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Found 140 results

  1. Twitch

    perm banned.

    I created this account on a proxy server from sanderty, lvld all stats 100 % legit and started to bot 1 week after creating this account. so i botted for like 3 days 1hour / day. just to test this bot etc. i never left my bot alone always babysitted it. i used the: AIO Air Orb Crafter . so i tried to login today and see i got perm banned. "Banned: Due to the high level of offences you have committed, your account has been permanently banned." the same thing happend to 2 other account. but the other accounts just got a 2 day ban. i used different ip´s for all my bots. now i am not sure if the proxy is the problem or the Orb Scrip. any opinions ?
  2. How To Use a Proxy (VIP Extended) I have noticed that quite a few people are unsure how to add/use a proxy. This will be a step by step detailed picture tutorial to help those who are struggling. I hope it helps. ** Please tell me below which other tutorials you would like to see, I am currently considering making one detailing how to set up your own private SOCKS5 proxy/proxies on a VPS. ** 1. Open up the latest TRiBot loader and click on the "Proxy" button. 2. Click "Insert" to add a new proxy, a new field should appear, double click the "Nickname" field. 3. Fill in a name and click the enter button to save it. Repeat the double click, fill in and enter process for all the other fields. Click "OK" when done. 4. You will now be back on the main screen, notice that no proxy is selected (bottom right corner). To fix this, click the drop down arrow. 5. This drop down menu should appear, currently, "None" is selected. You want to select the proxy you have just inputted, in my case, "TEST TEST:TEST". (NOTE: It appears as Nickname IP:Port) 6. If your screen looks like this (with a different proxy in the corner), log in as normal. TRiBot will connect through the proxy, masking your IP.
  3. Hey i am looking to buy 1 or multiple proxys with 07 gold. it costs around 2.75m / proxy- but i got confused by this monthy payment from the super moderator YoHojo. so is it possible to just buy a proxy without paying monthly? i am very confused and new to this. i would appreciate help. Thank you
  4. Alright, Topic closed. thx for the help
  5. If you want a free 2 hour trial, add me on Skype to get started! Skype: milleniumgp I can also take RSGP payments for all these service! Contact my on Skype to get the current rate! *If Live chat is online, if not allow up to 24 hours for setup.
  6. Hello, I recently bought some proxies and plan to start a small farm. I put in all the info for the proxies in the client and was able to log in and use the proxy. My problem is that when I open up a second client and try to use a different proxy on it the scripts do not show up when the client loads up. Has anyone experienced this issue? Thanks for any and all help. **Mods please move this thread to the right section of the forum if I am posting in the wrong place.**
  7. is there any way i can tell if the proxy im getting is actualy private and not just one of google? if so how?
  8. Selling Private, never used socks5 proxies compatible with Tribot! Price: 1.7m/month Why is it so cheap?: Because I do not want insane profit margins like some other people on here (Shots fired) If you buy a proxy with a "Setup fee" It is honestly just a scam for more money, mine have no "First time setup fee" or anything, ready to go very soon after you buy!!! If you have any questions contact me on Skype: Chazcrocker , post on here or PM me! I can give bulk discounts also! Hopefully you enjoy my proxies and Have a great day Tribot users!!!
  9. I'm selling private proxies, for 1.6m each. They will be delivered to you first, you get to try them out and i will help you with any difficulties setting up your bots with proxies. PRICE TABLE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 proxy -> 1.6M OSRS GOLD 3 proxies -> 1.55M OSRS GOLD 5 or more proxies -> 1.5M OSRS GOLD CHEAPEST PROXIES AROUND The proxies cost 1.6M/month and are freshly created, no used proxies that have already been flagged. Contact me on skype if you are interested.
  10. Hey guys, So earlier today I experienced the unfortunate event of a chain ban. I was botting on 4 different characters that were helping eachother farm gold (they weren't interacting with each other yet though). They were all banned simultaneously, and I can only assume that this is because they were created on, and botted from, the same IP address. My question is: Does using a VPN or proxy reduce the chances, or even eliminate the occurrences of, chain bans/bans in general? Thanks guys EDIT: If you guys think this is a good idea, do you know of any tutorials of how to set this up with tribot? I'm completely new to proxies and VPS/VPNs
  11. Hey everyone, Does anyone know of a tutorial on how to bot using a VPN (so that each account on each tab is shown to be logged in from a different IP address?) If not, could someone help me out? Thanks!
  12. I recently got back into 07 Gold Farming. So 2 days ago I setup 4 accounts at chins, the accounts were all going well and I was making about 15m/day. Then I woke up this morning to find them all Perm Banned. How can I avoid getting all of my accounts perm banned? I have changed my IP ect... and they get banned every time. I have found that If I am only running one bot the account wont get banned. But as soon as I start running 2+ on the same IP/Comp the accounts seem to get banned very quickly. Are there any methods/ways to avoid this? I was considering either proxy'ing the client's to different IP's or running the clients in virtual box's on different VPN's. So what I was wondering is: Would this work? Is there an easier way to do it?
  13. Would be nice to see proxies based off each tab instead of per TRiBot client so that people running multiple TRiBot clients in order to use proxies don't have to constantly restart their clients to run a script. When you run multiple TRiBot clients it constantly forces you to close and reopen the client in order to run a script.
  14. Would it be possible to have proxy support added directly into the client? This would allow users to have a unique ip for each client that was being run. Thus potentially increasing the safety of users should they wish to use it. Many programs use proxy support adding this could give tribot another leading edge against the competition and possibly lower bot ban rates. Anyone else be interested in a system like this?
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