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  1. Possibly, hard to say and yes. I will say I used it for less than 2hours on a clean lvl 85 and got nailed with a perm.
  2. Use premium or private scripts, as has been mentioned it's best to wait a few days and don't bot highly banned skills on a new account.
  3. gateway

    Credit Purchase

    @tuge I've had the same issue because I have been in a different country for the last year. They don't seem to be too concerned with it as I have messaged them about it before. I've even tried to use proxies from my home area to purchase with and of course that didn't work. Paypal doesn't work nor any of the 3 credit cards. I even lost out on $50 being scammed here trying to buy from a user. So best of luck to you Tuge. Answer to your question is either you're in a different location with a new ip or u got flagged. And @Usa or Trilez has to remove it for you.
  4. @spanishguy talk to worthy. He's made some for me in the past and they have worked out great. Edit: @Worthy
  5. @element_purple did you get any results or feedback on the hunter training?
  6. This thread is actually very informative with the debate. Thanks for starting it OP.
  7. gateway


    below the payment option click the link that says use other, and it will have you confirm your paypal email.
  8. It's because you made a purchase in the past and now you have a different IP. The only ones that can fix this are mods and they don't seem too keen on worrying about it. As I had the same issue and messaged both USA and Trilez about it. Good luck however.
  9. gateway

    Hunter training

    Hence the request for a NON bot.
  10. gateway

    Hunter training

    Looking for someone to HAND train my account from 50's hunter to 80 hunter. The account has been flagged in the past for botting and had a temp ban. I do not want the account to be perm banned. Anyone have any suggestions or someone they've used before that is legit at training by hand? Thanks, Gateway
  11. 54-80 hunter done by hand within a week, cost please.
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