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  1. Title says it all, I have 25m 07 currently wanting to trade for Rs3 at 1:7 , price is negotiable.. add my skype to discuss - live:jradgb
  2. Will be buying Via Verified PP Add my skype @ Live:jradgb Will go first if youre trusted otherwise vmm.
  3. Thanks , I wasn't in a hurry i just never expected it you know.
  4. Hello , i've recently been scammed from a person on skype by the name of : ddyce.tanksho Basically he said that he wanted to record both sides of the trade to have evidence if i scammed.. Stupid me i forgot to disable his mouse and he traded 20m to himself. Not here to ask for money i'm here to make everyone aware of this. PS : I'm not sure where to put this thread so.. i put it here.
  5. Got 3 bonds, thank you

  6. Bustey

    13ustey's bonds!

    talking atm
  7. Bustey

    13ustey's bonds!

    Talking atm.
  8. Trade type: 07gp for bonds Your Skype: live:jradgb Other traders Skype: puziokush Your TRiBot username: Bustey Other traders TRiBot username: sago Have you added me on Skype? yes Do you accept the TOS? (Terms of Service) yes
  9. Bustey

    13ustey's bonds!

    Sure have one in mind? and add my skype.
  10. Hello Tribot and Welcome to my thread! My current rate : 1:7.5 Current stock : 30m+ Skype : Live:jradgb Fill out this layout: GP you're swapping: Skype: Have you added me on skype: Do you agree to my TOS: Will you FB after trade is complete: Terms of Service: You will go first unless i deem youre trusted. I'm not responsible for any mutes/bans.
  11. Bustey

    13ustey's bonds!

    Talking atm.
  12. Bustey

    13ustey's bonds!

    Thanks for choosing me !
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