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  1. Great release! Tried it out during beta and was a great script
  2. They’re the same IPs provided to residential clients of the ISP Rune Proxy directly allocates from. If one did a trace route they’d likely see “Verizon” as the ISP. If you have anymore questions, feel free to join the Discord as it may be easier to provide more detailed answers on there https://discord.gg/E5cDwYS
  3. Follow this thread for instructions on how to do it :). If not you may be best off joining the TRiBot discord which can be found here: https://discord.gg/yG874C5
  4. Rune Proxies. Rune Proxies offer clean proxies that have never been used for RS. Each proxy only belongs to you, so no one will ever be using the same one as you. They're not generated proxies (AWS, Azure, etc), and they appear to Jagex as residential but they have the speed and stability of being hosted in a datacenter. The pricing is $4/proxy per month or $2/proxy per week. Looking to purchase a large amount? Rune Proxies offer bulk discounts! We accept BTC/PayPal/and RS GP. TL;DR: Rune Proxies are private use, run at 99.99% uptime, 10GBPS, and appear as a residential IP. Interested in purchasing/finding out more? Reply to this post, PM me, or message me on Discord: Elliott#7799 Rune Proxies Discord: https://discord.gg/E5cDwYS
  5. Try deleting your .open-osrs-java8 folder and trying again (I haven't tried it for this issue in the past, but it does sometimes fix things). Additionally, delete hooks and data. I assume you're using Tribot 11 too?
  6. Awesome! Yeah I think that'd be a really good way to go about approaching it. Let me know if you need anything tested for it/feedback etc
  7. I fond that one out haha. So it still tried to use the GE. This was my bank and inventory at the time. I guess because it had 25gp it thought it could use the GE? Apart from that though the skilling aspects were great!
  8. I'm just about to boot up a HCIM and use it on this script. I'll let you know how it goes
  9. flamekiller999

    ELON Mage Cape

    A few little things I've messaged you on discord about. But apart from that really nice script and got me the capes really quickly! I think the most helpful bit would be to cast each individual spell 100 times within the Mage Arena (so the Claws of Guthix, Flames of Zamorak and Saradomin Strike spells). I know the MA2 boss fights can be a pain but even getting that initial bit out the way would help a lot!
  10. flamekiller999

    ELON Mage Cape

    Will run this in about an hour or so and let you know how it goes! (You thinking of making a MA2 one too?)
  11. Really nice release! I will definitely be testing this one out
  12. If you need a test acc for this lmk as have a spare you can use
  13. On Tribot 11 after the first (or second) stage the script will stop and the plants become blighted. Was working find on Tribot 10 so assume just a teething problem with the transfer over
  14. flamekiller999

    Nmz Quester

    What a release!
  15. Have you tried joining the Tribot Discord and asking staff for help there? Alternatively buy credits from one of the reputable credit sellers on the forums? Tribot Discord is here: https://discord.gg/yG874C5
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