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Found 38 results

  1. It may be impossible for some users to purchase credits via the repository due to the limited payment methods or you've being blacklisted (fairly or unfairly), therefore I am offering a cheap alternative at near cost price for you to purchase credits via RSGP! Effortlessly purchase credits from a verified re-seller (Also a long standing TRiBot Premium scripter and Support member!) Current price: 1.15M per credit (minimum purchase of 5) Contact me Via PM or Skype (druid.tb) for a quick response!
  2. would need the credits for 2 day trial vip, wanna see few scripts, if want to start some farming. I was wondering some one saying selling via paypal but they don't sell but say? would be appreciated if this going fast and now. 26hour not slept. want to bot run over night to see results.
  3. VPSNET.COM DELIVERS SECURE, RELIABLE AND AFFORDABLE VPS HOSTING SOLUTIONS VPSnet.com offers reliable, affordable servers and has been specializing in the field of data centre services since 2007. By choosing the services of VPSnet.com, customers both reduce their expenditures and save time. Running the own data centre, VPSnet.com controls the total service provision process, so it can both provide complex services and ensure high service availability for a competitive price. Flexible solutions, long-term experience and a constant improvement process – this is why You should be considered for choosing us. At this time VPSnet.com has significantly increased VPS resources. From now on all VPS servers will have up to double resources for the same price: VPS-1 1GB RAM 2Ghz/1 core CPU 10GB SSD 50Mbps uplink Unlimited transfer Daily Backups 1x IPv4 /112 (65,536 IPs) IPv6 OpenVZ/Custom $2.10/month <CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED> VPS-2 2GB RAM 3Ghz/1 core CPU 15GB SSD 80Mbps uplink Unlimited transfer Daily Backups 1x IPv4 /112 (65,536 IPs) IPv6 OpenVZ/Custom $3.1/month <CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED> VPS-3 3GB RAM 4Ghz/2 cores CPU 20GB SSD 100Mbps uplink Unlimited transfer Daily Backups 1x IPv4 /112 (65,536 IPs) IPv6 OpenVZ/Custom $4.19/month <CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED> VPS-4 4GB RAM 5Ghz/2 cores CPU 30GB SSD 100Mbps uplink Unlimited transfer Daily Backups 1x IPv4 /112 (65,536 IPs) IPv6 OpenVZ/Custom $5.77/month <CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED> All VPS come with: Instant activation Daily backups Professional support team 30-day money-back guarantee Easy to use control panel Premium network High quality equipment High frequency CPU cores (higher or equal to 3.4 ghz per core) TUN/TAP support Manual reverse DNS (PTR) management Ability to manage resources Possibility to order/renew for 1 day Get IPv6 address for free High freequency CPU cores (higher or equal to 3.4 ghz per core) Possibility to upgrade server resources in any time for free (trading resources with expiration date) And more Wide range of payment methods: Credit/Debit cards PayPal WebMoney E-banking systems PaySera SafetyPay CashU Bank wire transfer SMS messages And many others Maximum availability, the best performance, and professional customer service Allows us the opportunity to exceed your expectations DC Security: Servers will be hosted in our highly secured data center featuring 24x7x365 on-site security, with anti-tailgating technology, keycard access denial systems. CCTV throughout the facility interior and exterior. Our other services: VDS - (KVM virtualization with Windows/Linux/FreeBSD/Microtic/other operating systems support) DS - Physical (Dedicated) servers Server Collocation Network information Vilnius, Lithuania Test IPv4: Test IPv6: 2a05:7cc0::3 Do You Have Any Questions? Please feel free to contact us if you need any help or further information. <Click Here> and member of staff will get back to you as soon as possible! Find Us On Social Media: Twitter: infoVPSnet Instagram: infoVPSnet Facebook: infoVPSnet Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and other legal info can be found here -- VPSnet.com Administration UAB ESNET https://www.vpsnet.com/
  4. Click the website link above to visit our site! Payment methods we support. Average Payment after delivery time: 2 Minutes We will trade you from a non level 3 to ensure your account's safety. No more trading in Lumbridge, either! Easy to follow instructions for a smooth trade 1) Visit our website. 2) Purchase the gold you want via our processing system. 3) Contact live chat with your order ID. 4) Meet up with us and claim your gold!
  5. Click the website link above to visit our site! Payment methods we support. Average Payment after delivery time: 2 Minutes We will trade you from a non level 3 to ensure your account's safety. No more trading in Lumbridge, either! Easy to follow instructions for a smooth trade 1) Visit our website. 2) Let us know how much you're looking to sell 3) Meet up with us!
  6. I bought tribot yesterday, April 20th. Used it on my account that i've been playing on for a week with decent stats, was banned within 3 hours woodcutting. I made 2 new accounts and tried fishing (xfishy) and woodcutting (AceChopper) and was banned again within a 6 hour period. Why? Do i have to pay for premium scripts to not get banned? or maybe proxy?
  7. Buying 2 Credits [2M ORSR]

    Title Says it all just reply below if ur selling them I just need 2.
  8. Services Ranged 28-99 Str/Att/Def 1-99 Magic 55-99 NMZ point farming (imbues) Any other skills can be discussed. RatesMy rate will be around 3-6GP/EXP for 70+and 10-12GP/EXP for -70 All prices will be discussed in Skype/PM (in-detail if requested) Requirements I train all stats with NMZ (except magic) therefor, you will need certain quest requirements: You need to be able to use Demon or MTD hosting. You need access to a Dwarven rock cake (10 minute quest) You need 40+ defense Basic gear Methods I use a variety of methods ranging from cheap to expensive, You can pm me with a skill you need training and I will provide suggestions on how I would go along training these. TOS (Terms of Service) 1. Once the order has been given, you are NOT allowed to change the email OR password until the order is completed. 2. You may NOT log into the account before sending me a PM (I might be on it.) 3. I am not HELD responsible for any bans/mutes/hacks during or after the order is complete or when the order is cancelled and refunded. 4. If I do not confirm an order via my post or PM you're probably getting scammed. 5. I have the right to decline/cancel any orders if I cannot complete in time. If this happens in the middle of an order a refund will be negotiated (more than reasonable). 6. You must provide at least a 2-day time frame. 7. You will pay first. 8. Always ask for a PM, if the PM is not confirmed, I am NOT held responsible if you get scammed by an impostor. 9. If you decide to cancel an order while the order is being worked on, You will most likely not receive a refund. 10. Everything will be done by hand using the OSBuddy client. (auto screenshot on level enabled AND full screen so NO LG!) 11. If you made an order and didn't read the requirements, I will not refund. 12. Depending on the length of the service I might take most of the NMZ points I earned (I will leave you with more then enough for imbues!) Order form Leveling needed? Have you pmed me on Skype? (c0ngs.be) Do you agree to the TOS? Any Additional notes? Do you have 40+ defense? Add me on skype! Name = c0ngs.be Vouches 80K exp/H average since creation!
  9. Questing: All Novice quests are FREE. I can complete any Novice quest for free. If you want to do more than 1 daily quest then you need to conctact me and I will tell you a price. Leveling: I can help you with any and every skill there is. Price depends on what skill and what level. Contact me for more info. Bossing: I can do the followin PvM-related services. All prices depend on what stats and desired request. So contact me for more info. Fire Cape Melee/Ranged/Magic Kiln Cape Royal Crossbow Brandishing If you have any other requests that are not mentioned then you need to contact me for a price. Payment options: I currently only accept Paypal and RS3 GP. Terms of Service: 1. I have the right to decline any order for any reason 2. If for any reason the request is not fullfilled I will do a full refund, if the request is only partially done I will give a partial refund. 3.PAYMENTS ARE MADE BEFORE THE SERVICE STARTS! /with regards Bolkar (to contact me instantly send an email here: [email protected])
  10. Welcome to Mr Extremez's Gold Buying Shop! Click on the icon below to add me on Skype to avoid impostors: Current Pricing RS3: Around $0.16-$0.20/M RS07: Around $1.01-$1.06/M Fees are covered by me (saves you up to 5%) Payment Methods Currently paying with Bitcoin, Verified Paypal, PayPal My Cash, Skrill, Western Union, Venmo, Square Cash, Google Wallet, and RS07/RS3 GP (ask for info) Selling Form Which type of gold are you selling: How much gold are you selling: Have you added me on Skype: Where I am Trusted - 1,100+ Vouches on Sythe - 150+ Vouches on Rune-server - 70+ Feedback on Powerbot - 40+ Feedback on OSBot - 10+ Vouches on Runelocus Contact Me Add me on Skype: live:extremezgp ALWAYS ASK ME FOR A PM I WILL NOT DENY ONE!!!!
  11. Welcome to Mr Extremez's Gold Selling Shop! Click on the icon below to add me on Skype to avoid impostors: Current Pricing Current Rate: $0.21-$0.23/M BTC Rate: Around $0.22/M (Depending on amount you are buying) Payment Methods Currently only accepting Bitcoin, Verified Paypal, PayPal My Cash, Skrill, Western Union, and RS07/RS3 GP (ask for info) Terms of Service 1. You will go first or we will use a middleman (your fee). 2. You will follow any and all sending procedures I tell you. 3. I am allowed to change these terms any time I want to. 4. No refunds are allowed. Order Form Which type of gold do you want: How much gold do you want: Do you agree to my Terms of Service: Have you added me on Skype: By filling out and posting the form above, and buying gold off of me, you agree that you have fully read and fully understand my Terms of Service. Where I am Trusted - 1,100+ Vouches on Sythe - 150+ Vouches on Rune-server - 70+ Feedback on Powerbot - 40+ Feedback on OSBot - 10+ Vouches on Runelocus Contact Me Add me on Skype: live:extremezgp ALWAYS ASK ME FOR A PM I WILL NOT DENY ONE!!!!
  12. Who are you? Hello, My names Mr.Boost I am a csgo booster from Europe. I have been playing cs for a long, long time with former experience playing in high tier teams competing against the best teams around the world! What services do you offer? *I am offering very cheap boosting in all ranks. *Unranked to Legendary Eagle Master (10 promo rank wins).*Profile rank 3.*I am happy to Duo/Lobby too although this will be more expensive. How much do you charge? Since I am new to the forums and need to build up a reputation I will be working for extremely low prices for the first few customers with deals on bigger purchases! This will my main source of income so you can expect nothing less than a professional, reliable and a secure service. Silver Ranks: £2.50 per rank. Gold Ranks: £3.50 per rank.MG Ranks: £5.50 per rank.DistinguishedMG to Legendary Eagle: £8.00.Legendary Eagle to Legendary Eagle Master: £12.00.Legendary Eagle Master to SupremeMFC: £17.00.SupremeMFC to Global Elite: £25.00.Unranked to Legendary Eagle Master (10 promo rank wins): £18.00.PROFILE RANK 3: £17.00.Other: Feel free to add me to Skype where we can discuss custom work/prices. Do you have a Gallery? Yes, here is some screenshots of recent boosting jobs that I have done with customer feedback. Here is a screenshot of me ranking up my personal account from Supreme Master First Class to Global Elite. Here is a screenshot of me duoq boosting 'Mann*****' from Legendary Eagle Master to Global Elite. This game he ranks up to Global Elite. Customer feedback: A screenshot boosting customer 'rob*****' from unranked to Legendary Eagle Master (10 promo rank wins). Customer feedback: A screenshot boosting customer 'rob*****' account again but this time from Legendary Eagle Master to Supreme Master First Class. Customer feedback: A screenshot of me duoq boosting customer 'SiL*****' account from SupremeMFC to Global Elite. This game he ranks up to Global Elite. I am also boosting customers 'rob*****' account further to Global Elite. Customer feedback: Some feedback from Sythe users How can I contact you? Email: [email protected] Skype: mrboostservicesWebsite: Under construction Social medias: Under construction Other FAQ Why are you boosting? It is hard to compete against teams that are paid to play the game 7 days a week when you have a full time job and no time to play. Offering my services means I can play the game I love on a daily basis while helping you guys out by getting you the ranks you deserve, as well as getting a little practice in! I have ranked multiple accounts to Global Elite. What is your Delivery time?The queue time depends on things such as number of customers although I am more than happy to to play 12-18 hours a day so if you are looking for a quick rank up look no further! Every order will be started within 24 hours of being placed. Be aware that if you do not want me to play on your account, delivery time will usually take longer due to your own performance but I will do everything I can to make you a better player during the time we play together. How can I trust you with my account/inventory?I will not be using any kind of 3rd party software. I have never cheated in my 10 years+ of playing counter strike. My skill comes from years of experience. When I log into your Steam account it will be from a new device and location, meaning I will have a 7 day market cooldown where I can not access Steam trade or the market. This will give you all the protection you need. What payment methods do you accept?I am currently only accepting payments for my services via PayPal, CSGO skins with a 40%+ and CSGO keys. Your current team?My recent team disbanded due lack of financial support so I am available 24/7! What is your Terms of Service?* If you have any issues contact me immediately.* All skins and cases dropped while I play on your account are yours.* If you would like to play on your account during my service you can only play casual games, offline and community servers but you must contact me first so we can create a schedule.* Do not login to your account while I am boosting.* Payment is always before service.* All payments are final.* We exchange feedback after completion of service.* By hiring me, you accept my terms.* Failure to comply with the terms will result in immediate termination of my services and no refund will be issued. Please note paying with Paypal* Paypal payments must be sent as gift with attached ToS note(will send on Skype).* You must have a verified Paypal account.* If there are additional fees you must cover them.* Your Paypal account must be older than July 2015. Contact info Email: [email protected]: mrboostservices
  13. Hello Welcome to my account "leveling" service topic. As mentioned in the name of this topic, I'm botting accounts for you. You supply me with account. Goldfarming/starter/staking accounts, you name it, I do it! I grantee you the following:Proxies are usedVPS is used do bot wheneverNo delaysIn some cases, quests are done.I'm responsible for any offences 3 hours after giving finished product* *Accounts botted from scratch usually get banned during leveling process, but not afterwards. This obviously depends on botting locations/methods etc. I do not complete the service before receiving at least 50% of the pay beforehand, unless you seem trusted to me (More recent vouches will do the trick). Example package: 60/60/60/ account, with ~10 days membership left - 7/MUsually Completed in 3 days. Price: Depends on how long botting takes to achieve your desired levels. Example above could give you ideas. Quests can be ordered as well. Contact me: sales.johannesAdd me directly clicking on this Skype button:
  14. Currently the cheapest Elo-Boost in EUROPE/RUSSIA/TURKEY. ALSO I OFFER MY COACHING SERVICES AT A PRICE OF 15€/HOUR. If you have any other question or need further information, feel free to add me on my skype or contact me to my e-mail: [email protected]
  15. Please help FAST Please....

    So I am trying to run MasterChopper AIO And when I hit start I make sure I have breaking off (And yes I have purchased this bot) It just doesnt do anything but lag super bad and I don't get the interface where it asks me where to chop. Please help my skype is caseyjones5000 I want help fast please, thanks!!! Oh and also It was working perfectly fine yesterday and the day before,
  16. Power Leveling Services for: - Runescape 2007 (OSRS) http://www.NinjaLeveling.com Check it out! PROMOTION! - FREE LEVELS! We understand that you may want to see more vouches before you buy from us, so we are starting a limited time offer promotion! Starting Thursday, July 31st, you can get any one skill (up to level 50) ABSOLUTELY FREE! No purchase required - This is our gift to you! If you like our service, feel free to purchase a full power leveling service. If you'd rather not, no big deal! Keep the levels To get access to this promotion, go to our live chat on our website (click the giant logo above, or the link above), and give us the coupon code "TRIBOT" Limited time offer, ends August 18, 2015 To Give You A Quick Idea Of What Our Prices Look Like: These are prices for leveling each skill from 1-99, but we do multiple skills at a time, and any start/end levels you desire (With prices adjusted)! About Vouchers: We understand that vouchers are very important. We do not currently have any vouchers on TriBot yet, but we do have a list of 450 satisfied clients, and we have asked all of them (without bias) to join this website and leave a review/voucher. They should be coming in for the next few days, so we understand if you prefer to wait in order to confirm the legitimacy of our business. PM me, use our live chat, or add us on skype with the button below if you have questions Skype: Ninja.PowerLeveling This is an update post, I originally posted this business as a personal user (username: tyler53), but we have since grown exponentially as a company and so we are now using a separate account just for this!
  17. Hello and welcome to DeathYoshis Cheap PLing Service! ----What I offer---- -A cheap way of leveling your accounts! -If the account gets banned for the service, you get your money back! -Fast, reliable and friendly service! ---ToS--- 1) You will either go first or we can use a MM. 2) If your account gets banned, I'm not reliable but you will get a full refund! 3) If the skill provides decent profit, I will be keeping 75% of the profit. 4) You MUST fill out an order form before I do anything! 5) You will not go onto your account unless you tell me and I respond. 6) In the middle of the service, you my cancel it, but I will keep 50% or the % that has been done (what ever is higher) 7) If you ask for a progress report, I will provide it. 8) You acknowledge that this service is done by a bot unless stated otherwise, There is a chance it can get banned, only use this service if you understand and are willing to take that risk! ---What I don't Level--- (Please note this may change at any time) Farming Slayer Construction ---Want to work for me?--- Fill out the application below! Do you want your own ToS?(Y/N): There is a 10m deposit, Do you agree to pay it?(Y/N): Do you work for anyone else or have your own Service? (Y/N): Who do you work for if answered yes from above: If you have someone that's interested in the service, will you have them contact me?(Y/N): Is there anything you want me to know? If so, what?: Do you plan on doing it by hand or by bot?: Do you do anything other then Power Leveling?: ---Order Form--- Do you agree with the ToS?(Y/N): What skill(s) do you want to be trained?("Skill"-"Starting Level"-"Ending Level"): (Example: Woodcutting-1-50) Have you contacted me VIA skype?: What promotion are you going to pick?: ---How to contact me--- (Outside of tribot) Skype: Deathyoshi.Powerbot ---Promotion--- I am currently holding a promotion! Why? Just so I can get this service started and show that I'm safe and reliable! I will do these levels when you decide to use my service! (Pick 1) Woodcutting: 45 Cooking: 50 Fletching: 65 Firemaking: 60 Prayer: 43 -- Must use D Bones. Agility: 25 Thieving: 35
  18. ✯[Fast/Cheap]✯ ✔Questing, ✔Power-Leveling services ✯ ✯Tutorial island 50k-75k per account - Hand Done.✯ Here is my T.O.S and Order Format, T.O.S I will not go first.If you do not want to go first, we will use a VMM at your expense. I am not responsible if your account gets banned/muted during my service( Bans are not refundable ). If I am unable to finish your service your money will be reimbursed. You will not log into the account until the service is completed, if you log in and interrupt the service your money will not be refunded. Orders will not be placed until You agree my T.O.S Order Format:Skype:Order Type:Do you Agree to my T.O.S:Payment rs07gp: What Quest/Desired level You Need:
  19. BUY IT NOW! Monthly (Unlimited accounts) $10 https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/347 RSGP: https://quickrsgp.com/buytribotcredits, (The system is fully automated.) I NO LONGER USE SKYPE. CONTACT ME ON DISCORD (Erick Ho#3027) You can also pm me on TRiBot, both will be treated with priority. ExShopper (previously known as ExBuyer), is a script that buys or sell items from most stores on Runescape. It has been rewritten to be more: efficient, noob-friendly, features, and open the script to a variety of things. It has been used by many members on TRiBot and have gotten over 5+ days of runtime in one go. It has the ability to accurately sell items (including karjama shop) and buy items. Please take the time to read the spoilers below for a more detailed description of what the script is capable of. Antiban [ABCL 10]
  20. What i need doing:when do you need it done by?:Price: ?
  21. Cheap Powerlevelling

    Combat power Leveling Services Range: *1-40: $25, osrs gold equivalent *40-50:$25 *50-60:$40 *60-70:$50 *70-80:$70 *80-90:$90 *90-99:$130 --Note, every 30k range xp= 100k osrs profit for you. Melee *1-40:$25 *40-50:$30 *50-60:$45 *60-70:$60 *70-80:$75 *80-90:$90 *90-99:$120 Every 100k xp= 50k gold for you. Slayer: *Every 15k xp: 5m osrs gold or cash equivalent. Note: I am always willing to accept OSRS gold equivalent instead of cash. (1m=$3) Happy leveling! (Email me at [email protected] for any concerns) -botted unless asked for hand training. *Application: Requested skill: Xp/Lvls desired: Does your Acc come w/gear: Email:
  22. Quick-links: Repository URL. I've been out of the scripting scene for a very long time, I thought I'd ease back in by releasing some community scripts. I made this script because I didn't want to pay/didn't like what was readily available which did the same task. This script features: Clean, well-written code. Anti-ban features that extend past of which the tribot client offers. 100% uses names, instead of ID's which makes it far less likely to break in the foreseeing future. Eats any food. Can use both north and south locations for training. Upcoming: World-hopping Potions Special attacks Bone burying Screenshot: