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  1. Amount to sell: 7M Payment method: PayPal PM'ed you my Skype? yes I added you already Feedback and vouch?: yea
  2. I just bought your script and I'm currently testing it out. I don't know what lite mode is and I don't want to run into a problem for not running it, could you tell me? Sorry if this is answered somewhere I missed.
  3. Nothing to do with the script but I think it's hilarious how sarcastic you are in your replies. Keep it up, lmao. :b
  4. When i'm fly fishing in barbarian village, it gets a full inventory, walks to the bank, banks them all, and just stands there. edit:guess it only happened my first time running the script. it worked fine on the second load of fish. if it happens again, i'll pay attention to it to let you know exactly what went wrong.
  5. Good. I see a lot of positive reviews so you'll have yourself another buying shortly. This will be my first premium script, do i download it just like the free ones? also, I've never updated a script, could you briefly tell me how that's done?
  6. This is a one time purchase, if i'm correct, but how many bots at once can i run with this script? Like, if i buy this once, could i run ten bots with it at the same time?
  7. Title says it all. pay with paypal add me on skype "eatmyweani"
  8. Selling 18M EOC .27/per PayPal Skype is "eatmyweani"
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