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  1. Welcome back! I remember your scripts from back in the day. Always great quality so looking forward to what you will bring new content wise!
  2. Ahh thats so annoying! Glad to hear it's sorted tho and looking forward to any new updates for it!
  3. It is not Warfront's fault. It is a TRiBot issue. But yes, do not buy it yet untli a fix has been pushed.
  4. Very well written and clear. Seems like a much nice way of writing code than Java. Thanks for sharing this!
  5. Ahh thanks! No it was just myself, didn't see another person while there. Yeah I thought it was odd too, it teleported to CW (didn't bank or anything), then teleported to Al Kharid to carry on with the task. I'm pretty sure it didn't change at any point. My inv was also set up like the suggested photo, and had only used 1 monkfish.
  6. @godspower33 Currently have a Kalphite task (from Nieve) and it goes to the location fine and starts to attack them. But then two things happen. Firstly it says it cannot find a target, even when there are like 7 other Kalphite Workers in the cave. It also randomly teleports away to Castle Wars, even when I haven't used any resources. Client Debug is this: [13:10:30] You're assigned to kill kalphite; only 69 more to go. [13:11:43] (3293, 3163, 0) Task: KALPHITE [13:12:30] (3305, 3112, 0) Task: KALPHITE [13:12:47] Couldn't find a monster [13:12:49] Couldn't find a monster [13:12:51] Couldn't find a monster [13:13:12] Couldn't find a monster [13:13:13] (3326, 9502, 0) Task: KALPHITE [13:13:14] Couldn't find a monster [13:13:30] Couldn't find a monster [13:13:32] Couldn't find a monster [13:13:50] Couldn't find a monster [13:13:51] (3322, 9497, 0) Task: KALPHITE [13:13:52] Couldn't find a monster Bot Debug is just DaxWebWalker stuff.
  7. I mean I have used it both ways. I agree that using LG cannot hurt, and depending on what I bot I may use LG if I feel it is appropriate (and the script is still efficient on LG). But personally, I have had success both ways, I believe there are other factors which play a bigger role in bot detection.
  8. Sweet, I mean if not it isn't that important. Just thought it might be a nice feature. Also variants of monsters, say Demonic Gorillas instead of Black Demons etc. (although I get that would be a while after the initial release to make sure everything is running as it should before an addition like that)
  9. Also a suggestion here for the premium release with Nieve, for some of the tasks they will be most optimisable to be bursted (like dust devils). Could this be an option for the final version along with the cannon support?
  10. In the end I had to stop the script and just do that task manually. If I get the issue happen again I'll let you know as that's been the only wolves task I've had so far
  11. Amazing, shall give this a try for sure then! Buzzed for the full release. Also, I didn't get a screenshot of it at the time but a few days ago it bugged out at wolves within the stronghold of security. There were wolves in the area but it did not recognise them and instead ran to another room (where there were no wolves).
  12. Very nice release!
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