m Minimum purchase: 5m I will not be initiating any trades through Skype. If you are interested, you must PM me or post on this thread.
  6. Small Time OSRS Gold Seller 100% Positive Feedback Always Request a PM on TriBot PayPal Payments Only At This Time Current Price: 2.5$/M~ IN STOCK (Restocking in a few hours)
  7. Selling 07 GP Sell Price 3.6$/M (07) * I reserve the right to request ID. click icon to add my skype Order Form
  8. Stock: 4+ Skype: FlyingAK47 Currently only taking paypal UNLESS ITS $5 OR MORE IN GOLD I COULD SELL RIGHT AWAY
  9. hey guys im offering this becuz i aint 18 so cant buy with anything else you can buy 2 members with it and if you buy one at a store near you(walmart) etc you can get 5 since u have 4 dollar left after u bought 2 mems thanks! will not go first if you aint trusted on here. we can use mm
  10. Closed. Due to a slew of recent unfortunate events, I have decided to end my involvement in the Tribot Black Market. All my monetary services will be terminated immediately.
  11. Closed. Due to a slew of recent unfortunate events, I have decided to end my involvement in the Tribot Black Market. All my monetary services will be terminated immediately.
  12. Selling 18 Tri bot Credits 400k each for all. 450k if u buy other amount. we could use mm or do it one by one all fine by me i dont go first by reg member/vip. pm me on forums
  13. 2.8/M ~ Firm skype: johnfromthecon
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