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  1. Don't use JoeDezzy as a scripter! Personal experience.
  2. Derpec

    30m l $20

    Forgot to edit the post! It was sold!
  3. Runescape Botting Discussion chat channel Click Here Derpec's VPS Setup Services VPS setup includes: - Installing Tribot for OldSchool use - Install OsBuddy - Install a Desktop Environment and a Web Browser - Install the Latest JDK - Setting up Looking Glass PRICE: FREE NOTE: - The server must have a fresh install - I will require root access - I will require SSH access to the server
  4. Thanks for the release bud!
  5. Derpec

    30m l $20

    Selling 30m for $20 You will go first, and must be paid by PP (Trusted Only) Friends & Family.
  6. JoeDezzy told me the script would've been released by yesterday but it still hasn't been resolved. Countless days/hours this scripter has lied and continued on the daily with his excuses.
  7. Derpec

    VPS size?

    That can host a proxy? You should be able to buy a proxy, and connect it to your tribot client?
  8. Derpec

    VPS size?

    It'd be cheaper to buy the VPS, and then buy the proxies not continuously buy VPS's.
  9. Derpec

    VPS size?

    For 5? You're probably looking upwards to 3-4GB.
  10. The issue is still ongoing waiting for the script to be fully functional so I can use it.
  11. Sorry didn't see your post! Specs you'd be able to run: 1 VCPU 512 MB RAM (You can even go lower on the RAM if you wanted too like 250-350MBs) 10 GB SSD
  12. Unfortunately, I don't! However, if you buy a cheap ubuntu VPS you'd be able to do this.
  13. The specs can be really low if you want them to be.
  14. Runescape Botting Discussion chat channel here What is a SOCK5 Proxy? SOCKS5 is an internet protocol which routes packets between a server and a client using a proxy server. REQUIREMENTS: A droplet from Digital Ocean (NOTE: You can get your own VPS from another provider if you don't like Digital Ocean but this is what I use for my SOCK5 Proxies) Click Here A Brain Lets Begin shall we? Step 1) Installing Dante on your Ubuntu Server (Ubuntu 16.04.4 x64) Login to your ubuntu server using "putty", and type in your username, and password. It'll prompt you with a security message just say yes, and continue. now once you're inside your root we're going to put in exactly what I've below: wget http://ppa.launchpad.net/dajhorn/dante/ubuntu/pool/main/d/dante/dante-server_1.4.1-1_amd64.deb Allow that to install, and once that's finished do the following one at a time: sudo apt-get install gdebi-core sudo gdebi dante-server_1.4.1-1_amd64.deb Step 2) Configuring Dante The next task is to configure the dante server before starting it. The configuration file can be found here nano /etc/danted.conf The contents should look similar to this: # /etc/danted.conf logoutput: syslog user.privileged: root user.unprivileged: nobody # The listening network interface or address. internal: port=1080 # The proxying network interface or address. external: eth0 # socks-rules determine what is proxied through the external interface. # The default of "none" permits anonymous access. socksmethod: username # client-rules determine who can connect to the internal interface. # The default of "none" permits anonymous access. clientmethod: none client pass { from: to: log: connect disconnect error } socks pass { from: to: log: connect disconnect error } Now, this is where a lot of people mess up! You need to change the part where it says "The listening network interface or address" Internal: YOUR_VPS_IP port=1080 Now you must save your config file by doing the following: Ctrl + X or F2 to exit, and it'll ask you to save. Step 3) Starting the Dante Server service danted start Type the following into your root, and it'll start the dante server. Step 4) Checking the port number netstat -nlpt | grep dant Should see something like this after you've put that command line in: tcp 0 YOUR_SERVER_IP:1080* LISTEN 6342/danted Step 5) Adding a user/password adduser NAMEOFUSER It'll then ask you for a password, and that'll be what you'll use for authentication on the tribot proxy setting's. THAT'S IT! You should have your very own SOCK5 Proxy for yourself! F.A.Q: Can I create multiple users, and give the proxy out to people? Yes, you certainly can, however, It's not recommended to share the IP with many individuals as it'll increase the ban rate. Can I only set up one IP for each server? Yes, you're only able to set up ONE IP for each server. Will having my own SOCK5 Proxy lower my ban rate? Not exactly as digital ocean has probably given out the IP to multiple people beforehand so, therefore, it's probably been used and banned before.
  15. Not as of yet Joe still needs to fix the script for me to be able to use it again. Picture of him stating that account creation changed but didn't fix the issue: https://gyazo.com/b1234d104edf53ecb5d2f15329916c32
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