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Found 104 results

  1. Validated


    Delete this thread please junked.
  2. *ONLY NEED MAGIC OR RANGED NOT BOTH* VOUCHES/PROOF OF COMPLETION: https://gyazo.com/a97ff8bbc652b9a02a95b20af03e9cf9 https://gyazo.com/a97ff8bbc652b9a02a95b20af03e9cf9 THANKS GUYS!
  3. Currently the cheapest Elo-Boost in EUROPE/RUSSIA/TURKEY. ALSO I OFFER MY COACHING SERVICES AT A PRICE OF 15€/HOUR. If you have any other question or need further information, feel free to add me on my skype or contact me to my e-mail: [email protected]
  4. **NA OR LAN ONLY** PAYMENT IS 0SRS GP OR PAYPAL Hey gang, I'm Rasta. I've been mid - high diamond since Season 3 and I've reached Master Tier twice this season. I am currently Diamond 3, but I have reached up to diamond 5/4 with ease on several smurf accounts. I have boosted friends for about 2 years, but only recently have looked into the idea of boosting for $. I've noticed that a lot of pro boosters on Sythe overcharge heavily for the amount of actual work required to reach these ranks. Rather than overpricing and offering my services on Sythe where there are several high rep boosters, I have decided to undercut and match any booster on Sythe and post my services here for RSGP. So until I have time to make an image displaying pricing, prices are as follows. BRONZE Bronze 5 to B4 = 2m Bronze 4 to B3 = 3m Bronze 3 to B2 = 4m Bronze 2 to B1 = 4m Bronze 1 to S5 = 6m SILVER (Consistent + Cheaper pricing to gold for Skin/Rewards) Silver 5 to S4 = 5m Silver 4 to S3 = 5m Silver 3 to S2 = 5m Silver 2 to S1 = 5m Silver 1 to G5 = 7m GOLD Gold 5 to G4 = 10m Gold 4 to G3 = 12m Gold 3 to G2 = 14m Gold 2 to G1 = 16m Gold 1 to Plat 4 = 20m PLAT BOYZ Plat 5 to P4 = 20m Plat 4 to P3 = 22m Plat 3 to P2 = 28m Plat 2 to P1 = 35m Plat 1 to Diamond 5 = 60m DIAMOND i have to think about diamond pricing, and I'll likely only be able to boost up to Diamond 3 or Diamond 2 in a timely manner,but I'm open to offers or suggestions, so please PM me or leave a post if you'd like this service. Pricing is negotiable to a certain extent. Please PM or post for service inquiries.
  5. Hello Welcome to my account "leveling" service topic. As mentioned in the name of this topic, I'm botting accounts for you. You supply me with account. Goldfarming/starter/staking accounts, you name it, I do it! I grantee you the following: Proxies are used VPS is used do bot whenever No delays In some cases, quests are done. I'm responsible for any offences 3 hours after giving finished product* *Accounts botted from scratch usually get banned during leveling process, but not afterwards. This obviously depends on botting locations/methods etc. I do not complete the service before receiving at least 50% of the pay beforehand, unless you seem trusted to me (More recent vouches will do the trick). Example package: 60/60/60/ account, with ~10 days membership left - 7/M Usually Completed in 3 days. Price: Depends on how long botting takes to achieve your desired levels. Example above could give you ideas. Quests can be ordered as well. Contact me: sales.johannes Add me directly clicking on this Skype button:
  6. Our Plans Unmanaged VPS Servers Managed VPS Servers SOCKS Proxy We are collocating our servers with OVH in France (Roubaix) and Canada (Toronto) All of our Servers are running on Intel Xeon E3. If you need any custom software (Like desktops etc. installed to your server, please contact our customer support after your purchase with your order ID, and we will deliver you a server with pre-installed software requested). We strive to deliver all orders within 24 hours. Visit out website here. If you wish to pay with RSGP, please contact me on Skype (VAG.RS)
  7. rekface's Gold Shop Status: OPEN Current Rate: $1.44/m SkypeID: rekface.com ToS: Always request a PM You must post or pm me your Skype before we trade PayPal purchases may require you to provide a valid ID MiddleMan is always an option Sythe Vouches
  8. I'm quitting OSRS and I'm looking to sell my gold. I have 70m currently and I'm willing to work out volume prices with a potential buyer! You can message me for proof and what not, I accept payments in terms of paypal!
  9. Stock 20m Price 1.3$ each Payment via Skrill After the transaction we can give feedback each other Add me giank7
  10. Offerring my signature space to anybody who wants to advertise his website or anything else. About other things - will discuss on PM or Skype .
  11. ✯[Fast/Cheap]✯ ✔Questing, ✔Power-Leveling services ✯ ✯Tutorial island 50k-75k per account - Hand Done.✯ Here is my T.O.S and Order Format, T.O.S I will not go first.If you do not want to go first, we will use a VMM at your expense. I am not responsible if your account gets banned/muted during my service( Bans are not refundable ). If I am unable to finish your service your money will be reimbursed. You will not log into the account until the service is completed, if you log in and interrupt the service your money will not be refunded. Orders will not be placed until You agree my T.O.S Order Format: Skype: Order Type: Do you Agree to my T.O.S: Payment rs07gp: What Quest/Desired level You Need:
  12. Welcome to my Questing services. All prices are Negotiable so please don't hesitate to contact me about them. I've gotten 2 quest capes on both of my own accounts so i've done these quests before. Either post below or add me on skype we can get to work! note- This is great for botters to get some novice quests done to avoid being banned-. - Novice Short: ~500k 07 - Novice Medium: ~900k 07 - Novice Long: ~1.1m 07 - Intermediate Short: ~1.3m 07 - Intermediate Medium: ~1.6m 07 - Intermediate Long: ~2.0m 07 - Experienced Short: ~2.2m 07 - Experienced Medium: ~2.4m 07 - Experienced Long: ~2.7m 07 - Master: Varied - GrandMaster: Varied skype : "henry.rodrigues1" Terms of Service: Payment will be given 50% at first and 50% after service has been provided (this might vary from customer to customer, vouches etc). Always ask for a pm before sending / trading payment. All equipment and resources or money to buy resources required for quest, should be in your bank before ordering. You may not log in to your account before the order is finished, unless discussed in advance. You may not cancel the order once we have started, only a partial refund will be given IF WE HAVE JUST STARTED. We are not responsible for any infractions to your account during or after our service is provided.
  13. Combat power Leveling Services Range: *1-40: $25, osrs gold equivalent *40-50:$25 *50-60:$40 *60-70:$50 *70-80:$70 *80-90:$90 *90-99:$130 --Note, every 30k range xp= 100k osrs profit for you. Melee *1-40:$25 *40-50:$30 *50-60:$45 *60-70:$60 *70-80:$75 *80-90:$90 *90-99:$120 Every 100k xp= 50k gold for you. Slayer: *Every 15k xp: 5m osrs gold or cash equivalent. Note: I am always willing to accept OSRS gold equivalent instead of cash. (1m=$3) Happy leveling! (Email me at [email protected] for any concerns) -botted unless asked for hand training. *Application: Requested skill: Xp/Lvls desired: Does your Acc come w/gear: Email:
  14. CURRENTLY TAKING ONLY QUESTING ORDERS. Well Hello TriBot I have been playing this game since early 2006 and I've made numerous accounts and did all kind of quest and a variety of accounts. I will be doing Fast and Reliable Skilling and Questing . Prices will be cheap . Feel free to ask for a Quote Deal of the Week : Monkey Madness ( 43 Pray + ) for just 1M 07gp. Orders Completed : 7 Current Orders : - Post Below for any quotes you wish , and I shall get back to you ASAP Terms of Service : All the Services will be done by hand and no botting will be done I will not be responsible for any mutes/bans that your account gets , however its impossible to get one for macroing though You shall not change pass / log into your account during the service. If done so , the service shall be terminated immediately and no refund will be provided. In case I am going first to you and the above term is violated , you shall give me the full payment. If I get late or pass the deadline to finish the service , a certain amount of payment shall be refunded for each hour/day By using my service you agree to all the TOS stated above. Skype : vssalove
  15. What i need doing:when do you need it done by?:Price: ?
  16. Even if this says offline, I am most likely online! If am offering my dynamic services for a relatively low price just for tribot users! Some of you might know me elsewhere, but to introduce myself I'm OneLuckyDuck -- call me Jacob as you wish. Current Services Dynamic Signature Dynamic Tracker Updater Dynamic Signature - $25 lifetime This is an old-but-gold service, everyone loves having dynamic signatures for their scripts -- premium or free. With purchase of a Dynamic Signature from 1LD's Dynamic Services you will receive the following. 1 on 1 complete customization All needed Java code 99.99% uptime (never had downtime in last year BUT 100% is improbable) Control Panel to alter the database Lifetime support and changes Guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind! My Dynamic Signatures are coded with Tribot in mind, so no more struggling with file extension issues! Dynamic Tracker - $12 lifetime This service is similar to that of a Dynamic Signature, however an image will not be returned. Information will be sent to your database via script, but will be displayable through a web page in table format. This allows you offer a tracking feature that little-to-no one has in their script! With purchase of a Dynamic Track from 1LD's Dynamic Services you will receive the following. 1 on 1 complete customization All needed Java code 99.99% uptime Lite Control Panel for database manipulation Lifetime support Unlimited changes for first 45 days Guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind! Updater - $10 lifetime This service is a bit different from the others. With an Updater you will be able to track your RuneScape accounts botting by way of log. Visible through the page for your updater you will be able to see with accounts are logged in and botting, or which ones have failed and been logged out...at the exact time down to the second! This service is IDEAL for bot farms! With purchase of an Updater from 1LD's Dynamic Services you will receive the following. 1 on 1 complete customization All needed Java code 99.99% uptime 100% control over which accounts are listed A notepad to leave notes for yourself or partner -- Can be updated remotely! Lifetime support Unlimited changes for first 45 days Guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind! Current Customers Dynamic Signature Dynamic Tracker ExFarm - AIO Farming Web Tracking Updater Erickho123 Integer ToS Service may be delayed for reasons such as school, personal, family, or emergency I may deny anyone service for any reason I will only change your passwords 3 times Only payment type is PayPal Unlimited changes do not apply to images. After initial image, if you would like another you MUST provide it You should only submit onStart & onEnd, or up to every 15 minutes. Any faster and your service will be terminated. There will be a deposit of 50% before I begin work and 50% after the work is complete -- proof of progress will be shown periodically Since I am not a graphic designer if you cannot supply the images then delivery may take up to 3 days longer. However, if you can supply the images delivery will likely be same day or next morning -- based on my current time and situation.
  17. Current price: 2,4$/m Skype username: foReiGold Vouches: https://tribot.org/forums/user/158674-forei/
  18. Questing Accounts for cheap prices Hello all so I am opening up a new service in which we will do quests for people now as I understand quests can be a huge problem for some people and this is were this service will come in. Information: Will do any quest/quests Price varies on difficulty and amount of quests online most of the day fast and professional Add me on Skype if you would like quests done for you at cheap prices! Skype: lolwhatman​ ​p.s. And yes I know I am not trusted or a known figure in the forums (yet) but I will get there one day
  19. Quests & Levels Hello all So I recently started playing Runescape 2007 again and I realised I am actually very quick and enjoy playing the game. I've played for one week now and these are the stats I have achieved http://gyazo.com/fbb90872cb313d7df783a2fc1be5d7a0 not only have I got all of this I have also got full void ranger by doing all this in such short time I have decided I would be good at selling quests and levels to people. Details Willing to do just about any activity I will only ever ask for in game gold Price will be decided on length and toughness of task Will do lowered rates compared to others as I understand I am low down in the hierarchy of TriBot If you are interested add me on Skype- lolwhatman and we can talk.
  20. So hello. today I bought 1 proxy, and after i bought it and trying to login, it says that i have to have VIP Extend, i only have VIP, so i am selling the proxy. 1month. Heres a photo of bill skype : tiuningas2
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