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  1. Check the top of the site in red. Currently, Tribot itself is not working. None of the scripts are working, the devs are working on fixing this.
  2. Edit: Just seen the big red banner at the top derp
  3. Yeah, OSRS has changed a lot since then, when I got back into it a few months ago there was a big learning curve about everything. On the upside, that means there are many low-level money makers which are better (and if run correctly much lower ban rates) than woodcutting. For example, I had a small farm which I hand levelled 3 skills and did 2 quests on (then botted magic to 50+). These accounts then continued to be run 12+ hours per day and never received a ban (in total I made over 100m from these, not a huge amount but I was happy with it). My advice to you is watching some youtube videos on people starting new accounts and seeing what they do to make money. Find a few methods through that you like the sound of (as long as they are not glaringly obvious (like making gold bracelets from gold bars) and the ban rate might be lower). But yes, P2P has significantly fewer bans than F2P.
  4. Very nice addition @Naton! I'm sure this will be extremely useful for anyone using your scripts to farm. Also very nicely explained as to how to use it. Keep up the quality content!
  5. Ahh okay, well I mean always a safe bet is to delete the official Runelite, the Runelite Workaround, and Tribot. Also delete the Java cache and hooks As for the actual botting habits, I think you need to read a few of the botting guides on the forums here. They may provide you with some helpful information which can reduce your amount of bans. Also, woodcutting, in general, is a high ban skill, so why are you botting it? If it's to make money there are a lot of other methods and high-quality scripts available. That being said, Einstein produces some of the best scripts on Tribot, so also make sure you are doing your part to also reduce your ban risk (as mentioned by looking into the botting guides etc.)
  6. So it looks like the image below and you clicking New Client (Looking Glass) then what is happening? I mean personally, I have used LG and also have not used LG both to success. More recently I haven't used it as I feel it slows the efficiency of scripts in terms of XP/hr. So that may be partly the issue then. Trees in West Lumbridge will be a hotspot for Jagex. Bear in mind this is not necessarily player reports, but their actual Anti-Bot system which they have in place. This will often monitor places they know are very popular for bots. My advice is to try to go somewhere else. Also, F2P has much higher ban rates than P2P (they are less likely to ban people who are giving them money (or at least are more lenient)). But yes, botting combat is a good start but also do some other skills (e.g. Dorics quest get to 9 mining in like 2 mins, Imp catcher can be done in 1 min and also gets 9 magic). Just have a look at the rewards, the aim is to level multiple skills to make it look like any other account. If you want more detailed information feel free to drop me a PM and I can give my advice. And you can +Rep ahah, just click the heart under a post XD
  7. You are opening TriBot on the Looking Glass setting (and have downloaded the Runelite Workaround)? If you've done this, where are you training? Is it a very popular area? If it is this will increase your chance of bans. Are you banking? If yes, I personally think this also increases your chance of bans. How fresh is the account? If it's straight of tutorial island then that's your problem. Fresh accounts are always at the highest risk of bans. Do some quests on them or other skills legit before you bot if you do not have a lot of experience with it. Also, make a bunch of accounts and bot them, find out methods that work (and more importantly, those that don't). Learn from that and keep in mind good botting habits. There are a lot of tutorials on this site, but one that I largely agree with and would say is very similar to my approach is this one:
  8. Thanks! If you want any more specific info about anything such as a more detailed explanation of my botting habits, feel free to drop a PM.
  9. Title kind of says it all but I have finally hit my quest cape on my account. Firstly tho I'll let you know a bit about the account. It was banned at around 50 combat for a 2-day ban (around December time). Pretty much no other real stats on it apart from the combat-related ones and 35 mining (which I think is the skills that got me banned at the time). And ~50 QP. So after that, I was torn between botting it still or just going completely legit. But I didn't really want to just do one or the other (I enjoy RS but also enjoyed botting). So I came up with a way to make it work. Since then I have been playing the game both legit and botting. Many skills I have have been botted to the levels while some of the "higher risk" ones I did manually. To this date my achievements on this account are: Botted Stats: 95+ in Attack, Strength, Hitpoints 90+ in Defence These were not done in NMZ, I had a private script made by @wastedbro so huge shoutout for that. And during this made around 50m from where I was camped out. 75+ Mining 70+ Agility 70+ Smithing 80+ Construction These are just a few of the stats I botted. Don't want to list them all Legit Achievements: 70+ Slayer and going strong (one of my favourite legit RS skills) 1650+ TTL 115cb + 169 QP Fire Cape Of course, I will continue to bot some skills but also all of my skills are above 50 and most closer to 75+. While I was botting tho I was also able to start a very small farm. In which accounts were running for 12+ hours per day and to this date none of them have been banned (that in itself has made me over 150m). Admittedly I do not bot to make money from it, just enjoy it and it helps enhance my in-game experience. Advice: Long story short tho, you can successfully bot on an account which has had a two-day ban. I would say the key is finding good solid scripts. There are a lot of them on here, and also mixing in questing. I really think this does make a big difference. Additionally, doing achievements that you would expect a real player to get makes a difference, it makes you look more human and then fewer players will report you. Botting reasonable hours is also something I personally think is important. I know others say it isn't, but that is my opinion. Do like 3 hours max one thing then switch it up. Put in breaks. Join a CC and talk on that. It is the little things that make you look more legit that will give an account greater longevity. On that note, I will realistically not be botting much if at all on this account now (that being said I do have many others that I will still bot on). I had a goal and I achieved it, I will quit while I'm ahead. Bans will happen so if you are happy with the stats on an account (which I now am) do not risk it. I have got far through botting and now want to play it properly and reap the rewards. Big up TRiBot for the quality scripts and all the scripters who put the time in to write them. P.S. if you've read this far, firstly hope it was interesting/helpful. And secondly, I am working on learning Java and have a project I am going to hopefully be releasing soon. If it goes well should be a good money-maker.
  10. Anytime man, anything that can help a script be better I am always down to help out with
  11. Awesome release - if I had more reliable internet atm would be doing this on a lot of my accs
  12. So I have in the past (RuneLite is my client of choice), but recently I haven't. I feel like it cant hurt but i did notice slower xp rates using LG
  13. Hey man, you wanna borrow my acc again to sort out the mythical cape stuff? (I mean probs won't use it myself but in case others want it added)
  14. So a suggestion for this script as it is meant to be a noob account level might be to add methods to build small cash stacks (around that to get a bond say). Maybe to do this you can have multiple methods across different skills which can be profitable. Players could then select a few skills (maybe through a tick box in the GUI?) that they want to train at that point. Then when the script is run it would grab the values of items in the GE and select one of the skills selected to be trained that would be profitable (ofc low-profit margins as the point of this is predominately to get levels up). I think this may increase the legitimacy of the script in terms of looking like a real player as it could add variety to the skilling selection, and also the order of the skilling if a specific skill is more profitable at a certain time then players would naturally train that one. Plus helps with giving some start cash for that noob account too
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