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Found 104 results

  1. ★ ☆ ★ ☆ Official Tutorial Shop ☆ ★ ☆ ★ About me/service All tutorials will be completed by hand. These tutorials will be completed as fast as possible. I can complete multiple tutorials, for example if you need 100 done i can do this but it will take time and you will have to pay in installments (pay 1m per 10 accounts) I am fairly new to the forum but i have already had some vouches for my tutorial service. If you have more feedback than me i will go first. To contact me you must add me on skype and personal message me asking for the service. (Details will be left below). How the service works? you will have to make the accounts on the Runescape website. Once you have done this make sure to note the details down. Then send me the account details for the accounts you need done. I will not make the accounts. This service is tutorial service only. Details Tutorial price: 100k (prices may be negotiable) Skype: Bozzaplays
  2. Stock 10m Price 2.5$ each Payment via PAYPAL or NETELLER Must leave a FeedBack after the transaction Add me Skype giank7 PM on tribot when you add me on Skype
  3. I'm offering a tutorial island completion service, i've been running botfarms for a very long time, and therefor i have a lot of experience with completing the tutorial island, my average run is between 5-6 minutes (depending on the combat part). pricing: 1 account: 100k (95k for returning cumstomers). 5 or more accounts: 90k each account (85k for returning customers). special situations: when connecting to your proxy: 125k per account. when connecting to your pc with teamviewer: 150k per account. prices can always be discussed. terms of service: -I will not go first, even if you have more feedback. -Once i started the tutorial island, refunds can not be given. -I will complete the tutorial island my self, no bots will be used. -You have to leave feedback after i completed the service. how to contact me? -Post your skype here, with the amount of accounts that need to solve tutorial island. (its recommended to @mention me in your post). -Send me a pm with your skype (recommended).
  4. Fast [✔] Cheap [✔] Reliable [✔] Hay Guys, Chad Here! Im Currently Selling 07 Gold. Im Not Highly Known ATM But Im Getting Their. Im Good Friends With A Couple Well Known Traders! Some Quotes ( ARE REAL ) For Customers! [9:50:42 PM] CniRSGP from Sythe. Always Request a PM!!!: That was 1 of the fastest trades i've ever done. Thanks for selling me gold. Yesterday, 12:24 AM bought 30m from him thank you Buyer: BawsZ Yesterday, 11:18 PM Sold him 6.6M 07 for 20$ MoneyPak, thanks. Buyer: MurdocSir With around 50 dollars invested to premium scripts, and over 25+ feedback, this gives you all the more reason to buy and sell to US! Methods: Paypal, Moneypak, Amazon! BUYING 2.1-2.2 SELLING 2.6-2.8 I Dont Ask For Any Phone Numbers Or Important Information You ALWAYS Pay First Unless I Trust You Prices WILL MAYBE Fluctuate! Add Me On Skype, I Live In The US So If Im Not On Skype Just Wait Thanks For Buying For My Shop, Please Leave Feedback As I Will Do The Same! Have A Nice Day! Skype: Chad.miles6 ALWAYS ASK FOR PM BEFORE PURCHASE
  5. 50 M $2.20/ £1.50 - I (Pug) do not go first under any circumstances. - Trades over 20M must not be via refundable service. E.g paypal. - Members with post count under 250 are not aloud to use Paypal. - Members who I deem to be trusted e.g staff will be aloud to use Paypal. - I here by inform you that all trades are screen recorded, chargebacks or scams will result in evidence being provided in full to all parties. All evidence will also be posted on every botting forum you have used. - Payment methods include: Paypal, Weston union, Bitcoin, Pingit & bank transfer. - I reserve the right to change my prices. - I reserve the right to not serve you. - I reserve the right to change my T.O.S at any time. - By using a pug service you agree to these terms of service stated here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How To Order: Add my Skype: live:pugscripting Or Post Here with: Amount: Skype Name:
  6. Bind

    ~Binds Bonds~

    Current Price : 1.2-1.4M 07 Stock : 5 Add My Skype : Binddat Looking to become a good seller here on Tribot. more stock will be in soon when some are sold. i know the feeling when you can't buy membership. i am here to help you all GFX coming soon
  7. ►►► What's up guys! Welcome to my Bond Shop thread! ◄◄◄ I'm actually new on TRiBot as a seller, so I'm doing the LOWEST price you'll EVER see here! Feel free to PM me whenever you want or add me on Skype if you want to enter in a negotiation. If you probably see me on some other forums, you can check my rep there. Hope we get on a negotiation soon! ►►► THAT PRICE WILL ONLY REMAIN UNTILL I HAVE SOME FEEDBACK HERE! BUY WHILE ITS AVAILABLE!!! ◄◄◄ CURRENT STOCK AT 1M PRICE: 32/90 Bonds CURRENT STOCK TO SELL AT 1.2M PRICE: I will EVER have it ►►► CONTACT ◄◄◄ You can actually contact me through SKYPE: FOLKZBOND You can also contact me through PMs here - I'll NEVER take more than 5min to answer you - ►►► SOME CONSIDERATIONS ◄◄◄ I will NOT go first There are no problems if you want to use a MiddleMan. But he needs to be TRUSTED on that forum There are no refunds (of course) You can ask anything for me anywhere, I'm here to answer what you want!
  8. Want a VPS? Plans Want a Proxy? 1.4m / Proxy for 30 days, Proxy Details - Proxy works with all BOTS. - Proxy speeds are very fast (Up to 100 MB/s). - Low downtime. - These Proxies have username and password. Accepting PAYPAL [ from trusted users only] Order in bulk to get discounts! Terms of Service - If the VPS/Proxies are down for over 48 hours then you will be reimbursed for the remaining amount of time you purchased. - You can not use the products for illegal activities. - Delivery of Product will take between 1-36 hours after me placing the purchase. - No refunds will be given after you have placed the order.
  9. Selling Private, never used socks5 proxies compatible with Tribot! Price: 1.7m/month Why is it so cheap?: Because I do not want insane profit margins like some other people on here (Shots fired) If you buy a proxy with a "Setup fee" It is honestly just a scam for more money, mine have no "First time setup fee" or anything, ready to go very soon after you buy!!! If you have any questions contact me on Skype: Chazcrocker , post on here or PM me! I can give bulk discounts also! Hopefully you enjoy my proxies and Have a great day Tribot users!!!
  10. I'm selling private proxies, for 1.6m each. They will be delivered to you first, you get to try them out and i will help you with any difficulties setting up your bots with proxies. PRICE TABLE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 proxy -> 1.6M OSRS GOLD 3 proxies -> 1.55M OSRS GOLD 5 or more proxies -> 1.5M OSRS GOLD CHEAPEST PROXIES AROUND The proxies cost 1.6M/month and are freshly created, no used proxies that have already been flagged. Contact me on skype if you are interested.
  11. Flax' Bonds Store ____________________________________________________ STOCK: 0 PRICE: 1.3M 07Gold per bond. I also have discount prices for bulk.(10+ only) Accepted Payment methods: 07Gold / Moneybookers / Dutch Banktransfer ____________________________________________________ What are Bonds? A bond is an in-game item that allows a player to pay for selected account-related and out-of-game benefits such as membership, Runecoins and Treasure Hunter Keys with in-game resources. ____________________________________________________ Skype: Flax.TB ____________________________________________________ Terms of Service: I will not go first unless trusted. We will use a middlemen if you don't feel comfortable going first. You will feedback and vouch for me when we've completed the trade. I am not responsible for any bans/mutes AFTER the trade is completed. ____________________________________________________ Order form: Vouches:
  12. Current Stock : 10+ Current Price : 875k-1M Skype : darkdragontb
  13. Hello and welcome to my simple questing service. Lets cut everything short. I am _Defqon. I have 70 feedbacks on pb most from Questing and MMing. If you look below you can see some of the quests that I have completed recently. Why should you trust someone with close to no feedbacks?!. Well as I said I am willing to verify that I have 70 feedbacks on that site and also as you can see in my signature, I have purchased premium scripts and if I were to scam, I would be in a loss. Prices?: Everything I do will be negotiated until we can come to a suitable price. I can do almost every single quest in runescape. So add my Skype to discuss the prices for the Quests. SKYPE : RangoTheTank ( ASK ME FOR A PM) Completed Quests : Click here to see Quests. ToS: You will provide everything needed for the service. I will add your skype, and you may then ask for confirmation. (I will never deny a PM)You will pay upfront for your work, or a middleman will be used at your expense.Both myself and my workers have the right to decline any orders.If I am unable to complete a service, you will be refunded for what is left.Any bans/mutes to the account(s) whilst doing services are not our responsibility.You will not log in whilst a service is being done, unless told you can. LAST THING : I DO NOT DO MASSIVE ORDERS UNLESS THE TIME I AM GIVEN IS REASONABLE
  14. I have around 60B in gold on ultimatescape private server if anyone is looking to buy any, and i have around 340b in other items! private message me on here and we can swap skype info to discuss it!
  15. Hello i am selling Twitch Turbo Keys for $5. The original price for Twitch Turbo is $8.99 Current Stock [0] I am currently only accepting paypal or 07Gp Add me on skype: (always ask for a pm!) How to redeem the code:
  16. Hey Today i will sell social networks services Twitter Followers , Facebook Likes , Instagram Likes. You can order up to 500k twitter followers and 500k facebook likes and 15k instagram likes. Prices : 1k Twitter followers = 250k 07 1k Facebook likes = 1m 07 1k Instagram likes = 1m 07 Deliever time : Twitter followers : 1 minute Facebook likes : 4 hours Instagram likes : 1 Day Notes : 1-Delieve time based on 1k 2-You can make someprofit by reselling to your friends or anybody you know !! 3-If you need any other social network service, Please tell me !! I have more than 55+ feedback offsite + I have sold more than 100m twitter followers and tons of likes over my website Skype : mohamed.nasser.pb
  17. Im Selling RS07 Gold! -[[1Million = 2.2$ - for 5 first customers!]]- <---- 0/5 customers so far <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <1m - 5m = 2.7$/1m<< <6m - 15m = 2.5.$/1m< <16m - 30m = 2.4$/1m< <31m - 100m = 2.2$/1m< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Add me on skype for more information: Fakee177 -We trade the money as soon as the payment on paypal is done! dont bother wasting time try to scam. (If u want middleman can be used! U need to get one) -The Payment will be made via paypal and the trade will be made ingame in a location given by the buyer! (We also buy gold! PM us on skype and we can make a quick deal)
  18. Hey, just wanted to start a quick thread so I could buy some EoC GP for some of my 07 GP. I will do whatever the average selling price is for this transfer. If your trusted based on my discretion I will go first. If you are not, then id rather have an MM unless you want to go first. Stock: 50m+
  19. OUT OF STOCK Skype: < --- click it Skype: erminux0707 You must conduct a trade with me on skype or through pm. I will not go first or use MM you must go first. You must leave a feedback/vouch if you are satisfied with the trade. Not responsible for anything that happens to your account after you receive your bond
  20. 0 1.2m/Bond {07} 1. The seller does not issue a refund if the buyer got what (s)he paid for. 2. The seller is not responsible for any bans/mutes that may happen to your account. 3. The buyer is responsible for who they are trading with - if it's an imposer it's their fault. 4. The seller has the right to refuse doing business with anyone. 5. If the order was not completed in any form - the buyer has the right to a refund. 6. I will only go first to users I deem trusted. 7. After you have received your bond you will leave feedback on the thread and on my profile. 1. Spin3x {1} 2. littlered {2} 3. Kindness {3} 4. pugdoge {1} 5. melikechi {5}
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