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Found 106 results

  1. SCRIPT NO LONGER BEING UPDATED BY ME. I RELEASED SOURCE CODE SO THAT OTHERS CAN KEEP IT UP TO DATE IF THEY FEEL LIKE IT. http://codeviewer.org/view/code:35d9 More info on page 22. Features: Proggys Requests: How to setup: Recommendations: To do: Known bugs: Updates EXTERNAL DOWNLOAD LINKS: Mirror 1 - Version 1.3.7 (.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://filebeam.com/d5a7ec468ce1569c1c49716e6c4e50a4 Mirror 2 - Version 1.3.7 (.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://uppit.com/zypp2dbzf3a4/Loops_warrior_killer_1.3.7.rar Mirror 1 - Version 1.3.6 (.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://filebeam.com/545183906ac78a050d8fc0c3c16be2d1 Mirror 2 - Version 1.3.6 (.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://uppit.com/q6dxm7ha9v2y/Loops_Warrior_Killer_1.3.6.rar Mirror 1 - Version 1.3.5 (.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://filebeam.com/0d6e18e7839252c84a28cd3f6ce5cdcb Mirror 2 - Version 1.3.5 (.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://uppit.com/3fpfmux92czc/Loops_warrior_killer_1.3.5.rar Mirror 1 - Version 1.3.4(.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://filebeam.com/7729f3aa40a7231142c7289379a08537 Mirror 2 - Version 1.3.4(.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://uppit.com/5gjxk7yt2rnr/Loops_warrior_killer.rar Mirror 1 - Version 1.3.3(.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://uppit.com/6xaanx0lz4zy/Loops_warrior_killer_v1.3.3.rar Mirror 1 - Version 1.3.3(.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://filebeam.com/c1cb755ff2e93fabdd14e742090fde0d Mirror 1 - Version 1.3(.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://uppit.com/ih8p0sdsr2cv/LoopsWarriorKiller.rar Mirror 2 - Version 1.3(.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://filebeam.com/c71a81a8f0b839e9a3a1ab1d50fd9622 Mirror 1 - Version 1.2(.class) *OUTDATED* - http://uppit.com/97b70nkosh94/LoopsWarriorKiller.class Mirror 2 - Version 1.2(.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://filebeam.com/422c824dab9ed2ca31486dfca3362937 Mirror 1 - Version 1.1(.class) *OUTDATED* - http://up.ht/17DgSPO Mirror 2 - Version 1.1(.rar) *OUTDATED* - http://filebeam.com/cf1f4a441b5dff2c56b850f75f28e4f5 Credits to: [email protected] Forums - For the new paint in v1.2 If you're interested in some of his services, you can talk to him through skype by adding "iHax.gfx" or by PM'ing him on these forums.
  2. Welcome to my open source slayer script! This script will only cover Turael tasks because a slayer script would be SO HARD TO SCRIPT all in one go. Hopefully someone in the future will be able to build on my script whenever they need to cancel a task! (the main goal for this script). If you use anything from my source, please give me credit! We honestly need some slayer bots... Anyway, its in dev of course. I'll list the features. The requirements for this script will be VERY specific so MAKE SURE TO READ WHAT IS REQUIRED FOR EACH TASK! thanks! Requirements Must have the following in the bank: Slayer Equipment Food Potions Teletabs/teleport runes (lumbridge, camelot, varrock, falador, and ardy) games necklaces and ring of duelings as well as an ECTOFIAL candle lanturn, oil lanturn or bulleye lanturn (a must) Features 1) Goes to burthorpe and gets a new task. 2) determines if you are done a task, and if you ARE done, it gets a new one 3) goes to the monster you need to slay and kills it. 22/25 tasks supported Banshees(lv 20) Bats(lv27) Bears(lv21) Birds (lv28) Cave Crawlers(lv23) Cave Slimes(lv23) Cows(lv 6) Crawling Hands(lv12) Dogs (lv 44) Dwarves (lv11) Ghosts(lv19) Goblins(lv5) Icefiends(lv13) Kalphite(lv23) Minotaur(lv27) Monkeys(lv 3) Rats(lv3) Scorpions(lv14) Skeletons(lv25) Spiders lv(3) Werewolves(lv88) Wolves(lv27) Desert Lizards(lv12) Zombies(lv18 Cave Bugs(lv6) WHAT I AM DOING NEXT! -Supporting zombies in edgy dungeon (that is my current task) -Supporting Kalphite! -working on a banking method -rework combat for all the spots now that webwalking will take most of the hard work -working on getting the required items for combat! -implementing the actual killing of the slayer monsters Aug. 5th -implementing the part where i need to get to monkeys/minotaurs/birds Versions Not even close to being done But my current plan is to finish getting task part really stable, so then I will just slowly adds the monsters as my guy lvs up. I'll release it once it gets to the part where at least one monster is support. Then i'll just update it! This will maximize the bug finding! you can put the source and your tribot source folder and run this script if you have the above green coloured monsters as a task! My source: http://pastebin.com/vdpvU3Wq screenies
  3. SS Hill Giant Killer by Goldmenow 30k+ xp/hr : 100+ big bones/hr Features: - supports ring of duelling teleports - deathwalks with ring of duelling - looting feature, will pick up big bones, limps, and all listed in picture above - runs flawlessly, tested for 12 hours+ Directions: 1. Start at Castle Wars bank with gear and ring of duelling equipped (opt) 2. Start the script, choose preferences from GUI 3. Press Start Attention: There are now two versions of this script. I have added an older version that is less perfect on the looting side, but which is much more stable all around. The older version is the HillGiantKiller files, instead of HillGiantsKiller Download below, or by Dropbox here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u6fi24fny11z2bw/Nc1XLG_h1Y Please post progress reports here Feedback is always welcome. HillGiantsKillerII$Area.class HillGiantsKillerII$hillFrame$1.class HillGiantsKillerII$hillFrame.class HillGiantsKillerII$State.class HillGiantsKillerII.class
  4. Hello botters, sduncan07 and I have decided to start developing a staking script that would be able to most of the common staking that is done by 07 players. Our goal is to make it non-exploitable and perform as well as any human can. Progress: Duel Settings - The settings have been collected but we still need methods to click them Advertising and accepting duels Combat -- DDS/scim/whip - boxing - general As you can see, we are not very far (just started developing today). We hope to get this ready in a week or so. It will be premium. We know you're wondering whether or not this will be profitable. It must be understood that staking is normally luck. It's all numbers. Therefore, it is possible to get cleaned in 5 minutes or make 20m/hr. So let's see some comments. Get some hype on this thread!!
  5. While coding my EdgevilleManKiller script, I kept gettting a problem with the character attacking men who were outside the house. The character would then get stuck outside. Bad news. So, in response, I developed this algorithm for making sure that whatever/whoever you want is inside a certain area. It's not complicated, but it's useful. private class Area { private int minX, maxX, minY, maxY; public Area (int x, int X, int y, int Y) { this.minX = x; this.maxX = X; this.minY = y; this.maxY = Y; } public boolean isInArea(RSTile coord) { int coordX = coord.getX(); int coordY = coord.getY(); return (coordX > minX && coordX < maxX && coordY > minY && coordY < maxY); } }Directions: Step 1: Copy and paste the code above into your script. Step 2: Go to the place you want to keep your character in, debug position, and find the mins and maxes of both the X and Y coordinates. Assign them to minX, maxX, minY, maxY. It's best to go to the bottom right corner of your area and assign that X to maxX and that Y to minY, and then go to the top left corner of your area and assign that X to minX and that Y to maxY. Step 3: Use the constructor 'new Area (minX, maxX, minY, maxY)' to create your new area. Step 3: In your block of code where you want to use isInArea(coord), get the position (RSTile) of the object that you want to check. Step 4: Type "'areaName'.isInArea(RSTile you just got in step 3)" into wherever you need it. Apparently there is a type RSArea, but I like to implement simple little things like this on my own. It allows me to know exactly what's going on in the background. If you prefer this to RSArea, then have fun, I hope you like it.
  6. No more testers needed, already released. https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/10761-pwarriorsguild-easy-defenders-and-tokens/
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