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  1. As always, looks like another amazing addition
  2. Great to see some new scripts coming out! You may like to make these open source so that Premium Scripters can give some feedback / others can learn from your code.
  3. I know Texan made a script for this which works for Lava runes (got me a fair few levels on it!). @adamhackz would you be looking at doing lavas I'm guessing? Because the big issue which was encountered last time is multiple bots interacting with each other in order to determine which needs to bring a binding necklace for the host. If you need a solution for that I can help out there haha
  4. Botting F2P is notoriously high ban rates to the point where it is almost not worth it imo. If they're using the same script/method that could be why as they may be monitoring it more closely
  5. Personally I have an account which had a 2 day ban. It is still going, although I barely bot on it anymore. If you are going to only do short time periods, play legit, dont bot goldfarming methods, and quest on the account. Personally I find human mouse data makes a big difference in ban rates, but I also have heard people say it makes no difference to them. I have also used the blastmine script for a short period with no issues on the account with a 2 day ban.
  6. Disabled is very different from a ban. If you are using a proxy then there is a good chance your account will get locked. It is easy to unlock an account tho, just use this tutorial Now being banned is a different thing. What are you botting? F2P or P2P? Is the method very common and what are the customisation settings like on the script your using (or what is the script your using?)
  7. How long do you bot per time, VIP-E I also find is helpful for the human mouse data as I've personally noticed a difference in ban rates (lower when using it). Also if you are botting your main LG is a good feature to lower your chance of a ban further.
  8. There is an House sitter script on Tribot for free which I used for my host. Never got it banned using it and it was easy
  9. This is amazing! Been wanting something like this on TB for ages! Great work, if it’s still available to test hmu and I can potentially propose suggestions and improvements!
  10. flamekiller999

    [R] Fungus

    You'd be better off messaging @godspower33 directly, posting on the thread for the script directly or joining the TriBot discord and talking to him on there.
  11. I can't sell scripts, tbh wouldn't want to at this point either. If I have time to get it fully functional I will release publicly for free. I am also more than happy for someone else to take it over and finish it off
  12. Thank you for taking the time to look through my code and for the suggestions and advice! I shall take what you have said on board and make the changes and hopefully when I have time to finish this up I will release the fully working project as a free script
  13. So I was developing this a while back. It was one of my first attempts at scripting and I think it was coming along okay. I have no background in scripting, it is just a hobby I have while studying my masters (which is in Sustainable Development so a completely different field). The reason I stopped on this is because my workload became too busy, I am trying to get back into scripting again now but am looking to do slightly smaller projects to get reacquainted with the API, plus I want to try my hand with Kotlin. Unfortunately I have not got the time to finish it off but I though I could still release what I had done so far if somebody wanted to take it over and finish it off then be my guest. And of course to everybody who was willing to help me and answer my questions (which were ridiculously stupid at times I know), thank you. Additionally, if anybody wants to rip apart my code and provide some constructive criticism be my guest, I'm always happy to what people have to say because that's how you get better. https://github.com/FlameK/src/tree/master/Scripts/ArceuusTabMaker
  14. for 6 accounts you can get 70 - 85k/hr (they are level 3 without any agility or RC training as they are throw aways). 7 - 8m/hr still be viable for you?
  15. Yikes, how much are you looking to pay/hr because those type of bots will last very short amount of time
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