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  1. @Leespiker I would like a refund please or I will contact moderators about the issue I can't use this script at all and I would like to use your pero script I know you can change authentications which would be easiest for this please let me know asap thank you
  2. @Leespiker Hi there so I just realized I really don't need this script lee I would like a refund please I don't have enough time to make slaves I just realized this but I do want to buy your puro puro script there both the same price as well so can we work something out here soon?
  3. @calridge7 bro I'm sorry to say but you can't tell when any one gets banned anywhere for any script this script meets with the anti ban level for tribot so he can release this script and any one person using this script. You got banned for using a bot period they knew you've been botting also
  4. I don't what @calridge7 or any one else is talking about the script is very self explanatory and it does have an issue with broken axe @Leespiker mentioned to me and it does every now and then get a broken axe I think adding a fix so it goes talks to bob fixes axe and goes back to wcing would be great I know that isn't to hard to code because I used a couple free scripts that actually had that support
  5. @Leespiker Hey just realized this script doesn't have broken axe support?! is there a reason for that?
  6. just got a 2 day ban from this bot dunno why must be mouse speed i think or just because its still so early in beta.. glad it was only a 2 day ban but still be careful with script only used for 1 day and got caught
  7. @Leespiker Hey again I just recently bought this script from you too! Lol but I had a question about this one I was wondering if it would ever be possible to make an option to let the master just run ess alone? I mean I know what I have purchased at what not but this script would be 100x better if you could have the option to run ess yourself with out the slaves but lemme know on that thank you!
  8. @Leespiker Hey there I just purchased your script and it's awesome amazing but one issues i've been having I start cutting magics near seers village and set it up to fletch them into longbows afterwards but when it is done fletching it drops all the longbows very upsetting since I want to alch them. So if you can please look into that would be awesome I did double check myself to make sure I didn't have it on fletch&drop
  9. Hey man just bought your script and I'm loving it thanks again worth every dollar
  10. Thanks for the awesome script, it runs great! However I will say that I would gladly pay another $5 for the ability to save multiple profiles in settings. You can use 2 accounts per authorization, but the problem is in my case those two accounts are very different. One is a main, the other a proselyte pure, and just about every setting is different. It wouldn't be that big of a deal, but I have my settings saved for my main and if I happen to start it before the pure the "set equipment" button usually stays locked to the wrong client, forcing me to log out and restart the whole program to get them both up and running. Again, the script is amazing and completely worth the money, but this issue has annoyed me relentlessly. Also, it really would be nice to see the loot list for the stock "loot valuables" option. I'd hate to miss out on something like a shield half, dragonstone, visage, etc. because I didn't add it to the list, simply for peace of mind. A lot of people have asked for that in just the past page, and if I'm not mistaken the information isn't anywhere in the thread. Please put it somewhere in the first post
  11. Restarted and redownloaded my client twice. The script wont start, its giving me a paint error as scott the bot said.
  12. My biggest complaint is that it needs better detection for current state/location, especially when needing to stop/restart due to the bot hanging or needing something. I've lost dozens of law runes due to redundant teleporting, for example i start the scrip in varrock bank then it teleports to camelot for no reason and then teleports back to varrock and goes to the bank. It also deposits items in the inventory like food and potions only to withdraw them right back, even if the inv is already full and perfectly set up, sometimes depositing at one bank and then making a trip to another to fill it back up. It's a very good script and its much appreciated but bugs like this really ruin its full potential, even when babysitting it as you cannot stop/restart without getting redundant teleporting. Also, the replenish supplies option seems to be broken, it withdraws about 150k, goes to vannaka, doesn't buy anything, teleports back and repeats.
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