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  1. how much in USD for per credits
  2. hello admin/Mod , when i try to buy credits/VIP by paypal .it says ""We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent.“ but i used that paypal times to purchase here, so pls help me on this . thanks very much
  3. when would admin update script ? i am still waiting
  4. my tutorial script does not work either , admin pls help me !!!
  5. yes, i think the admin USA did that for me =)
  6. hello admin ,you made spam script for us ,"USA spam bot",now can you add a new spam place in it ? the coordinate (3234,3220,0),it is in lumbridge city,near the spot where newbe acc stand when newbe quest get done, here is screenshot https://gyazo.com/e4937ce67e96b7157ff74dee8730d62d ; thanks very much =)
  7. hello admin , runescape game updated on June 4th, the script need updtate , i use your script for tutorial island newbe quest, pls update it ,thanks