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  1. exactly what the guy above said, this script does what u tell it to,so there for its only as good as the guy writing the logics. 99% of the complaints ppl post on here are down to their own error. Posts, on 29 Jun 2013 - 02:10 AM, said: 1) its tribot tht stops the script if a random is failed 2) its tribots fault if it fails a random 3) u got ur 4 accounts banned,choose your botting locations wisely.and becareful using this script whilst botting other scripts 4) it supports special attack i have been using this script for weeks and never got any bans or out,then on monday i put one of my 2ndary accs botting safe cracker in rogues den.Whilst botting my main in lvl 53 wilderness(no mods there) my account botting safe cracker got banned,then 10 seconds later my main loged out and also got banned, Summary :if u get caught botting an account,they run the ip through there system and ban any account online using tht ip. This also happened to my friend,1 account got banned then his other 4 got banned 10 seconds later all in different locations using different scripts.
  2. all these ppl tht r bad mouthing the script,most of them are just butt hurt there not intelligent enought to make simple logic,and figure it must be the script!!! ive made alot of complicated good logics with no problems.just add sleeps inbetween every command,try it out ,if summit goes wrong fix what made it go wrong.....
  3. Assume/wassup have any of u looked into the ''pull lever'' problem,its unable to interact with wall-pull levers in logics,This includes ardy lever,mage bank, king black dragon lair. This problem is keeping my King black drag logics from working. also,Assume did u figure out why it wouldnt attack skeletons at ape atoll? another thing i have noticed,the client freezing issue.only happens when using logic.if im not using logic it runs 24/7, if i am using logic it runs for around an hour before freezing.sometimes less
  4. i have made a flawless logics for chinning bandits.i sent it assume. i was also banned whilst using this script.allthough i was botting on other accounts doing theiving. i was botting on my main at ice plateau in lvl 53 wilderness killing ice giants.(doubt very much a mod found me there) i got banned on a theiving account,then all my other accounts that was logged in got banned at once 30 seconds later.
  5. nah the debug istn like even clickable,the hole thing just freezes,and i have to restart tribot client. only happening with this script,n it worked perfect b4 the rs update
  6. keeps making my client freeze,since the rs update
  7. i was using this script on my main,at ice plateau lvl 53 wild killing ice giants for 10 hours straight. i had 3 other accounts all botting safe cracker in the rogues den.one of my safe crackers got banned (by a mod i think) then literally all my other accounts logged out at the same time,(like 15 seconds after the first was banned),they all got banned. including my lvl 119 main.who was botting at ice platea and had been there for days.(not constant botting tho) so i can only assume they caught my safe cracker bot,then linked all my other accounts via IP and banned em all. my main only got a 2day ban the rest got permed. just got unbanned- allready botting
  8. currently running a 9 hour proggy at fire giants,leaving on over night.post pic in the morning.
  9. the first thing ur ''to bank'' logic should say is, break item: 8013 or (any tele tab of your choice) ofc you could walk to the bank but why walk when u can tele? There is no way it shouldnt bank.All my ''to bank'' logics start with Break item:8013 (home tab) >> then i path through which ever portal i need to enter in my house>then path to a bank>done. Very simple,and imo the best way.The shorter and more simple u can make the logic,less chance of it failing. Oh and my golden rule: The more sleeps you add, The better
  10. Yes,there is only 2 things in runescape it cannot interact with, 1) using any gliders(cant click the map) 2)cant interact with any ''pull lever'' objects, for example: mage bank, ardy lever, king black drag
  11. Made a King Black Drag script today and whilst doing this i noticed a problem with logics, the level you pull to enter the KBD lair,the same lever at ardy and mage bank. its a very small object it has to interact with.''pull lever'' the item id highlights it as the entire wall tile.and and then when u run the script.its unable to click such a small lever. Id apreciate this if it could be fixed,king black drag botting is high on my priority list. with out this being fixed kinda makes botting in wildy impossible.
  12. one of my logics i have been using for 2 nearly 2 weeks.stopped working yesterday. bit random considering its never failed before.there is soo many sleeps in it it cant mess up. My only problem is the client freezing, Next update , would it be possible to add a 3rd logic section? one that isnt for walking to monster or to the bank..so i can make my own agility course logics? and construction logics? . Still waiting on the safe spot tile to be altered- Then ill upload my ape atoll chinning logics 200k+ an hour rng xp,flawless banking
  13. swagger,i have no problems with any of my logics, im not sure if it drinks range pots though. Is anyone else suffering from the client freezing.i know its a tribot issue,but surely theres some way to help.like something i can do to make it less frequent. ive give up using this script till its fixed,sick of restarting the client. Any reason as to why it stops attacking the npc sometimes and just stands there?
  14. keeps freezing,only happens when using this script,becoming quite unbearable.
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