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Found 141 results

  1. krisped

    refund vip

    Hi, i bought the wrong VIP, was going to buy the 8$ vip and bought the 6,50$ instead... Possible to get points back so i can buy the extended? Thanks..
  2. when i log into client it gives me the option to buy vip but i already bought it , had 2 day vip but bought the monthly one yesterday but still not showing up , please help.
  3. dziendobry


    my questiion is what i need to buy to use proxies in tribot clint what vip??? or no need vip for just one proxy .. i need one proxy just VIP for botting enthusias
  4. Hello!, ive bought VIP and when i start a script it told me that im not VIP! Hope you can help me !
  5. Thebotter27

    VIP refund

    Can I refund my VIP subscription? I have come to the conclusion that tribot simply does not work with RS3. I am not an OS RS player so this subscription is utterly useless to me.
  6. Following up on the "TRiBot Release 9.303_5" post by TRiLeZ, we intend to extend the VIP/VIP-E of all users while the combat hooks were being worked on. If you are a user who had VIP/VIP-E during the past two weeks, and your subscription is still running, you should have received your extension. If you are a user who had VIP/VIP-E, and your subscription has run out, please post a reply to this thread, and myself or another staff member will PM you a few questions and make sure you are properly credited. Unfortunately, this processes is not automatic, but we appreciate your patience as we work to do right by you. Regards, Staff team
  7. Welcome to My Tribot Credits/VIP Shop! 1 credit: ~525k 07/ 4.2m Rs3 1 Tribot VIP (6.5 credits): 3.8m 07/ 36.5m Rs3 We can work out a better rate if you are purchasing 10+ credits My Only Skype: BurntishSwap If you dont have a Skype feel free to Pm me on Skype or post on this thread. Beware of Impostors! Always ask for Pm confirmation before a trade! Once the payment has been received I will transfer the credits to your Tribot Account. Order Form: How many credits are you buying: Have you added me on skype?: Are you paying with 07 or Rs3 gp?:
  8. in my account it says i have 2-4 days of vip but when i go use a script in the bot it says i dont have vip ?
  9. Hello I have been using Tri bot for a couple of days now and loving it! been using the Aio combat and magic (Amazing!) my Question is about vip extended. I first purchased vip a couple of days ago and Tonight i have bought vip extended because i want to take every precaution i can and start using Looking glass, under the purchase vip tab in the repository it says i have 56 days of vip and 30 days of vip extended is there a way to make vip extended take over my regular vip subscription so i can start using looking glass? or do i wait a month till my vip subscription has expired? I'm guessing it says 56 days vip left because of my recent purchase of vip extended Thanks for the help in advanced.
  10. Hello, Im going to be buying VIP or VIP E, which option VIP or VIP E provides looking glass client tho? In addition, VIp- E says it has proxy options, but cant you control to a VPn like expressvpn and then login on Tribot to bot? And also when purchasing a script It says e.g Price 2.99 Per Auth, timespan 30 days. Does that mean when you purchase the script it is available for 30 days however each login use of that script requires another 2.99$? What does Per Auth mean? Im sorry but im noob to this, please explain it to me, Thanks:)
  11. Title says it all...buying a few credits with Bitcoin or OSRS GP. Please post here, PM me, or contact me on Skype at live:snowbear.business Thank you!
  12. Hey, id like to purchase a 1 month VIP via RSGP, I'd like to use a middleman unless your trusted. Give me your offers/ Skype names and I'll add you. Thanks.
  13. Let me know i'm trying to buy asap
  14. DarinBens


    Can I buy VIP with bitcoin from anyone? I do not trust btc with new members, only trusted members pls unless you send 6.5 credits to me first then I will send $8 btc
  15. I am trying to get tribot and cannot purchase with my own credit card. Can I use a Prepaid?
  16. DarinBens


    I am trying to buy VIP with BTC and can't find the option for it, Or it is not available? I have done so in the past, IDK if something was changed? Can't find BTC link
  17. So just started a obby mauler, what do you guys suggest skill i bot to make money on the account ?
  18. I need 8 credits for VIPE, must be trusted. PM me or add me on my skype: brenden.two.strike
  19. killer347

    VIP extended

    hey guy, is there anyway that i can upgrade to vip extended from vip, like can i just pay the difference? and if so. how?
  20. Ok. So I've been trying to purchase credits all week. I tried with BTC and Credit card. At first, the BTC purchase option was available but it led me to a blank page. Then wednesday the BTC option was not there so I decided to try with my debit card (visa). It would simply deny it every time. I want to buy these credits (15) since last weekend and haven't been able to do so.
  21. I am looking for the best money making script every produced. Money is no problem willing to pay as long as has good references. Need OSRS GP by the boat load!
  22. Hi guys, Tried to purchase VIP through paypal, but still had my VPN enabled... Now i get this error: Payment failed: We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent. So i turned it off my VPN and still can't purchase VIP so i'm kind of stuck. Anyone that can help? Thanks, Huccii
  23. I want to start writing my own TRiBot scripts. I wrote a simple one and moved the .CLASS files into my /.tribot/bin/scripts/ folder. Only scripts that I add from the repository that I've 'activated' show up though. I tried to upload it to the repository but was denied. Running java 8/windows 10 Thank you
  24. so everytime i use one of my cards it says "Payment failed: We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent." i understand if it was one of my cards you know but all of them after a single use theres no email from my bank saying anything about fraudulance its coming from this system how do i fix???
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