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  1. flamekiller999

    Max Time To Bot

    Firstly, and most importantly, don't bot an account you're not willing to lose. After this, any amount of time you bot risks the chance of a ban. Woodcutting is often a popular botting skill and as such is often watched. If you are purely doing it for XP make sure you are dropping the wood (doing a low gp method) and try and find a secluded place. Whatever script you use to make sure it has good anti-ban, paid scripts (ideally private) are always preferable to free as they tend to be better quality. Across these forums, there are guides on how to bot smartly. I would also recommend investing in VIP-E - the human-mouse data, in my opinion, makes a huge difference to ban rates. Looking glass is also a good feature (but its effectiveness is up for debate, but cannot hurt in reducing ban chances). Also, VIP-E lets you try trials of scripts which is useful for finding which one works best for you. Do quests on the account, play legit still. This will also, in my opinion, lower the chance of a ban (as long as you are not doing gold farming methods). Again tho, don't bot an account you're not willing to lose.
  2. Awesome release @godspower33 looks like some serious effort has gone into this, can't wait for the full release!
  3. flamekiller999

    Ban question

    Ahh okay, a few pointers I would say is: 1) don't bot during Jagex opening hours (9am - 5pm GMT), 2) pay for membership (don't use bonds) as I feel this actually plays a role in the longevity of an account. 3) if you can, always babysit it, and try not to get into bad habits botting. There are a bunch of guides on this site about the best ways to bot etc., but @CyberWizard's one is probably the one I'd swear by the most
  4. flamekiller999

    Auto Runecrafter Pro Development

    gave it a quick run out at fire altar using rod, worked flawlessly!
  5. flamekiller999

    Ban question

    Honestly, if you wanna bot sand crabs I'd say just afk it legit. Use a client like Runelite and set a timer for every 10 mins from when you start combat (as that's when their aggression disappears). Runaway, run back, reset timer. That's how I did it when I was in a similar position, back for about 2 weeks from a long hiatus. VIP-E is 100% worth it for the human-mouse data. Got an account banned on VIP-E earlier, suiciding it tho, but it's always a possibility. But at the end of the day find scripts that have either high customization opportunities to make the account less bot-like, or one with high-end anti ban built in. Also if you have the cash then private scripts probably offer the lowest ban rates. Never bot an account you're not willing to lose tho.
  6. flamekiller999

    2 day ban

    So I just got one of my accounts permanently banned. Was running it for 4-hour intervals pretty much 3 times a day minimum. So it ranged anywhere from 12 - 16 hours a day. On the other hand, I had an account get a two-day ban that I was only botting for maybe 2-hours at a time maybe for no more than 6 hours per day. So I mean, I know it's only two accounts so not a huge data pool to work off of. But yeah, I think logically the less time you bot, the less likely they are going to perm ban you first time around. But again, depends on the purpose of the account, sometimes just going suicide is more beneficial.
  7. flamekiller999

    Netami Warrior Guild - Gathers All Defenders!

    I've had this before using this script. It really is just down to luck with the drop table tho. (Been up to 2 hours before for me between addy and rune). Just unlucky really.
  8. flamekiller999

    Auto Runecrafter Pro Development

    Awesome work, used your scripts in the past so looking forward to this one too!
  9. flamekiller999

    Einstein Path Recorder [Scripting Tool]

    great release! sure a lot of people will find this very useful!
  10. Great service, really fast and smooth and received my credits immediately!! Will 100% use this service again!
  11. flamekiller999

    Can't figure out how to open the Tribot from the Win.Rar file

    Have you tried deleting TriBot completely from your device and reinstalling it? As when I've downloaded it you should only get a .JAR file. Make sure you have the latest version of java and JDK as that can also help to fix the issue.
  12. flamekiller999

    Favourite scripts and why?

    So it's still in the beta stages atm and the only fully supported slay master is Turael, and my main is much higher slay. Am planning to give it a try in a couple of days tho. The feedback and everything seems good tho (they got like a 6 hour proggy i think)
  13. flamekiller999

    Favourite scripts and why?

    Personally using God's Tab Maker: Used it on 2 accounts (both run for around 14 hours a day) got one to 91 magic atm from it (started at 25) Worthy's Construction Script: got 3 accounts to 60+ construction and really nice custom setup etc. nHerblore is also very good! (only used it a bit but was very clean) You said you used Einsteins agility so you know how good a scripter he is, his other scripts are also awesome! Also this is worth keeping an eye on:
  14. flamekiller999

    Lag with LG

    ahh okay, well, in that case, i guess I may be your computer itself/ the internet connection not being too reliable (i.e. where I am over xmas I can't use LG as my wifi is about as good as a potato and lags horrendously)
  15. flamekiller999

    Lag with LG

    @Dog. I have found that the 64-bit official clients are less laggy. But also can (at times) be more prone to issues, particularly after updates (so as a whole the .jar versions are most reliable). But in my experience, LG tends to be laggier as there is always a slightly longer delay between the hooked TriBot client and the LG official client due to the fact that one is running off the other. Of course, there are times when the delay is minimal but it is always there