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  1. Look at the agility bots, either aAgility of Relative Agility I'd reccomend. Also have a look into this: there is some testing available I believe so message FALSkills either on here or grab his discord. From the looks of the comments there has been good results
  2. @HeyImJamie suggestion for another feature for this script. Maybe the ability to use the Arceuus Spellbook to reanimate and kill NPCs for prayer XP? I know it's very different to the other prayer functions - but definitely think it would be a great feature (plus can't see another script on TriBot that offers it!)
  3. Great release! Saw this through the beta and seemed amazing, a great number of options for custom setting too!
  4. So I've been using TRiBot quite a bit recently across two OS Systems, macOS Mojave and Windows 8 on separate systems. I've noticed two bugs when using TRiBot (10.14_1) on Mac (They both run the same java, as keep them updated, JDK 1.8.0_191 64bit). The issues are as follows: - When loading worlds on the Mac (using both the client starter and regular loading methods) often (around say 30 - 40% of the time) it will say that the game world crashed and could not load. [10:17:27] Show document: http://oldschool30.runescape.com/error_game_crash.ws (_self) - Secondly, when trying to click back to the original tab with multiple open (5 tabs or more) the scroll button to move the screen across actually ends up opening another tab. This happens 100% of the time when clicking it. As you can see in the photo here the button I'm on about is on the far left. The windows version seems to be able to stack multiple tabs in two rows to prevent this issue. This is not the case on macOS unfortunately. - Finally, the 'Bot Overview' panel does not work properly on macOS. The photo below shows what happens visually, and then the large image in the background constantly flickers. I'm not sure what kind of fix could be done to prevent/reduce these issues with future updates but it is slightly annoying to try and use when running multiple accounts. Ofc I know one fix, for the too many tabs in one client is to open another but still thought I'd raise the issue. Apart from that tho, the updates been coming for TRiBot have been great as always.
  5. I used Encoded's Tithe Farm to boost my total level a bit (admittedly only used it out of Jagex working hours and weekends, but it worked like a treat. Also used Worthy construction from 1-75 really easily. Again out of Jagex working hours, but if you use butler etc then you never leave your house so won't get reported by players)
  6. Maybe a mobile app for the tribot client. Just to manage starting scripts etc. can hook into the runescape mobile app too? (only for VIP-E ofc). Not sure how easy this would be but would be an awesome feature
  7. This is a common occurrence when creating accounts, and using them on proxies. It's very easy to get them unbanned. Use this guide Just follow these steps to get them unbanned and you're good to carry on using them on your proxy (good idea to clear cache before and after visiting the RuneScape page to be extra safe too, and use proxy on the browser you're going to be using too to keep all account entries consistent with one IP)
  8. Firstly, and most importantly, don't bot an account you're not willing to lose. After this, any amount of time you bot risks the chance of a ban. Woodcutting is often a popular botting skill and as such is often watched. If you are purely doing it for XP make sure you are dropping the wood (doing a low gp method) and try and find a secluded place. Whatever script you use to make sure it has good anti-ban, paid scripts (ideally private) are always preferable to free as they tend to be better quality. Across these forums, there are guides on how to bot smartly. I would also recommend investing in VIP-E - the human-mouse data, in my opinion, makes a huge difference to ban rates. Looking glass is also a good feature (but its effectiveness is up for debate, but cannot hurt in reducing ban chances). Also, VIP-E lets you try trials of scripts which is useful for finding which one works best for you. Do quests on the account, play legit still. This will also, in my opinion, lower the chance of a ban (as long as you are not doing gold farming methods). Again tho, don't bot an account you're not willing to lose.
  9. Awesome release @godspower33 looks like some serious effort has gone into this, can't wait for the full release!
  10. Ahh okay, a few pointers I would say is: 1) don't bot during Jagex opening hours (9am - 5pm GMT), 2) pay for membership (don't use bonds) as I feel this actually plays a role in the longevity of an account. 3) if you can, always babysit it, and try not to get into bad habits botting. There are a bunch of guides on this site about the best ways to bot etc., but @CyberWizard's one is probably the one I'd swear by the most
  11. gave it a quick run out at fire altar using rod, worked flawlessly!
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