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Found 95 results

  1. Background: --------------------------------------------- This script automates the process of mining essence in the Essence mine located in Varrock East, via Aubury's Rune Shop. --------------------------------------------- Setup: --------------------------------------------- [x] Have your RS3 Interface Layout Set to something Similar to this: http://i.imgur.com/rJCAc0q.png [x] Maximize your screen to the Maximum Possible Size for best results --------------------------------------------- Add with One Click Via the Repository: --------------------------------------------- : Click Here ---------------------------------------------
  2. This is a simple tool I made to assist me with ScreenModel debugging/exploring. This Tool has 2 primary Modes: 1) Debug any ScreenModel Via Hovering: 2) Debug A Screen Model By Entering it's ID, Locking the Debugger onto ONLY that Screen Model. IE. Mouse/Camera Movements will not effect the object being debugged. If at any point you would like to have a text version of the debug, you can hit the print screen key on your keyboard to output to the Tribot Log. Add with One Click Via the Repository: --------------------------------------------- : Click Here --------------------------------------------- Warfront1
  3. Hello guys I'm looking to buy 100M-150M RS3/EOC GP for $0.40-$0.50/M from someone with 150 FB+, or a Mod/Admin Paying with PayPal, I have a Verified PayPal and I'm willing to prove my Picture ID. Click on my Skype Button in my Signature to add me! (If it won't work my Skype is: FlyingAK47) Thank you, -Subutex (Teh Gold Dope Fein) Note: The Skype Button May Say I'm offline, but I probably am online.
  4. Hello, my name is lucariAx and I am pleased to stumble upon this website and community. I am stopping by to firstly introduce myself. I am a die hard Runescape veteran. I've played since classic. The classic before what you now call "old school." Holy crap. What a dinosaur. Runescape was my first ever MMO and I am proud of that. Whether or not I actively play I always came running back to see what's new and what's changed, and with the changes that have made with RS3, I am returning yet again! My question is, how many people still prefer rs07 vs the new Runescape? And with the development of the HTML5 version of RS? How do you think that will affect botting? Anyway, I plan on staying a while and hopefully learn a bit about scripting. I am also open to help people test out their scripts. I plan on getting VIP soon and definitely supporting you guys as developers. Thanks.
  5. so does tribot still supports rs3? from what it seems most of the stuffs seem to be directed toward osrs. can someone also direct me toward some guides to start coding rs3 bots with tribots? thanks
  6. Power Leveling Services for: - Runescape 3 - Runescape 2007 - Global Maplestory (not really applicable here, but hey ) http://www.NinjaLeveling.com Check it out! NEW PROMOTION! - FREE LEVELS! We understand that you may want to see more vouches before you buy from us, so we are starting a limited time offer promotion! Starting Thursday, July 31st, you can get any 5 levels (up to level 50) free for your skill! No purchase required - This is our gift to you! If you like our service, feel free to purchase a full power leveling service. If you'd rather not, no big deal! Keep the levels To get access to this promotion, go to our live chat on our website (click the giant logo above, or the link above), and give us the coupon code "TRIBOT" Limited time offer ends August 14th, 2014 PM me, use our live chat, or add us on skype with the button below if you have questions
  7. dddd


    BloddyKaramjaFisher is here
  8. Okay, I have $8 to spend, I have a low level pure with 5 att 79 str, I can get 89 str to max out my combat, planning on doing it with a bot. NEED HELP - Should I get VIP Extended, and use Wasted Man Killer, OR should I get VIP Extended and use Wastedbro's Al-Kharid Warriors, OR should I get Relleka Crabs PRO. Need help, recommendations, good or bad of any/all scripts, which would be better and why. GIVE ME YOUR OPINION MONEY WISE, AS WELL. Mainly though, I'm wondering which can get me 88-89 str FASTER, BETTER, (Efficiency is key) BUT without a ban (what has better anti-bans). I know Wastedbro is one of the best bot-makers but from the reviews I've seen Relekka is OP. Thoughts? Really appreciated, need people to comment FAST. Thanks community, sorry for the caps!
  9. napro

    Buying RS3 Gold

    Need about 200M, paying via PayPal. My PayPal is verified. Send me a PM with your price.
  10. Welcome to Napro's Membership Shop To purchase a pin/bond add my Skype: NaproSales Current Price: (Contact me for PP) 30 Day Card ~ 3.5-3.7M 07 | 31.5-33.75M RS3 Bonds ~ 1.2-1.4M 07 My only Skype is NaproSales Always request a PM Add me on Skype for current prices! T.o.S You will go first or I get a middleman unless I deem you trusted You will not charge back if you use PayPal All trades are recorded You will leave positive feedback after a successful trade The price listed is subject to change By buying from this shop you agree to the T.o.S
  11. add skype suommela if wanna sell. using paypal to buy.
  12. Hello, I'm buying RS07 Gold 2,04 Euro /m = 2,70 $ /m. I'm buying RS3 Gold 0,24 Euro /m = 0,31 $ /m. Payment method: Paysafecard. If you are from The Netherlands you probably recognise this payment method. I've got 3 pins of 10 euro's. So lower payments than $13,24 (= 10 Euro) aren't possible. Paysafecard site: https://www.paysafecard.com/en-us/ If you are interested in selling add my Skype: -- We can use a middleman (Maybe Violent) If not you will need to go first. (I'm obv not expecting you to go first) Thanks, JMAID.
  13. II Gold Trade Market - Currently Cheapest Rates! II ----========================================================---- We can use a VERIFIED SPONSORED middle man to prevent scamming!! ----========================================================---- Current Rates: 1:9-11 (My 07:Your RS3) Current Rates: 6-8:1 (My RS3:Your 07) ----======================================---- Current Stock: 10M 07 Current Stock: 256M Eoc ----=============================---- Skype: justlikefumbles ClanChat: Cashpiles ----============================================================---- Trade with me and get a FREE 07 party hat of your choice! (While supplies last) ----============================================================---- Party Hat Stock: Purple: 0 White: 0 Yellow: 0 Blue: 1 Red: 0 Green: 0 ----=================================---- Terms of Service I will not go first You will leave feedback after You agree to meet in the locations I specify Trade value must be at minimum 1M RS3:100k 07 ----=================================---- Proof: 10M 40M 100M ----=================================---- I will NEVER refuse a PM - Let me know if you require one during the swap! ----=================================---- Order Form How many bonds are you looking to buy?: Do you agree to the ToS?: Have you been in contact with me? If so, in which way? (Skype/PM):
  14. 9M 07 GP or willing to trade for 2x10 $10 Pre paid cards After payment is received, you will receive the virtual code instantly. You can post, message me on here, or add me on skype(best method):Theawesomeboy95, display name ImJustNick
  15. I am currently working on a cockroach fighter for RS3. So far I have done the follow, Banking Walkpaths Fail safes Climbing down the cave Climbing up the rope Killing cockroaches Eating food Light testing What needs to be done Gui Paint Looting Heavy testing I am hoping to release the beta by tomorrow evening.
  16. Hello there, I want to buy 100M RS3 really fast Prices are in topic titel. PM me ur Skype. I will go first to the ones that have alot feedback's. But i'd rather use a middelman or u will need to go first. (I have 7+ FB'S) Taksi.
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