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  1. If we cannot post sites, then that's my mistake. I use to have this thread on the (old,old) forum tribot had. but maybe the rules have changed ever sense then !
  2. Quick Links : - http://porthosts.com (Main Website) - http://porthosts.com/billing/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=4 (Contact) - http://porthosts.com/billing/ (Client Area) Recent Updates : We have updated to the newer version of WHMCS. About Us : PortHosts strives to offer professional virtual services at reasonable prices. Our team dedicates their time into offering fast and detailed support replies. We offer RAID protected servers to assure a reliable and secure experience with us. We ensure fast set-up times on our Windows Servers and we offer a 24-hour delivery guarantee. Our virtual services are all on a guaranteed 100MBPS Uplink. PortHosts was opened in the end August of 2012 and has generated ~250 customers within the first 5 months of being in business! Services : Webhosting *We offer instant setup on all of our webhosting packages! Windows Virtual Private Servers Testimonials :
  3. Vouch for this user ! I've just bought a Web-Hosting package from him and it was an Instant Setup !
  4. This is very weird, because when i had VIP it worked perfectly fine with 3 bots.
  5. Do me a favor, open up task manager and tell me how much CPU Usage it is using.
  6. Hello 6packjames, if you have a problem with your bot then please make a ticket and not post anything here.
  7. Enterprise should hold more none of the less thank you
  8. Use code 'sale' which expires on the 22nd which is today, It's 35% off.
  9. Hello 6pack, please just make a support ticket.
  10. 3 bots on a 512mb package is on the edge of it, you well only experience a little bit of lag but not much.