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  1. @Aropupu awww so no support for the bank after you've completed fally 3 diary in the crafting guild?
  2. @Aropupu does this script not use the bank when you have completed the fally 3-4 diary's in the crafting guild?
  3. Awesome script, does the repair armour method not work? or am I the one doing something wrong?
  4. yes I was banned on both accounts, 3 of my friends were as well yesterday. They must have figured out this script cuz everyone know that used it just got banned. On that note, any time you die it stands at your deathspot until you log it out. could be 10 hours, there should def be a feature that logs you out after getting pk'd lol.
  5. yeah guys i wouldn't use this script right now. I've found myself stuck 3 times at the altar, east of it with 2 glorys in my pack 1 uncharged and 1 charged. Just standing there doing nothing but getting reported. If you value your account I'd hold off on botting until it's fixed. GL
  6. The stamina update is great, but it would last like 20 seconds longer if you programmed the script to drink it during the last pouch fill up, rather than before any rune pouch loading.
  7. messaged him 7 days ago, he read my message but no reply. Fallen, I posted where you suggested. thanks for the feedback and assistance.
  8. So my first tribot account, account name "bustycops" is impossible to log into now. It has been this way for a couple months, i've tried to email myself the password renewal but have had no luck. Either i don't remember what the email is or my account has been locked or something, because I know what the password was and one day it worked, the next it wouldn't. I have 40$ invested into the account "bustycops" and would really appreciate if someone could help me recover it? I would like to get back to RCing and i'm not about to buy the 30$ script again I did a member lookup and it seems that the account is still alive, just I haven't been able to log in. Any suggestions????? much appreciated
  9. idk how long this script hasn't worked for but it won't click the spell humidify. am i doing something wrong?
  10. Mine also just runs to zam mage and stands there forever. Script is currently unusable, please hit us up here when its fixed
  11. Hey guys I'm a Mac user, and everything ran fine until today i started getting this message. [14:27:29] Could not load human mouse data. Reason: Human mouse data encryption key not found. this happens as soon as i click "new client" to load 07 rs. and the screen just stays white and won't load.
  12. Now i'm getting this message, right after i click "new client" and the screen stays white and won't load rs. any suggestions? [14:27:29] Could not load human mouse data. Reason: Human mouse data encryption key not found.
  13. I keep getting a message [14:27:29] Could not load human mouse data. Reason: Human mouse data encryption key not found. and my bot won't work. anybody know whats up?
  14. dont wanna be a dick but if you could program the staminas to be drank once energy is under 80 would be boss rather than at 100% energy