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  1. Hi erick, I've been using your script as a 1 Defense pure by using the prayer method. it's ate my bank and I was looking into the rockcake and absorbing method. I got a rockcake and it didn't seem to be working. after reading a few pages it seems I may need a cooled rockcake. I need some advice on setting this up if it's good on pures. So would 22 absorption pots, 1 rockcake cooled, 4 overloads and 1 spec weapon work? Which mode will I select? like the new rockcake one you added? last time I tried it it stayed at 2 hp. Any help would be awesome, Thanks
  2. This bot still working flawlessly? im looking to upgrade my training method from Rockcrabs to Experiments.
  3. It shouldn't come across randoms. Anyways i think this script is broken now. All it does is just stands there after it does the collecting. It happened just after the update and unfortunately after i got 90 magic. So close to 94
  4. Using the orb on the mini map will make it work. Ill let you shortly about any errors. Thanks for the swift update.
  5. Thanks for the script. Hopefully it becomes fully operational soon. You've saved me alot of time and effort.
  6. Hey Brad. Let me start by saying your Bot has been fantastic for me. Iv gained 89 Magic from level 9. I do have a few problems. 1. New update and the bot tries to click run and its been moved slightly to the right. 2. The bot now clicks the pile and it takes time to fix itself(Not collecting) Hopefully i can get 94. Thanks