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  1. At first, I was very impressed with the script. It fished salmon/trout at shilo rather flawlessly, so I expected that same quality elsewhere. I finished swan song specifically for this script;however, I can hardly run it at Piscatoris for 20 minutes. Problems: Fishing Spots - It runs to the fishing spots, waits, waits, waits, waits, then finally right clicks 'net'. Banking - is horrendous to put it lightly. Miss-clicks about 30 times before it finally catches the banker. A quick way to get banned. Teleport randoms ie Scape Rune, Molly, Bob's Island etc - The client handles the randoms fine, but when I get teleported back, the script just stands there until it quits. Not trying to be rude, just pointing out some apparent flaws. Like I said, the script has run flawlessly elsewhere which made me disappointed with the ineptitude of Monkfish fishing.
  2. Gotcha. Thanks, I definitely recommend this Many of the scripts I've ran are not stable enough for me to not worry about them, but so far this hasn't caused any problems.
  3. I'm stun-alching now and it's flawless. When it was double clicking on the alch, it was very quick. I only noticed because it would pulse twice.
  4. Well, just got it and trying to alch. It alchs 1, waits 5 seconds, alchs 1, waits 5 seconds, etc etc... It works now that I've checked the stop at level box, but not when that's not checked :shrug: But, why does it click the alch item twice? Very bot-like
  5. Okay here's my constructive criticism: Banking is very buggy, it often times just idles in bank after missclicking (sometimes not even attempting to click) a bank. Other times it successfully opens the bank but then idles again without taking out any logs. Lighting the logs is great if there are no obstacles. Naturally, I set up shop in a spot where all of the lanes would go unimpeded, however sometimes it randomly moves the lighting location tiles (rarely, but it happens), and then gets caught on an obstacle. It is unable to navigate it and just ends up spamming. As far as being a free script, this is decent. It works well enough of the time as to be usable; however, you pretty much are forced to babysit it. It doesn't have many problems, but the problems it has are enough to make it not quite stable. With a few improvements, this would be a very good script. Thanks for the script
  6. Why are you discontinuing it? Does this mean it's going to stop working soon after It's close to perfect.
  7. It's messing up on several randoms for me: Mysterious man (boxes) and it rarely even detects the plant random, security guard sometimes messes up too but not always.
  8. About the update... Pros: --The clicks are much smoother now, before it would spam click drops and the stairs. --I don't think it spam clicks my noted potions anymore when I run out of potions to drink. Cons: --More missclicks - it is picking up more junk now that it shouldn't be, and it doesn't drop junk items. --Still doesn't unnote potions at general store That would be great It's still one of the best ones I've used
  9. This is an awesome one. Only one thing could make it better and that would be the option to unnote potions like it does with sharks. Since it has potion support after all
  10. Did you update this script? At the same settings I've been using I'm getting 4k more Xp/hour than usual Good job. If I could suggest one thing it would be a little extra anti-ban. Like just some camera moving every so often. Great script though, it's very functional.
  11. Okay I have a question about breaks. The script stopped to take a break, and I thought it would log out but it just started idling. Is that what it normally does?
  12. Bought from him and everything went perfectly smooth. Definitely recommend him! Thank you!
  13. Hey, I'd like to buy some gold. I don't know how to tell which skype account is the real you... There's so many fakes
  14. Could I make a suggestion that would really improve the bot and take out the gate issues? Instead of running to the knight and attacking shifters at the start, why not just make it go straight through the southern gate with the crowd? And then make it path to each portal on the southern side of the fence only, never cutting through the middle with the knight. This would avoid the gate issues. I feel like I have to babysit it because of the gates, this would really make it functional and less noticeable. My 2 cents
  15. Okay, used this for a while now. I've found one major problem. It doesn't like to open the east gate. It runs to the gate, then clicks on minimap, then runs to gate and repeats... It's very botlike there. It usually handles the south gate well, and the west does better than the east. Other than that it's very good.
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