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  1. I was wondering what is top gear/inventory set up, I have 95+ range/mage 70+ def and I have been running the script 2k+ kills with ahrims/karils(swamp,blowpipe), prayer pots and sharks ans getting 15 kills per hour. I want to know what could be an upgrade to get more kills per trip/hour, I'm not sure if super res are better, food, if only mage is better, etc.
  2. For me it is also getting stucked at lumbridge top floor, and bot is missclicking like crazy! Keeps dying
  3. When it teleports to Zulrah it only spam clicks Mystic Might, and start lagging like crazy! It was running fine before but now it keeps doing it
  4. Thanks for the fast reply, is there any thread on the benefits of Looking Glass or any introduction on it. I recently came back from a long break
  5. I'm not sure if this is the right thread to ask, I'm interested in this script and I'm about to buy an account for it but Im not quite sure on gear setups assuming I have the requirements as posted in the first page of this thread. Any guide I could check? thanks EDIT: Im also not sure on what LG stands for
  6. 1st TO HOUSE: (Demon butler) TO BANK: (Demon bulter) TABLET: (House teleport) USE FRIEND'S HOUSE: (False) USE SERVANT: (True) Issue(s) Experienced: (It missclick lectern just when the demon bulter returns with the clay and gets stucked with lectern windown for ever without clays) Picture: (Image) 2nd TO HOUSE: (House teleport) TO BANK: (Mounted glory) TABLET: (House teleport) USE FRIEND'S HOUSE: (True) USE SERVANT: (False) Issue(s) Experienced: (Tries to click mounted glory about 3 times before getting it right) Picture: (Image) Recomendation When using friend's house it types the friend's name everytime it enters house but there's a option to click the last name typed(Faster and less botlike).
  7. I think you fixed this already, one small detail. The script ran for hours flawless, but when there's no more clay in bank it will spam butler for clay and won't log out. stood there for 3 hours straight spamming butler when there was no clay in the bank.
  8. This is right, bot freezes everything it gets a random. TO HOUSE: Demon butler TO BANK: Demon butler TABLET: House tablet USE FRIEND'S HOUSE: (False) USE SERVANT: (True) Issue(s) Experienced: Everytime it gets a random, the bot stops and freezes Picture: (Image) [19:23:22] We are attempting to solve the Dismissible Random random.[19:23:31] The script's paint appears to be frozen. Attempting to recover the paint thread.[19:23:31] Stack Trace:[19:23:31] - org.tribot.api2007.Interfaces.isInterfaceValid(ug:202)[19:23:31] - org.tribot.api2007.Banking.isDepositBoxOpen(ce:560)[19:23:31] - org.tribot.api2007.Inventory.getAll(yk:188)[19:23:31] - org.tribot.api2007.Inventory.find(yk:252)[19:23:31] - org.tribot.api2007.Inventory.find(yk:662)[19:23:31] - org.tribot.api2007.Inventory.getCount(yk:198)[19:23:31] - scripts.UsaTabMaker.onPaint(UsaTabMaker.java:1437)[19:23:31] - obf.jj.F(hg:439)[19:23:31] - obf.zi.run(sh:71)[19:23:31] - java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[19:23:36] The script's paint thread could not be recovered. Creating a new one. EDIT: Using alienware and 1GB RAM for Client
  9. Is demon butler option working, about to buy script buy since it has time limit don't want to purchase this yet if the option is not working. EDIT: Using alienware, saw your post about toaster computers.
  10. Attacking mode needs a little improvement for efficiency, Most of the time I point for lack of activity. Combat is level 90+.
  11. I think this only happens if you don't have a gree gree on :3 not sure because I did manage to run it for 45min and found another issue but Mute fix it right away
  12. What is your issue?: It keeps enabling prayers, disabling and enabling them until you die. What happened exactly?: I test it several times to get an exact bug, and died 3 times. When the bot is in the monkey madness cave, going to the spot sometimes it gets stuck in the status enabling prayers. And if the spot is already taken it starts to mess up, reaching futher and again getting stuck at enabling prayers status, this happens when hopping worlds is on and also off. What task were you on?: Going to the spot at the tunnel. What was the status on the paint?: Enabling prayers. I don't have the clipboards, since i got mad 3 times and closed the client. Not trying to flame the bot although i wouldn't recommend it at the moment, I hope this helps.
  13. Just bought it like an hour ago, and after 30 mins of babysitting i go afk for 5 minutes and death
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