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  1. There is no "correct spot" for shit like planks. Nobody sells that kind of useless junk.
  2. Getting banned because you're level 3.
  3. This is working for me, but it only works on one client. Once I open another TRiBot client it stops the first. One bot is better than none though.
  4. Don't pay for full membership, buy bonds via RSGP or PayPal that way if the account gets banned as you're leveling it you don't take the full loss of a month of membership, you only lose at maximum 14 days. Bot combat skills up first, moving locations appropriately. Never run around as a level 3, it makes your chances of getting reported/banned way higher. I like to make my accounts look like pures because the stats are quick and easy to get and it gives some insight as to why a new account is being played so hard as a fresh account. Run breaks, some people say to just let them go 24/7 but in my opinion that's not human like behavior at all. Just set up small human like 5-20 minute breaks every 2-3 hours and make good use of the randomness settings. Pretty much anything is safe to bot so long as you watch your bots. On principle I watch all of my bots to make sure they are solving randoms properly and to ensure that I don't get reported by players that try to talk to me. The only bots I don't watch are my premium ones that are doing tasks that won't run them into other players and the only reason I don't watch them anymore is because I've watched them enough to know the random solving is working flawlessly.
  5. Would be nice to see proxies based off each tab instead of per TRiBot client so that people running multiple TRiBot clients in order to use proxies don't have to constantly restart their clients to run a script. When you run multiple TRiBot clients it constantly forces you to close and reopen the client in order to run a script.
  6. Bought two bonds through PayPal, process was smooth and Kush was kind enough to wait for me to run an account through tutorial island (which I later found out I could have skipped). Great seller, will be back again.
  7. We planned on adding that, probably won't come with release but instead shortly after.
  8. Added to the TODO list, will be available with initial release.
  9. ( 2/11/2014 ~9:30pm EST ) There is currently a lack of a standalone Lava Rune crafter in the repository and iirc it has been heavily requested. So, Krome and I decided we would release one. We are currently in the late stages of the project and should be done coding within the next few hours and hopefully will be done with bug testing sometime tomorrow evening. Features: Binding Necklace & Fire Tiara SupportRing of Dueling teleport or WalkingRunecrafting Pouch SupportSexy Paint & GUITODO: Add Magic Imbue Support If you'd like to see something added to this script just let me know in this thread. Updates will come as the project progresses. Expected release date: Whenever I run out of hash. I have a lot of hash.
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