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Found 104 results

  1. Title says it all. pay with paypal add me on skype "eatmyweani"
  2. ^ My only valid Skype! Demand a PM! ^ Current Selling Rates: 2,79$/M - 3,20$/M Payment Options: - Verified bank funded paypal - ( due to charge-backs Trusted members only ) - Moneybookers - WU - Playerauctions - Dutch bank transfer - Moneygram I'm able to take various other options to. If your preferred payment option is not in this list, don't hesitate to ask me on Skype if I'm able to help you out. I'll always be willing to look at new options of paying . Sell Your Gold? If you're interested in selling 07 gold, you can visit my gold buying thread: B2B Gold Buying Vouches Are you not satisfied with the amount of vouches/feedbacks I have on this forum? You can always ask me to link you to another forum on which I'll have more vouches. I'm active on most Runescape/Gaming related forums.
  3. Thread under construction. Skype: Feedme_pb Current amount of OSRS: 40m Users under 20 FB and younger than 2 months old MUST use Moneypak and buy at least 20m osrs Information: Add my Skype if you wish to buy OSRS GP. I am always getting more GP. You must go first always. Always ask for a PM!
  4. Version: 0.6 (Updated: 04/05/2013 - 15:21 GMT) Download: Click Here This bot will use the Ectofuntus service in Port Phasmatys, the requirements needed to use this script are listed below: Features ​Grinds Bones Gets the slime Worships Gets the tokens Banks and gets more bones Repeats process Can start at any stage of cycle Cheap method Sexy paint of course. Antibans Uses shortcuts (Agility) On its way Ectophial Support Collect just slime Only grind bones Worship using pre-collected items Banking to be re-done (clunky atm) Bug fixes (Trapdoor etc [models]) If you meet these requirements then all you need to do is start anywhere in the temple and the script will figure out what to do! MAKE SURE YOUR BONES AND TOKENS ARE AT THE TOP OF YOUR BANK _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Known Bugs None known as of now To-Do List Collect slime only (Will incl. Ectophial Support) Grind bones only (bank using Port Phas) Worship using pre-collected bones and slime Changelog 0.6 Ectophial support added Bug fixes 0.5 Grinding process properly re-furbished, is now 99% flawless Worshipping process re-coded, now clicks the colour, not the co-ordinates NPC finding at the gate improved, no longer stands around Few minor fixes and additions 0.4 Version checking added Cleaned a few run paths 0.3 Running support added Running will hold control rather than spam it Sped up more processes Changed camera angles to point to objects Babydragon Bones Support 0.2 Camera anti-ban Minor bug fixes on NPC clicking Bonemeal properly detected Worshipping now moves the camera first Please submit all feedback, proggies and bugs. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the script! If you like my script and you feel generous, don't hesitate to donate. You using my script is encouraging enough but this helps
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