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  1. Possibly, hard to say and yes. I will say I used it for less than 2hours on a clean lvl 85 and got nailed with a perm.
  2. gateway

    Need a private script done

    @spanishguy talk to worthy. He's made some for me in the past and they have worked out great. Edit: @Worthy
  3. gateway


    below the payment option click the link that says use other, and it will have you confirm your paypal email.
  4. gateway

    Purchasing VIP

    It's because you made a purchase in the past and now you have a different IP. The only ones that can fix this are mods and they don't seem too keen on worrying about it. As I had the same issue and messaged both USA and Trilez about it. Good luck however.
  5. Messaged you on skype. Looking for a very simple script.
  6. So I have used the trial version a few times and like the looks of it and how it works with one exception. When one is finished with the script, and goes to and hits 'stop script' the bot always logs the player out.
  7. So found the issue with the lep, no longer an issue now that I am on higher things. However, there is an issue with the fruit tree in Catherby, every time it goes to 'check' the tree then replace it, it leaves without an axe, then it stands there and clicks over and over again trying to chop the tree down without an axe, until I manually go and get one. Haven't tried any regular tree spots yet, just the fruit tree in catherby.
  8. gateway

    Auto bucket Empty

    Because this mixed with the farming script would work great together since it drops buckets. Banking them takes too long on the farm runs and it doesn't store them in the Lep.
  9. gateway

    Auto bucket Empty

    Awesome, thank you.
  10. Alpha that sounds like a great idea for it only to pull when there isn't enough to tan 27hides.
  11. gateway

    Auto bucket Empty

    Yes, That is fairly efficient.
  12. gateway

    Auto bucket Empty

    Done a search for something to empty buckets but didn't find anything for it. Maybe I am missing it, I have purchased several scripts from here and have no issues purchasing this once for a couple bucks. I just need it to be able to empty buckets and know that it is an easy addition onto most current scripts. Just find it to be a pain in the ass to constantly empty buckets. Thanks, Gateway