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Found 106 results

  1. A more elaborate thread is currently being created, sorry for the unprofessional looks. To begin, I will only ever do 3 accounts at once and each individual account will have its own 1024mb VPS. Please take note that this is not a legit service. All the stats will be botted but will be tended to and monitored hourly with breaks that will improve the chances of not getting banned. IF ANY ACCOUNT GETS BANNED I AM NOT TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE. That being said, you will receive a full refund for my services guaranteed(THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE 2-DAY BANS). If you receive a 2-day ban, the customer will receive a lump sum back depending on how much of the service has already been conducted. I will notify customers of times that I will be accessing their accounts and it is advised that they don't try to log in to their accounts at that time. If the customer has a proxy that they currently use on the account, it is advised that they let me conduct the service using their proxy, otherwise a private proxy will be assigned to the account from YoHoJo's Premium Proxy Shop or another shop for a location that is near them. NOTE: THE PRICE OF THE PROXY WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR BILL. Any profit that was gained on the account will stay on the account and cost nothing no matter the amount. PLEASE NOTE IT CAN TAKE UP TO TWO DAYS FOR THE VPS TO BE PREPARED FOR YOUR ACCOUNT'S USE VPS Spots 1. In use 2. Available 3. Available Combat: Currently 1 voucher left. It's important to note that accounts who receive my service for a voucher WILL NOT have their own proxy unless the user supplies one. Vouchers in combat are good from 1 - 40 in any stat or a determined level if the account is a higher level than 40. It's important to remember that you cannot receive anymore than ONE voucher per TRiBot account. To be eligible to receive the voucher your TRiBot account must be VIP+. Currently Available Skills: Attack, Strength, Defence, Range, and Magic Slayer: Currently 1 voucher left. It's important to note that accounts who receive my service for a voucher WILL NOT have their own proxy unless the user supplies one. Vouchers in slayer are good from level 1 - 20 or a determined level if the account is a higher level than 20. It's important to remember that you cannot receive anymore than ONE voucher per TRiBot account. To be eligible to receive the voucher your TRiBot account must be VIP+. Prices will be determined with each individual customer. If the account doesn't have enough supplies for the service to be completed, the account owner will be notified and the service will be halted until the account has a sufficient amount of supplies for the service to be conducted. Farming: Currently 1 voucher left. It's important to note that accounts who receive my service for a voucher WILL NOT have their own proxy unless the user supplies one. Vouchers in farming are good from level 1 - 30 or a determined level if the account is a higher level than 30. It's important to remember that you cannot receive anymore than ONE voucher per TRiBot account. To be eligible to receive the voucher your TRiBot account must be VIP+. Prices will be determined with each individual customer. THE ACCOUNT NEEDS TO HAVE THEIR OWN SEEDS. Runecrafting: Currently 1 voucher left. It's important to note that accounts who receive my service for a voucher WILL NOT have their own proxy unless the user supplies one. Vouchers in runecrafting are good from level 1 - 35 or a determined level if the account is a higher level than 35. It's important to remember that you cannot receive anymore than ONE voucher per TRiBot account. To be eligible to receive the voucher your TRiBot account must be VIP+. Prices will be determined with each individual customer. THE ACCOUNT NEEDS TO HAVE THEIR OWN ESSENCE. Agility: Currently 1 voucher left. It's important to note that accounts who receive my service for a voucher WILL NOT have their own proxy unless the user supplies one. Vouchers in runecrafting are good from level 1 - 30 or a determined level if the account is a higher level than 30. It's important to remember that you cannot receive anymore than ONE voucher per TRiBot account. To be eligible to receive the voucher your TRiBot account must be VIP+. Prices will be determined with each individual customer. THE ACCOUNT NEEDS TO HAVE FOOD AVAILABLE. Thieving: Currently 1 voucher left. It's important to note that accounts who receive my service for a voucher WILL NOT have their own proxy unless the user supplies one. Vouchers in thieving are good from level 1 - 30 or a determined level if the account is a higher level than 30. It's important to remember that you cannot receive anymore than ONE voucher per TRiBot account. To be eligible to receive the voucher your TRiBot account must be VIP+. Prices will be determined with each individual customer. THE ACCOUNT NEEDS TO HAVE FOOD AVAILABLE.
  2. Hey, I am new to the TRiBot community and have just finished my course at College doing Software Development. To continue on and keep my mind fresh I am going to create an Experiment training script. This is just for my practice, but if it turns out decent I may as well release it for your enjoyment too The script is going to take me a while and all updates will be posted here, the script is going to include: - Banking - Bones to Peaches Support - Eating - Potion Support (Prayer, Range, Attack, Strength, Defence) - Bone Burying Support - Picks Up Ammo if Ranging - Special Weapon Support (Special Attacks) - Anti-Ban Measures to be Implemented Later On If you guys have any other features you'd like to add in, that I could attempt please feel free to post below or message me, like I said before this is all for practice, it may take some time and as it's my first script I shall not be posting an ETA until it is near completion.
  3. Taverly Druid Killer - By wastedbro Repository link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/880 Features: Prays at the altar when low on prayer ABCL antiban + prays at altar at different amounts of prayer every time for even more antiban Spec attack Potion support Protect from melee, strength, and attack prayer support Walks to the druid spot if out of range 40k+ XP/hr potential Loots custom items. For example, you can have it loot runes (Stackable) or rare herbs for babysitting. Best setup: Dhide armor (and strength boosters), weapon you want to train with, rune defender, etc. Druids can hit with magic, so doing this with full rune is not a good idea. Go with strength boosting, magic protecting gear and use protect from melee for best results. Preview Screenshot: Repository Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/880 Remember to check out my newest script, too! https://tribot.org/forums/topic/39652-abcl-10-wastedsmither-aio-cannonballs-all-bars-and-items-smelting-multi-location-10/ Enjoy
  4. THIS SCRIPT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. Any support for this script will be given at my convenience, if at all. If there is a bug, post it here, and I will fix it when/if I have the time. Script Features: -> Dynamic mouse speed -> Bone burying support -> Ammo support -> Special attack and weapon support -> Ammo stack customization -> Potion support (super or regular) (attack and strength) -> Bot world detection -> Automatically saves/loads last session GUI properties -> Hops worlds if too many players are in the same area -> ABC Level 10 You can purchase this script here for only 8 credits FREE. Please post any bugs, suggestions, progress reports, or comments on this thread. Instructions: -> If you are using a special attack weapon, have it in your inventory and have your main weapon equipped (if your special attack weapon is your main weapon, have it equipped when you start the script) -> If you are using ammo, have your ammo equipped -> If you are using potions, make sure to have potions in your bank -> Start in the canafis bank, the experiment cave, or anywhere inbetween Progress reports: Change log:
  5. Real thread => : https://tribot.org/forums/topic/38568-abcl-10edgeville-chaos-druid-killerabcl-10/?p=465031 Please remove/lock/archive this thread. My apoglogies.
  6. Hey! What's the best combat/fighter bot for a lvl 68 combat lvl player? Is Relekka Carbs Pro script a good script for lvling combat fast? DOes anyone recomend it?
  7. hey, so I'm working on a combat script, what I'm having trouble with is that every other part of my script is working flawlessly, getting to the bank / withdrawing items / depositing items / checking inventory for req. items / getting to the combat spot, although I'm new to scripting, never mind being new to combat scripts. So here is what i have so far for the combat side of the script: (the combat() method is called using the getState() method if there is food in the inventory, if the player is in the cave, if there is no loot to pickup and if the player is at the combat spot) //used for combatprivate boolean combat() { if(!checkHealth()) { if(checkRun()) { if(!inCombat()) { findTarget(); clickTarget(); return true; } else { sleep(500); return true; } } else { println("Turning run on."); utils.toggleRun(true); return true; } } else if (checkHealth()){ println("Eatting food."); eatFood(); return true; } return false;}//used to check if we are in combatprivate boolean inCombat() { RSNPC[] monster = NPCs.findNearest("monster"); if(monster == null) { return false; } println("In Combat."); if (Player.getRSPlayer().isInCombat() || Player.getAnimation() != -1 || monster[0].isInteractingWithMe()) { return true; } else if(monster[0].isInteractingWithMe() && Player.getAnimation() == -1) { Walking.walkTo(monster[0].getPosition()); } return false;}//used to find a targetprivate RSNPC findTarget() { RSNPC[] monster = NPCs.findNearest("monster"); if(cmonster == null) { return null; } println("Finding Target."); RSNPC target = monster[0]; for (int i = 0; i < monster.length; i++) { target =monster[i]; if (validTarget(target) != null) { if(target.isOnScreen()) { if(!(target.getPosition().distanceTo(Player.getPosition()) >= 9)) { return target; } else { Walking.walkTo(target.getPosition()); sleep(300, 600); return target; } } else { cameraUtils.pitchCameraAsync(General.random(23, 60)); cameraUtils.rotateCameraToTileAsync(target.getPosition()); commonUtils.sleep(450, 600); return target; } } else { sleep(1000); return null; } } return null;}//used to check target is validprivate RSNPC validTarget(RSNPC target) { if(MONSTER_AREA.contains(target.getPosition())) { return target; } return null;}//used to attack the targetprivate boolean clickTarget() { int clickAttempts = 5; RSNPC target = findTarget(); println("Clicking target."); for(int i=0; i<clickAttempts;i++){ if(DynamicClicking.clickRSNPC(target, "Attack")) { sleep(300, 700); break; } sleep(100, 150); } return false;}//used to check if run should be enabled.private boolean checkRun() { if (Game.getRunEnergy() > General.random(10, 100)) { return true; } return true;}//used to check healthprivate boolean checkHealth() { if(Skills.getActualLevel(SKILLS.HITPOINTS)-Skills.getCurrentLevel(SKILLS.HITPOINTS)>=12) { return true; } return false;}//used to eat foodprivate boolean eatFood() { RSItem[] food = Inventory.find(FOOD_ID); if (food != null && food.length > 0) { food[0].click("Eat"); sleep(3500, 4000); return true; } return false;}//used to pickup lootprivate boolean pickupLoot() { RSGroundItem[] items = GroundItems.findNearest(PICKUP_ITEM_NAMES); RSItem[] food = Inventory.find(FOOD_ID); if(items.length > 0) { if(MONSTER_AREA.contains(items[0].getPosition())) { if(items[0].isOnScreen()) { if(!Inventory.isFull()) { if(items.length > 0){ utils.pickUpLoot(items[0]); sleep(1000, 1500); return true; } } else if (Inventory.isFull()) { if(items.length > 0) { food[0].click("Eat"); sleep(500, 800); return true; } } } else { Camera.turnToTile(items[0].getPosition()); return true; } } else { return true; } } return false;}So if anyone has any suggestions to how i can improve my code, as for now, it will get stuck in combat, for example, it will just stand there due to the aggro'd monster being stuck behind a rock etc. Thanks in advance, Jason.
  8. Hey, i need a private script wrote, should be easy enough to do, just needs to camp a certain monster. Add my skype: jason3460 Thanks, Jason.
  9. Please can someone create a script that will do this for tokens? The minigame uses your run energy so you will have to wait ~20 seconds between throws. All the script has to do is click the shotput, then select the text onscreen for throwing style, then wait 20secs and repeat.
  10. Any questions? Feel free to shoot me a private message. Any ideas/features you would see fit? Post it in the thread! ___________________________ Changelog (by date): + 1/18/2014: Option to teleport via runes instead of tabs. (Lite version)+ 1/18/2014: Added Mage combat option instead of range, and option to Alch certain drops (Mithril bars, etc.) after each kill. (Premium Version)__________+ 1/17/2014: Name officially changed from Ultimate MDK to Grateful MDK.+ 1/17/2014: Added Varrock tabs/Home tabs (mounted glory) for escape teleports, with full banking & returning.+ 1/17/2014: Lite Version only allowed 1 hour of run time before stopping.+ 1/17/2014: Changelog created
  11. Script was wrote quickly due to the nature of the event their may still be bugs and it doesn't check for running out of supplies as of yet. seeing as how this spot goes away monday I rushed to release the script. supports prayer potions and ranging potions and any type of food WEAR A RING OF LIFE! Run it here Quick proggy Script supports Shark monkfish swordfish bass lobster tuna salmon or trout I recommend bringing RING OF LIFE best ranging armor 3K chins 10 food (more if shittier food) 10 prayer potions if using prayer (be sure to enable the prayer prior to setting it up I didn't feel like coding in prayers) rest ranging potions Script is on the TRiBot Repository! https://tribot.org/repository/ Need Chinchompas? Check out wHunter link is in my signature!
  12. If this doesn't exist yet it would be cool if it did. Runs to tavy dungeon supporting: low level agility, 70 Agility, Teleports with and without staff, Spot where the two dragon spawn and they attack you instantly, Foods, Anti-fires. Tele when out of food, Replenishing hp when at bank with chosen food (tunas), Human Like. I know there has to be a few gifted scripters. Maybe make like the first two updates free with a few bugs once perfect make 15$ or 5m 07 cash :3
  13. Back when OSRS recently came out, there was a botting site that had an excellent combat script that did the following upon booting up: 1) Checked to see if it was in Tzhaar and if you had a weapon equipped. 2) Walk over to the fight caves and entered. 3) Fought inside the caves until your character had died. 4) Repeat steps 2-3 for maximum xp/hr. Sadly, both the script and botting site are gone, but this wonderful idea remains. The tokkul p/hr was pretty decent, enough to get you an uncut onyx within a long time period (I forgot exactly). Please let me know what you think about this idea, as I believe it could be one of the best, safest, and easiest scripts to write for combat.
  14. IntDagannothKiller Kills dagannoths in the lighthouse lair, picking up their loots for quite good combination of exp and money per hour. Requirements: Horror From the Deep quest Features: - 3 Healing methods: - Food switching in the lighthouse store (noted to unnoted food) - Bones to peaches tabs - Guthan's armour (in development) - Super Attack/Strength potion drinking - Special attack support - Individual combat skills tracker Instructions: Start in the dagannoth lair with all your armour equipped, food in your inventory and if you want, potions, special attack weapon and healing method secundaries (guthans, b2p tabs or noted food/coins) Recommendations: I personally (from experience) recommend 75+ combat Script currently found in the tribot repository
  15. I am currently working on a cockroach fighter for RS3. So far I have done the follow, Banking Walkpaths Fail safes Climbing down the cave Climbing up the rope Killing cockroaches Eating food Light testing What needs to be done Gui Paint Looting Heavy testing I am hoping to release the beta by tomorrow evening.
  16. Send me more Bank ID's so I can add it as an update for available bank booths. Contact me via Skype @druss016 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Notes This script works only in Lite Mode If you are making bolts or darts and you have bars available to smith more (unf) bolts, use varrock west bank for quick access to the anvil __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You can pause PFFletcher for hours without crashing. Pause the script whenever you like, log out, switch worlds, it doesn't matter. It will pick up where you left off, if you are logged in. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~ Automatic & Manual Progress/In-game Screenshots ~~ This script has a screenshot feature that allows you to set the time between automatic screenshots. And sure you may choose to enable or disable automatic screeshots. You are not limited, in-game you may also take manual screenshots whenever you like. All screenshots will be saved in this directory: bin/scripts/PFFletcher/screenshots When the script auto saves a screenshot, it deletes previous auto save screenshots for the current script instance, then it will generate another one. Therefore, you will only have one auto save screenshot for the current script instance so your image folder won't have like 1000 images in it. The auto save screenshot will be your most recent screenshot for the current script instance. Auto save screenshots will not affect manual screenshots taken by the player. http://youtu.be/zwo9qQGVk6g __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~ Multi-fletching Feature / GUI Settings Changer ~~ This script has a Multi-fletching feature, meaning you will be able to fletch different items any point during the script without having to start it over. This way you preserve your xp/hr and you don't have to stay fletching a low level item forever. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2LsL1u94zM ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~ Version 1 Video ~~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlz7WYYrMus&feature=youtu.be ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~ Purchasing the PFMasterFletcher Package ~~ Primary Package - 1 Computer & 3 Accounts Pricing: OSRS GP 3M Each additional Computer (after you buy primary): Pricing: OSRS GP 1.5M Each additional account instance (after you buy primary): Pricing: OSRS GP 1M Contact me on Skype @druss016 Each package comes with the PFHunter script and 1 authentication key. The first 1st computer to use the script will have access to the key from that point on. Other computers that try will be denied access. Free updates for life I can terminate or temporarily suspend your authorization key at any time. I can disable your authorization key at any time (doing this will end your script if you are using it). I will not change your authentication key's status unless I have a good reason. All of your information is safe, none of your important information will be used. After paying with OSRS GP message me on Skype with your TRiBot username, and the email I send the package to. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~ Newest Additions ~~ 7/11/2013 - Added support for Fletching then Stringing Bows Start stringing all of your bows once you have fletched them all. 7/1/2013 - Toggle Random Event solver state (on/off) You player will or will not do randoms. If the solver state is off your player will not click on randoms that Jagex or other player will notice 6/25/2013 - Automatic/Manual Screenshots Set the script to take automatic screenshots every 5,10,15, ... , 40, 50, 60 minutes Take manual screenshot when running the script, whenever you want 6/25/2013 - Multi-fletching feature added You will now be able to fletch different items at any point during the script without having to start the bot over. 6/23/2013 - Now supports fletching bolts with or without bolt tips Smiths more (unf) bolts when you have run out, using Bronze-Rune bars Crafts more bolts tips when you have run out 6/23/2013 - Now supports fletching darts Smiths more (unf) darts when you have run out, using Bronze-Rune bars ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~ Features & Support ~~ Super fast fletching. Earn maximum XP/Hr Fletching logs: 1,740+ Logs/Hr Stringing bows: 2,000+ Bows/Hr Multi-fletching feature / GUI Settings Changer added Supports all bank locations (Send me bank ID so I can add to script) EOC-like floating XP numbers Toggle Random Event solver state (on/off) Awesome progress/statistics layout interface (The paint does not stop you from typing in the chat Dialog window) Toggle button to show/hide progress interface (Let's you view the chat dialog at any time) Simultaneously cut and string bows Either cut only or string only Fletches bolts with bolt tips. Smiths more (unf) bolts if you have none left, using Bronze-Rune bars. Crafts more bolts tips if you have none left Darts: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamant, Rune Bolts: Bronze, Opal-tipped bronze, Iron, Steel, Red topaz-tipped steel, Mithril, Sapphire-tipped mithril, Emerald-tipped mithril, Adamant, Ruby-tipped adamant, Diamond-tipped adamant, Runite, Dragonstone-tipped runite, Onyx-tipped runite Supported Gems: Opals, Red Topaz, Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, Diamonds, Dragonstones, Onyx Supported Bars: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamant, Rune Logs: Regular, Oak, Willow, Teak, Maple, Mahogany, Yew, Magic Bows: Regular, Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, Magic Crossbows: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamant, Rune Arrows: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamant, Rune Stocks: Wooden, Willow, Teak, Maple, Mahogany, Yew Other: Arrow Shafts ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~ Authorization Key Checking/Verifying ~~ When you start the script you will be prompted to allow the authorization checker. Click "Always Allow" for both prompts. Sure you can click deny, but then you will be denied access to the script also. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~ Updates ~~ V1.0.0 - 06/08/2013 - Added mouse speed GUI and upgraded detections and functionality V1.1.0 - 06/10/2013 - Added support for crossbows V1.2.0 - 06/23/2013 - Added support for Bolts and Bolt tips (involves crafting and smithing) V1.2.1 - 06/23/2013 - Updated Runtime pausing (when pausing the script). This will preserve your XP/Hr V1.3.0 - 06/23/2013 - Added support for Darts (involves smithing) V1.3.1 - 06/23/2013 - Updated Runtime pausing (when player is in a random). This will preserve your XP/Hr V1.4.0 - 06/25/2013 - Added Multi-fletching feature. The player will be able to change the GUI settings at any point during the script. V1.5.0 - 06/25/2013 - Added automatic/manual screenshot feature. Take a screenshot manually, or let the script do it for you. V1.5.11 - 07/01/2013 - Updated GUI. Added Random auto-solver option. Other minor fixes. V1.5.13 - 07/02/2013 - Improved Auto Updater system V1.5.20 - 07/05/2013 - Added bank withdrawal fail-safe option. When withdrawing items from bank, the script waits until that item appears in your inventory before continuing. If not it will try withdrawing it again. V1.5.23 - 07/06/2013 - Extra banking fixes. V1.6.0 - 07/11/2013 - Fixed logout/login feature. Also Preserves your xp/hr when you logout then login. V1.6.0 - 07/11/2013 - Added support for fletching then stringing bows. V1.6.5 - 08/17/2013 - Fixed repetitive item deposit when fletching arrow shafts. V1.6.6 - 08/30/2013 - New tribot api implemented V1.6.7 - 09/15/2013 - Updated ID's and Banking algorithm V1.6.11 - 09/30/2013 - Updated Bank ID's and Banking algorithm, now includes scrollbar dragging
  17. I will be doing my best to keep this beautiful script alive as Loop would have wanted. Credits to Loop for scripting this, I am simply keeping it updated for everyone to use. Click here for Loop's original thread. Features: Proggys Requests: How to setup: Recommendations: Known bugs: Updates EXTERNAL DOWNLOAD LINKS: 11/21/13 Version 1.3.9 - Outdated Version 1.3.8 *Outdated*
  18. This script will be free and I will continue to update it, all I ask of you is that if you like it to "like" this post, and if you do not like it please tell me why and I'll try to make it better for you. Any and all constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated! Thanks, DIY Why use this script you might ask? Here is a list of reasons: Absolutely 0 requirements, You can load up two fresh level 3's and have them throw down if you really want. VERY few randoms, I've gotten one random on one of my accounts in going from 1-1-1 to 50-57-1 so far. Low ban rate? For now at least this is a very uncommon spot and just looks like two people dueling each other especially if you have auto-retaliate on the slave as well. Great XP. I am currently averaging 18k XP/HR with a 50-57-1 account and the slave using NO food. and over 30k XP/HR with that same account and a slave using only Salmon. (I'd love to see some proggies from someone with better stats and sharks!) I use it myself so it is updated frequently. What does the bot do? You must be running the script on two accounts, a "Master" and a "Slave": Slave- Grabs a full inventory of any specified type of food from bank, challenges the "Master" to a duel, accepts the duel, then stands with auto-retaliate off and eats while the "Master" attacks it. If you want you can also specify not to use any food and turn retaliate on to gain some XP on the slave account as well. Master- Accepts challenge request from "Slave" and attacks it until "Slave" is out of food and dies, meets "Slave" at bank if food is on, or at duel arena if food is off and repeats. Running the script: 1. Make sure you have the most updated version of KDuelTrainer! 2. Bring two accounts of your to the duel arena bank and log them in on the SAME world. Place your food in the TOP ROW of the bank. 3. Start the script which can be found in the "Duel Arena" section of your scripts page on both accounts. 4. Fill out the GUI as instructed before hitting start. 5. If you want to use food on the slave account select "Yes" for using food on BOTH accounts, on the SLAVE account enter the food id and healing amount. 6. Report any issues with the script here, and please post some progress reports of your XP/HR rates! Update Log: Version 1.01: Added in the option to not use any food by entering 0 for the food ID. And "N" for "Is the slave using food" Version 1.02: Fixed an issue with not properly closing the winning's screen when not using food. Version 1.03: Fixed an issue where if the two accounts spawned in the arena too far away they couldn't find each other.(Thanks lostaran for noticing) Version 1.04: Fixed a few more small issues, one where the "Claim winnings" screen was not being closed properly and an issue with walking. Also combined the two .class files into a single script that is to be run on both accounts. Also now displays XP/HR for the slave account (Leave auto-retaliate on if you want it to gain some XP also.) Version 1.05: Added the option to cast curse instead of fighting. If doing so try to get around -65 Magic attack on the master, and as high of magic defense on the slave as you can (Equip a magic amulet, staff, leather on the slave) for best results. Version 1.06: Added a GUI when you first start the script, script cannot be "re-run" now, must be started from the scripts menu every time for now. Version 1.07: New paint, slave now walks towards the middle of the arena once entered to avoid the problem of being out of range. Version 1.08: Re-written challenging method, Support for granite maul spec (Don't try other weapons yet haha it just spam clicks spec bar a few times at start of fight), Improved banking for food won't withdraw a full inventory twice anymore. To use granite maul spec support you must enter your other weapon's id in the "Main Weapon" box, the default is a rune scim because that is what I'm using, the id for granite maul is already in there. If you don't want to gmaul spec change that to a 0. Version 1.09: Huge improvement in simplicity, instead of having to input some odd chunk of your partners name you are now required instead to enter your partners entire username EXACTLY. (Finally figure out the issue with how the bot was returning Players.getName() ) Version 1.10: Fixed an issue that was pointed out to me that the bot was trying to spec even when not using Granite Maul option, huge oversight on my part there sorry about that guys, also A NOTE TO PURES, I WOULD RECOMMEND AVOIDING GMAUL OPTION FOR A BIT, IT COULD MISS CLICK DEFENSE. Version 1.11: Should fix the issue where the script challenges other people standing on top of you, I haven't been able to test this myself yet so please let me know if there are any issues so I can fix it quickly! Version 1.12: Fixes an issue that was occasionally caused by spaces in usernames. Version 1.13: Should work again, let me know. Known Issues: Doesn't always handle logging back in properly. (May be working now) Things I'll add later (Probably free, possibly in a premium version): Potion support Prayer support Special Attack support Best Progress Reports: Thanks lostaran for the picture! Myself on a 40 Attack/40 Strength account using salmon. 90Dragon9000 on his level 10 account. Myself with 50-60-1 using salmon Wussup guys with 70 range, steel arrows, sharks If you like my scripts and want do donate to me feel free, Please don't feel like you need to though, all of my scripts are free and I write them because I enjoy it KDuelTrainer.class
  19. Hey guys Dgaf here, I am here to bring you my second script here at TriBot: Chickens Pro So what does this script do? Chickens Pro is a very simple Chicken killer. It will walk to Chickens and kill them. Features: Fast Combat (In general its faster than the other bots) Paint toggle on/off Anti ban Simple (No Gui, this is Chickens you dont need one) Failsafes (It will check to see if the Chicken its about to attack is within the fenced area before clicking it to avoid getting stuck outside) If it does get stuck out side it will open the fence and let itself back in To Do: Nothing Know Bugs: None. Change log: Chickens Pro Beta 1.0: Wrote this script within 2 hours. Screenshot: I wrote this yesterday so no long proggys yet :/ Post yours so I can add them to the thread. Pleas post any proggys you have and I will add them to the thread Requirments: 1. An account. How to get the script in your client: 1. Download the .class file from the bottom of this post. 2. To add/update this script, Click file > View Local Scripts on your TriBot Client. 3. Place the file you just downloaded in this folder. 4. You should be ready to run the script! Instructions: 1. Start this script basically anywhere on the surface of RS or at Chickens. (It will walk to Lumb Chickens) 2. You must allow the paint through the firewall. The images are hosted on http://puu.sh/ you must also allow the puu.sh IP. This script is currently still in beta, If it crashes or gets stuck please post the logs and what you think caused the problem on this thread. I will try to fix all problems asap. If you would like to see any features added or have any suggestions please feel free to post them on the thread -Dgaf Credits: 1. Mute - https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/18360-show-hide-paint-tut/?hl=%2Btoggle+%2Bpaint 2. Arckos - https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/18775-snippet-drawing-gained-xp-skills-to-screen/ - https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/17021-simple-antiban/ Download: ChickensPro.class 1.0 Beta Source: http://pastebin.com/8ZH21d81
  20. Current Version: 0.6 (Last Updated: 31/8/2013) DOWNLOAD LATEST VERSION!!! Good day to all! I am OmniMind, and this is my first script on TriBot, which I hope to add to my scripter's application when the time comes, along with what I will produce in the future. This script will run for a pretty decent amount of time, unless encountered by a Random that TriBot is unable to solve. I hope my post count doesn't push you away from using my script, but I wanted to start with a contribution, and head towards something greater. ~Enjoy, and please criticize!~ The script is available in the attachments of this thread. The whole script is composed of four files: OmniChickens.java, OmniAB.java, OmniPaintManager.java, and Timer.java, and all go in their respective directories as placed in the zip file. The source of my work is here: http://pastie.org/private/vwl8fnwwgqu9trrksm6p2g And the Timer.java is a popularly used class from the legendary RSCheatA: http://pastie.org/private/k5gdjkterhjjgtfcq5hq4w Changes throughout versions will be listed here: version 0.1: Initial Release!version 0.2: Optimization on timers, and sleep durations. Added "Hide/Show Paint" Option. (Ctrl + H, if input enabled, mouse over button if not)version 0.3: Optimized Paint, Timers, and Anti-ban. Failsafes for undetected randoms.version 0.4: Rewrote whole script. Redesigned Paint. Added RANGED support. Possibility for multiple areas as I discover them.version 0.41:Fixed a bug: Attacking in combat NPC's Added more fail-safes that make sure the bot doesn't click another NPC while already attacking one. Fixed the bones buried counter.version 0.5: Fixed few bugs. Added and tested deathwalk. Further optimized looting, and attacking.version 0.6: Fixed deprecated method errors. Fixed getting out of fence issues. Optimized combat a little bit. ~Progress Reports~ ~Thanks for your time, and Enjoy~ ~OmniMind~ OmniChickens v0.6.zip
  21. To Purchase Add Me On Skype: chad.miles6 Or Message My TRiBot 2m OSRS Gp Or $6 Unlimited Use And Unlimited Accounts! Limited Offer Only For First ( 10 )
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dvWzrTT7bo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MPvHiJSLq0 GET YOUR DYNAMIC SIGNATURE! REPLACE "EVERYONE" WITH THE USERNAME YOU CREATED FOR THE SCRIPT! CURRENT FEATURES: DONE | COMING ALL MASTERS SUPPORTED! - - - - - OTHER FEATURES - - - - - - TASK CAMPING (AIO COMBAT) MONSTERS SUPPORTED FOR CAMPING: - LOOTING SUPPORT - EATING ANY FOOD - CAN START ANYWHERE - USES TELETABS OR RUNES TO GET AROUND - Prayer Support - Potion Support - FAIRY RING SUPPORT - CANNON SUPPORT - RANGE SUPPORT (LOOTING ARROWS & BOLTS) TO PURCHASE ($25 or 15M RSGP ): 1. Go http://mutesscripts.com 2. Go to Store > AIOSlayer and proceed with checkout 3. Go To client area > Purchases 4. Click AIOSlayer and download the file 5. On initial start-up, enter the auth found under Purchases > AIOSlayer 6. You are ready to go! RUNNING THE SCRIPT: 1. Buy the following items: 2. Have the following in your inventory on start-up: - Enchanted Gem - Small cash stack (5K - 10K) - Varrock Tele-Tabs (10+) or Varrock Tele Runes 3. MAKE SURE CLIENT INPUT IS OFF & Start the script! PROGGIES / VOUCHES: PLEASE POST PROGGIES! CHANGE-LOG: COMMON QUESTIONS: Q: What are the near future plans for this script? A: Fairy Rings, Range, Other Masters, Prayer, Potions, etc. Q: How many account can I run off of one auth? A: Unlimited (On one computer). Q: Why Is the price so high? A: This is a slayer script that kills over 70 different monsters. You are entitled to all future updates if you purchase as well. FOR RSGP PURCHASES & SCRIPT PROBLEMS ADD BRIAN: FOR RSGP PURCHASES & AUTH/LOADER PROBLEMS ADD MUTE:
  23. Combat Script follow the gui no paint on it just follow prompts will ask 4 spec weapon id and crap even if u have none just type like 1234 random number. thanks for gui for teaching me about guis DOWNLOAD ALL FILES Paint complete thinking about adding a boner bar for how much xp u gained like soft,hard,raging etc v0.02 - release underneath updated gui,added big bones to bone list,added xp counters/paint v0.01 - released no download DUE TO TRIBOTS LACK OF API DEVELOPMENT (MIGHT BE UPDATING MIGHT...) combat$state.class combat.class Combat_Gui$1.class Combat_Gui$2.class Combat_Gui.class
  24. Hi guys, although I'm not at all new to Java, I've just started scripting. This is my second script. Version 3.2 OPEN SOURCE Must run in Lite Mode! What EdgevilleManKiller does: -Kills men in edgeville warehouse -(optional) Loots herbs and clue scrolls (awesome for level 1 clue scrolls if you're looking for easy pages) -Eats trout when you're low hp -Banks herbs and clues when full inv or out of food Directions: Run in Lite Mode! Step 1: (Optional) Put your preferred food in the top 5 rows of your bank Step 2: Go to Edgeville bank or warehouse and equip the gear that you want to use Step 3: Turn Auto-Retaliate on Step 4: Start the script and choose your preferred options from the new GUI Step 5: Press the start button I will be updating this script as well as making new ones as I get better. As far as RandomHandling goes, I noticed that the client has been handling them. I don't know how reliable that is, so if someone could let me know whether or not I need to implement my own, that would be good. I also implemented my own to run from chickens and swarms. Feedback is greatly appreciated, but constructive criticism is even more appreciated. Here's the link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5dkl66rel8gujld/U_G1s1W2db Bug Fixes: May 23, 2013 -fixed bug where it right clicked but didn't actually pick up loot May 24, 2013 -changed the way that the number of trout is kept track of, more accurate -opens door if stuck outside -attempted to have bot run back after running away from a random (unconfirmed) May 27, 2013 -just some little bug fixes in an attempt to make it run more smoothly May 29, 2013 -redid checkDoor() function -redid banking algorithm, no longer gets stuck inside the house May 30, 2013 -created isInArea() function. As a result, the bot does not attack men outside the house now- makes it run MUCH smoother, better exp, doesn't get stuck outside -created anti randoms function, will run away from swarm and evil chicken if they appear - no more dying yay June 13, 2013 -COMPLETELY REWORKED THE BACKGROUND OF THIS -added states for a smoother running script -added ladder protection (climbs down ladder if it misclicks) -should stay in the fucking house -the tester says that the script is nearly perfect (thanks fishy) June 17, 2013 -Added a GUI, now have the option to loot or not, can control how much and which kind of food you use July 7, 2013 -fixed bug where it sometimes forgot to eat July 23, 2013 -updated the IDs -updated combat algorithm so that it doesn't switch targets as much after attacking -added progress report -now works with strike level maging - won't bank minds or airs, use elemental staff July 25, 2013 -fixed door not working
  25. Script works pretty well just need to do further testing! EDIT: I will add more pictures tomorrow(8/27/13) 0.1 Primitive loads NPCs in region by closest.0.2 Added Looting.0.3 Added Walking(Working on walking to objects and opening them) 0.4 Added Complete Walking with Banking0.5 Fixed Walking a little more
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